America’s Terminal Decline Or Survival Against The Odds

Right now, there is a great struggle to see which one wins over all citizens in the United States of America. Either there will be a total Marxist takeover under the Biden Administration which will bring starvation, want, devastation, imprisonment and finally death. Or the population will turn their hearts and minds to Jesus Christ, worship God not Gov, seek forgiveness, and choose life giving liberty. I’m not going to try and guess which one will win. Time will reveal all.

For now, keeping in mind that there are cesspool areas in all the States in the Union, according to most news reports all the so-called “blue” (Democrat/Marxist) States are in terminal decline. While the rest of us, for instance like here in Georgia (Republican/Capitalist), we are hanging on and are actively thriving because we refuse to play along with the Communists. States have to power to say “No”. It seems like almost every weekly news cycle in our local rag it touts a new start-up in the tri-county area. Small businesses seem to be doing well. Just north of here, in Jesup, I am happy to say that they are also thriving in leaps and bounds. We drove through the town today and there are lots of lovely little shops, restaurants, a coffee shop, and other things to entertain even the most discerning shopper. 

Gas did shoot up to $3.29 a gallon, then slipped back down to $3.23. Some stations are as “low” as $3.15, I see. There are numerous discussions about the inflationary prices of food, paper products, etc. but almost everyone who wants to work is. No empty shelves nor supply problems have been reported. We’re not seeing any of the suddenly homeless like under that Marxist Obama (many abandoned their house pets too). What happened then is emblazoned in my memory. It was a terrible time. There is a great need for truck drivers at the moment and it’s all daily hauls, not long distance. Makes me almost wish I had a CDL License when I saw their hourly pay rate.

Fox News states that the illegal President is overseas giving away more our sovereignty or trying to. Most of the world is reverting back to worshiping the creation again by sacrificing their children to Moloch, encouraging sexual sins, and other sacrifices to the devil to stop the “climate change” so their crops won’t fail. We’re reverting into barbarianism.

In closing, every day, more than once a day, I pray that nothing that the Biden Administration wants to do to us will come to pass, especially the poorly named Infrastructure Bill (it’s 100% Satanic). We don’t need an Obama 2.0 Administration as the Leftists obviously desire. I pray that none of these demonic Bills in the House or Senate will pass. They all need to be cast into the pit. I pray that God will cast those who wish us harm into the swine, then drive them off the cliff never to trouble us again. Praise His name forever for He has kept His restraining hand on their evil. We are battling demonic forces with human faces. I hope all who believe in Him are also praying. He is our only hope and chance of survival.

Go with God.

Ephesians 6:10-11

7 thoughts on “America’s Terminal Decline Or Survival Against The Odds

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, the longer they have control the worse it’s
    going to be on everyone everything on this planet, I hope SOMETHING
    CHANGES for the BETTER B-4 it’s too late & things get back to normal.

    I did hear what Mc Carthy had to say about the matter & he’s a good 1
    to listen to on such things like this that’s going on with the evilness we have.

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    1. Thanks Bloggng! I’ll check it out after supper. I know we win because Christ has already won the battle, but getting there …. well, you know. Keep lookin’ up Sister in Christ! ❤

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  2. Well written Sparky! I will never understand why people don’t see that these policies being put in place.. ie Marxism, cause such a decline in the economy not to mention the evil side of it.
    Yes, we all need to be praying.

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