Friday Foto And A Funny

It’s been a busy last few days here at 🐦 Red Bird Acres doing this, that and the other thing. πŸ˜† 🏠 Our house was built in 1993. Almost all the fixtures are about the same age. The vanity lights in the guest bathroom up and decided to malfunction last week. This worked out well ’cause they’re so ’90s anyway. It’s a very tired look. The past few years, I’ve been going more Farmhouse look. I picked out the new lights πŸ’‘ I thought would compliment that theme and then Steve volunteered to make a whole new lighting area using furniture grade wood. Oh. my. goodness. it’s lookin’ sharp! I’ll not say more for now but will post the whole project later. I’m such a tease … 😊

The Fall wildflowers are in full bloom. The whole countryside is awash in color. Don’t ya just love Autumn’s colors? πŸŽƒπŸ‚ I know I do. When I’m riding the air is so fresh and crisp.

🐒 Box Turtle (Terrapene) 🐒

There’s been so much rain (yay!) β˜‚οΈβ˜οΈ that the wildlife has been up moving around, especially the turtles and Gopher Tortoises. This little guy had become frightened and “frozen” in the middle of the road, so, Steve stopped and hopped outta the truck to move him past the ditch. He’s always careful to keep a turtle going in the same direction. Reptiles are kinda dumb, you know, and it’s best not to mess with their heads.

Do you know I am 65 and have never, ever had real Christmas dinnerware? Yeah, I’m pathetic, I know. πŸ˜‚ I decided it was time to own a set. I bought these two gently used plates on E-bay. They’re in perfect condition. I am so pleased ’cause they match my Red Bird coffee cups that my Sister-in-law gifted to us several years ago. Now, I might see if there is such a thing as Thanksgiving plates.

And, I’ll close with a funny from B.C. Comics …

That is so me after that first cup! β˜•β˜•

Thank you for putting the kickstand down for a moment. I hope all y’all have a glorious weekend gentle reader. πŸ’“ Remember, God loves ya and so do I!

10 thoughts on “Friday Foto And A Funny

  1. Love this post, and your pretty wildflowers…looking a lot like it does here right now. So many beautiful flowers that God grew without any help from us humans! I can’t wait to see your new bathroom lights, etc. Sounds like fun! I love projects like that! We are kind of projected out, but I could always stir up something if I had some good help. I love your pretty new Christmas plates. I know you will enjoy using them…especially with those pretty Redbirds on them…perfect for your home! Yes, I am sure there are Thanksgiving plates…Dollar Tree has some inexpensive plates…$1.00 a piece unless they have already raised their prices. They said they were going to, thanks to inflation and you know who in office. Anyway…I’m sure you can find some pretty ones somewhere if you look for them! Enjoy your weekend. So happy to hear from you. I was beginning to think I’d have to come up there and wake you up or something! LOL

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    1. Thanks, I’ll check out Dollar Tree. We have one in Blackshear now. Also, lots of General Dollar’s. Love those little stores. They are such a God-send and are owned by a local Georgia boy, David Perdue. He doesn’t hate us like the Chinese Walmart’s do.
      About not commenting, I seem to be falling into these emotional black holes occasionally. Nothing serious. Just overwhelming lethargy. Probably need a B12 shot but the lost are still freakin’ over the Chinese head cold and I can’t get into the doctor for a shot in a timely manner. God sure is takin’ good care of me though.
      Thanks for stopping by. I hope y’all have a great weekend.
      Blessings. xx


  2. Um…so…nosy me wants to see photos of the light fixture, LOL. Thanks for the smiles…and I think the “black fog” has many of us feeling the same way etc. Sending you lots of hugs and love…oh and go read my post…motorcycle news. lol

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    1. Yeah, that “fog”, I feel like less of a Christian when I give in to it. It’s a battle these days. Still praying for y’all. Hope you can go house hunting again soon.
      Love & Prayers. xx

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  3. Love the new Christmas plates! Awesome find! Keep us posted if you find a Thanksgiving set!! Now I can’t wait to see the bathroom reno. You do have one talented hubby!! Happy weekend, my friend! xo

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    1. Thanks. I’m still looking for something for Thanksgiving. If you see anything affordable on the ‘net, feel free to send me the link.
      Hope your weekend is happy and easy!
      Love & Blessings. xx


  4. I love the Farmhouse look and can’t wait to see what Steve comes up with!
    I’ve never had Christmas China either. Those dishes are so pretty!
    It rained all day long here, and not just a sprinkle. Roads ended up being closed because of flooding. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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    1. Thanks. I really lucked out on the plates. πŸ™‚
      As I’m sure you heard on FB, we had a huge amount of rain come over us in SE Georgia. Wow. I thought it was a Tropical Storm, at first. Seems to be a “cold front” which I am so happy to see. We are all ready for more temperate weather. It’s almost Hallowe’en after all!
      Blessings. xx


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