At Last

Sorry for the late post. I am so knackered after working on this project today but wanted to share what we did before I forget. πŸ˜‚ I tell ya, the Old Gray Mare just ain’t what she used to be. Little things like this wear me down to a frazzle, but once I get the bit in my mouth, I gotta finish it.

We did get distracted (again) yesterday and cleaned up two more closets. Everything looks great. This is when I’m so grateful our home is small. If it was any larger we’d probably both in traction by now. The back of one of our pickup trucks is loaded with old clothes, obsolete electronics and the like. We’ll be taking these down to Salvation Army next week. They’re not worth much and maybe they can bless someone else. βœ¨πŸ‘

Ok, onward and upward.

This was the Master Bedroom project I’ve been teasin’ everyone with for the past couple of weeks. I’ll be brief since I am so tired.

Very blah, right? I thought so too. Gotta fix that. πŸ˜‰

First thing to do was throw away the blah accordion lamp shade and recover the plastic undercover with the farmhouse style linen napkins I bought on sale at our local Christi’s Downsouth Living. I only spent a total of $7. I cut each napkin in half making sure that the writing was readable. (“Grateful, Thankful, Blessed”.) Then folded small folds at the top so it would be even all around and hot glued it gently on each shade. Steve took the metal part of the lamps apart and repainted them the darker brass color (almost black) leaving it looking patina. Voila! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. πŸ€— The metal and wood bird decoration in the middle I bought at Hobby Lobby. It wasn’t very much either as it was on sale. That’s hanging by jute string that we added.

Now the expensive part. We went to Lowe’s and bought, I think it was, 27 feet of 1×6 furniture grade clear pine for $50. πŸ’° Ouch! πŸ’° Steve measured carefully, then cut it to size. He stained the side facing the room light brown, then painted the side facing outside bright white. I reused an old curtain rod (unseen) I found in the attic and also a pair of linen curtains that were too long. I know, I didn’t hem them very well. I will fix that later. Make it pretty. I was too tired to do it right this afternoon. Thankfully, we live in the country and absolutely no one will see it, but I will address it later.

Oh, and also while at Christi’s Downsouth Living I asked if she had any artificial cotton decorations. We live in an area that grows a lot of cotton and I wanted to honor that in our home. We’re also known for Blueberries. Anyway, she had these in the back. Christi just gave them to me for free! Wasn’t that sweet? She sure is kind. So, I had Steve staple these on the sides of “frame” around the window. [click on photo to enlarge]

Here’s a pic of it now that night has fallen. Nice, huh?! I LOVE it! And I can’t see the messed up hem on the curtain. 😁

Ok, that’s it. I’m winding down. This Old Gray Mare 🐎 is gonna go chew on some hay then bed down for the evening.

It is super freezing cold tonight and it’s probably like that all over America. I hope everyone has a safe stable with lots of oats to chew on and a warm bed to be in tonight. Thanks for visiting. I always cherish your comments.

πŸ’– Ride Safe πŸ’–

7 thoughts on “At Last

  1. That really looks beautiful! I love the lamps and shades…so nice. I love that dark bronze look. And the hanging in the window is so pretty, with the new wood trim and the pretty curtains. I know that was a lot of work, and it really looks nice. Now, I think I would turn the bed around to face the window so I could look at it while in bed! It’s too pretty to hide behind that beautiful headboard! But either way, it is lovely and your room looks cozy and comfy and so very pretty. Doesn’t it feel good to accomplish stuff like that and be creative? I miss that. I used to do a lot more at our last house, because it needed a lot of “love”. This house needs stuff done too, but I’ve really gotten lazy. You are an inspiration. Maybe when it warms up a bit I’ll feel more like doing something creative again. Oh, I do love the cotton balls! That’s a really nice touch!!

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  2. Wow! That’s a great transformation and I totally love what you did to the lampshades! Brilliant! Thanks for letting us peek, Pam! Have a blessed Sunday and week ahead! xo

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  3. I love what you did with those lampshades! You are both very creative and your room looks cozy and inviting. Have a restful evening and a blessed Lords Day!

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  4. I love everything you did to update the window! I especially like the remade lamps with the napkins – that is a very clever idea! How nice that Christi gave you the cotton for your decor, it looks wionderful! Great work! Get your rest and be blessed!


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