5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. Funny cartoon, “peter peter”…. That got me laughing! We were surprised to have trick or treaters last night! Apparently the “town” said to have it last night, but we didn’t know it. Thank goodness John had bought candy and we were able to pass it out to the cute kids who came. I’m wondering now if any will show up tonight too. It’s a beautiful fall day here! How about you? Happy Halloween!

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    1. Absolutely gorgeous here. It’s supposed to dry out a bit. Hope that’s true ’cause our dirt road is a lake.
      I wish towns would quit playing silly buggers with Halloween. They did that here and it caused all kinds of problems and confusion. Shame on people for letting the government decide anything. Go with the holiday. Leave them all alone.
      Get well soon!
      Blessing. xx


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