This And That With A Tiny Rant

Our yard is looking so pretty this year. It’s the first time since we built the house that everything is growing so nicely without running the sprinklers. We’ve had so much rain that flooding is now an issue with Southeast Georgia but I’m not complaining. Lovin’ all this wet stuff because we’ve needed it for a long time. Our, albeit mostly minor, drought has lasted for about 27 years. This year, it appears that the drought has broken. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! My prayers and thoughts are with those on the Left Coast, though. They sure are having a terrible time. I’ve been praying along with them that it would please the Lord to send them rain. Some people are having to run for their lives ahead of all the fires. It’s terrible.

✨✨ You’ve been warned … ✨✨

I keep hearing from others how this is all going down. This business of keeping people in quarantine because they “might” or have come in contact with a coronavirus, or whatever the virus of the month is, has got to stop. It’s insane to keep doing this. Steve and I have UnitedHealth Care as a supplement along with the Medicare. UHC is driving me out of my dadgum mind with their perpetual asking us both to submit to a Home Wellness Check which includes being checked for Covid. They call. They send snail mail. They send emails. They offer a $50 bonus to submit to it. Over and over I have said, “NO NO NO!” The last phone call I slipped outta gear for a minute and opened both barrels. 😒 We are not amused. 😒 If y’all know me at all, I never talk to others this way but the little lady made the mistake of asking me if I had come in contact with anyone that has Covid and I flippin’ lost it y’all. I told her in no uncertain terms that it’s NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. [I believe she knew I was talking in all caps … lol] Then proceeded to explain that I’m not angry with her [Southern manners do kick in after a bit] and that there is a 99% survivability rate, we both have anti-bodies, blah, blah, blah. After she stammered for a bit she dropped it. I. Have. Had. Enough. Of. Their. Communism. And I pity the next fool that calls here.

UHC probably has me on one of the Black Lists for any future calls. 😟 And that’s not referring to a person’s race, for those reading this missive that are too young to remember such terms. 😁

Now, I have to rest because I’m not accustomed to being angry anymore.

Love y’all more than my socks. I hope you know that. 💖💖

Tuesday 4: Thanksgiving Time

Welcome to Tuesday 4 begun by Toni Taddeo and kept up in her memory.

Here is an old one from Toni’s blog from 2019 about Thanksgiving time:

1.   What is your favorite Thanksgiving show/animated show?: There are so many! This is about the time I start watching Christmas shows and listening to Christmas music, though, if that counts.

2.   What is there about Thanksgiving you like the best: The food, the smells, the decorations, the weather … well, everything! I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The day after, I begin decorating for Christmas.

3.   Favorite Thanksgiving/holiday song?: For me it’s We Gather Together. It’s always best to thank the good Lord above for all His blessings.

4.   If you have an all holiday music radio station when do you start listening to it?: I like anything traditional, except Little Drummer Boy. That’s the only one I don’t care for. Back when we had satellite TV and radio, I would tune it to listen to Christmas songs about then. We cut the cord about 3 years ago. Now everything is streamed from YouTube or other sites.

Thank you Anne for keeping this alive every week. If anyone has suggestions for more Tuesday 4’s, please leave a comment on the link here.

No-Sew Fleece Pillow Cases

🐕 Maggie just had to help! 😍 (Not!) 😉

Riding has been completely out of the question since it’s been raining cats and dogs 🐈🐕 in our little ‘hood. This seemed like a good time to work on some new pillow cases for the living room. The pillows were original with the furniture (2003) and had gotten threat-bare from use. Our Pastor’s wife, such a dear lady and so very talented, makes no-sew throws from fleece material. She was going to teach me the technique but was too busy with family matters. No problem. I went on YouTube and learned how to cut the fabric, then tie the knots to keep the pillow ticking inside. It’s so simple! And Hobby Lobby to the rescue for the inexpensive material. There were many, many patterns and colors to chose from. Hobby Lobby is definitely one of my happy places. 😘

All done! ❤ 👍

With this change I’ve added a little more color to the room using a green tartan pattern for one side (which happens to also be very similar my Scottish Keith Clan tartan), and a solid green on the other. The knots of super easy. With that success concluded, I thought I’d try my hand at making a long narrow pillow of solid green for bracing my head on the sofa during those achy times.

The fleece material is super soft. Very comfy. Hopefully, I can keep Maggie from chewing on them! Little stinker. 😁

By the way, it took less pillow ticking than I thought would be necessary. I had pulled too much out of the original bag thinking I would need it. Then stuffing the remainder back into the bag was like trying to put toothpaste in the tube! 😂 Good grief. I’m sure it was very amusing to watch.

It’s raining again. Time for a break. I guess I’ll get more coffee.

I hope y’all have a really nice week. Ride With Christ.