French Dusting

My dearly departed step-mother, Myra, had some of the cutest sayings. She was born and raised in the Kentucky Appalachian mountains. That woman knew Hardship and Heartbreak with a capital H yet she loved the Lord. When she didn’t feel like doing a “deep cleaning” in the house she would call it French Dusting or, in her words, “hitting the high spots”. 

This morning I was pondering, how often do I only French Dust in my spiritual life? You know, hit the “high spots” and move on quickly, instead of doing a “deep cleaning” to my soul? Probably more than I care to admit.

As a believer I must remember to put on the whole armor of God’s Word daily so that I will not stumble when He calls me to do something for Him.

My fans. *lol*

When I’m riding I am reminded that the physical armor I wear is similar to His protection through the study of His Holy Word. I am to rely on His wisdom and discernment. It’s amazing how little every day ordinary things can be made in comparison to the Apostle Paul’s writings in Ephesians 6:11-20. For me, naturally, it’s motorcycles:

My helmet represents that as a member of God’s Army it is His Salvation available for all who will believe. To keep His knowledge close in my mind to rightly serve Him.

My armored jacket represent His Breastplate of Righteousness so that if I fall down I am protected from the wiles of the devil. The jacket also doubles as The Shield as it does protect my heart and innermost parts that must remain faithful to Him that I may be a reliable servant.

My thick riding boots represent the feet in verse 15 that are also protected by His Gospel and I should be swift to spread His Gospel that all my hear and be saved. 

The belt I wear helps me to fight Satan and his lies. It protects that His will may be done even when I mess up.

And I should always carry His Holy Scriptures (The Sword of the Spirit) with me for it is He in Whom we must place our faith. He reaps the harvest for His glorious Kingdom. Amen!

We have Jesus Christ forever. He has already won the victory over all that is evil. [Book of Revelations] He is the spearhead to our Spiritual battle for the souls of the lost.

Remember, worshiping the devil is the kingdom made of sand. It will not endure.

Jesus is the Kingdom made of the Rock and it will always stand!

All we lack is to be bold for a season. Then, it’s on to Glory! We have a choice to endure a moment’s courage or a lifetime of regret. Chose wisely.

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  1. This was wonderful! Such a great analogy!! Thank you for sharing it with us. I like the “French Dusting” idea, and yes, I’m afraid I just “hit the high spots” too often, in cleaning and in my spiritual life. I get busy with everything else and don’t spend the time I should alone with the Lord. And then it catches up with me and I have to do a thorough cleaning and get things right again!! Great post.

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