Tuesday Tidbit

‘Tis the beginning of Autumn and the air is thick with dragonflies. They are God’s clean up crew with the biting flies from this Summer’s rains and one of my favorite insects. I’ve seen patterns for making dragonfly decorations made from old ceiling fan blades. I want to try to make one.

Steve made a solid wood laundry basket holder for our Master Bedroom Bath. The soft gray baskets were purchased at Lowe’s for about $19.99 each. Such a bargain! I gave the old laundry holder to his niece, Deborah, while they were visiting last Friday since it is a family heirloom. It was passed down from his great-grandmother Nell Amold who was born a Cowan in Vermilion County, Illinois. I also gave Deb one of the blue vases I’d been holding onto since his grandmother Elizabeth passed many years ago. That was also purchased by his great-grandmother and both are well over 100 years old. There are so few traditions and heirlooms in this family I didn’t want them to be lost. Since we have no children, I’m at a loss as to what to do about glassware and other precious, to me, items that I “inherited” when my own sweet mother died. Guess I won’t concern myself about it. It is just stuff, after all.

Sunday, we rode our steeds of steel to Church where our Pastor and his wife celebrated their 50th Anniversary by renewing their wedding vows. πŸ’’ His sermon on marriage was spot on. Afterwards, we had a big feast at the Fellowship Hall. Since I’ve been eating keto, I don’t eat lunch but I had a marvelous time anyway. There was plenty of coffee. β˜•β˜• The food, the decorations and the laughter was well worth all the effort that was put into it. ( β—‘β€Ώβ—‘)Ι”β”πŸŸ–πŸ”β”‘Ω©(^β—‘^ ) These ladies did a fantastic job, above and beyond. What a great bunch of folks I get to worship with. ❀ Love ❀ them all very dearly. Needless to say, I still felt “full” when I went home.

And, now on to the busy week! Our 11 year old Nissan Frontier needs a front alignment, I must order a refill on my most expensive prescription medicine (sigh), Mom was in “need” of more candy at the Nursing Home, time to refill the larder, and the beat goes on. 😜

Thank you Lord that I live in an area so rich in resources and for all the blessings You have given us. To God be the glory! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and your week is blessed with abundance, joy and contentment.

Ride Safe Dear Readers. ❀

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbit

  1. That’s a cute cartoon! LOL What a nice event at your church! 50 years of marriage is definitely worthy of celebration!! Love, hugs, and blessings!!

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  2. Ha! Love that cartoon.
    I have a few cloth baskets like that. I love the cabinet Steve made. It’s perfect!
    Cool dragonfly photo. Nice job Steve!

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  3. I love dragonflies too. They are such fun to watch and to take pictures of. I love it when they hover in the air in front of me like they are studying me as much as I am studying them. They are one of God’s special little visitors. Love the laundry basket cabinet! What a nice idea! I wish you had taken a picture of the old one before you gave it away. I am intrigued now and want to see it. What a lovely anniversary celebration for your Pastor and wife! 50 years! That is wonderful! So glad the church was a part of their celebration. Looks like you have a loving, friendly little church…just the kind I love. That’s what we have here too. Sweet people who love the Lord and each other! Thanks for sharing all the blessings with us. Looks like a great weekend.


    1. I know, so sorry. I should have snapped a photo of the old hamper, but it’s very ordinary. It’s wicker and has about 7 coats of paint on it. Needs a loving redo. Deborah will take good care of it, I’m sure. Can’t wait to see what she does. If she share a photo, I’ll share it too.
      Blessings. xx


    1. Thanks Linda. ❀ She sure is hanging on. Althea fell recently. Hard. She’s in a lot more pain. More than usual. Not to be grim, but I wish the Lord would let her go Home. She’s so miserable. I feel so helpless. So sorry you’re having to work so much. Don’t make me come up there and bang some heads together there at that business … LOL Rest and recover. Sending prayers. Love ❀


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