Tuesday Tidbit

Good morning folks! We’ve been at it again with the minor home remodel. Did one more update to this temporary earthly home, and, it is temporary, for one day all of us who Believe will be forever with our Lord Jesus Christ in Glory. Amen!? ❤️❤️ I am SO thankful that this is all temporary.

We built our current house in early 1993. Until recently, most all the lights and faucets were original and they were really showing their age. Some had even become non-functioning. The master bathroom faucet 🚰 was so badly corroded from before the water softener install (yeah, our county has ‘hard’ water) that it was impossible to clean it properly or get a flow from it. But, first item to address was the antiquated lighting. Steve removed the chrome trim then handmade a matching wooden trim out in his workshop. He then stained it to match the solid pine cabinets. We used the same lights! No rewiring, no fuss. Cost: $0 because it was left over wood from other projects. Win win!

Next problem to address was the faucet, or as I call them the “spigot”. Sorry I didn’t take a before photo. All I can claim is major brain fart this week. 😁 Anyway, below is a snap of the new one already installed. We both did try to change it out ourselves because plumbing is easy but neither of us have the shoulders for it anymore. We ended up calling a local plumber and he did it in 50 minutes! 😘 Wow. I was impressed because under the sink it was so badly corroded he had to cut it loose. That was only $90. I felt like a winner with that too. Well done kind sir. 😉

Bradbury by Moen $69.95

After having Delta faucets all these years it was time for an update. This one by Moen has more clearance under it. The water flow is so smooth now. I’m really glad we chose this one.

Everything else is going well in our neck of the woods. Steve’s Mom turned 92 last week. We took her out to Captain Joe’s Seafood Restaurant for her birthday. She sure is getting frail, bless her heart, and her bladder fistula is making her burn again. I can’t stand to see people hurt. I’ve been praying diligently that she will be healed.

Please keep praying in Jesus’ name about America y’all. Pray that God will continue to keep us safe from the demonic culture that wants us dead or in compliance and all for the love of money and power. This way of thinking has invaded our Country like a rip tide at the beach waiting to suck down all the confront it with truth and now sits in the Oval Office ready to drown us all including themselves. But, whatever happens, to God be the glory and may His will be done.

Ride Safe folks. Keep looking up. ✝️❤️

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbit

  1. The updates look great and good going on keeping the cost down! That’s always a big win!
    Happy birthday to Steve’s mom!
    Yes, pray and put it all in God’s most capable hands…and let it go. Whatever happens is because He ordained it or allowed it so He’s got it all under control.
    Hope you’re having a great week!

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  2. Great job in the bathroom! Love the new look! May God continue to bless your momma with good health! Ninety-two! Wow. She looks great. Yes to keeping our eyes on Him!! xo

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  3. Isn’t it nice to have a handy husband? Steve did good and the plumber did too. Everything looks good.
    Happy Birthday to Steve’s mom!
    Yes, our great country needs a lot of prayer. I’m so thankful that God is in control.

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