Saturday Giggles

It’s the weekend! Garfield captures my thoughts this morning. Time to relax, drink lots of coffee, have a hearty belly laugh or two and take delight in all of God’s goodness towards those of us who believe. He blesses and cares for us all.

Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes. 🎂 ❤ It was wonderful. The only thing that would add icing on the cake, so to speak, would be for it to rain. ☔

B.C. Cartoons
Calvin And Hobbes

Enjoy! Have a lovely weekend folks and catch ya on the flip flop next week.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Giggles

  1. Love your cartoons today! Such fun. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! so happy for you. Sorry about the rain not coming your way. We got a bit more last night during the night, and more is expected this afternoon. I will tell it to travel up to you when it is done watering my garden here. LOL. Hope you have a blessed and pleasant weekend.

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  2. Thanks for the laughs, both are cartoons I like!
    I’m having a lovely weekend, and sorry to say – we are getting more rain again… Wish we could share.

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    1. What REALLY brings me joy is that you and Dave are safe, you have a nice job, and a partial of land to call your own. You’ve had a rough 6 months, or more, please don’t feel bad about anything. I didn’t need or expect a card of gifts. As long as we’re friends, that’s all the gift a girl could ask for.
      Love to you both. ❤ ❤

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