10 on 10

We The People are still awaiting election results. No shock there. I knew the Leftists would cheat, and boy howdy, did they ever. It’s really shameful. So, now we’re waiting for the court system and others to do the right thing and declare President Trump the winner.

It’s a rainy night in Georgia this week because of Tropical Storm Eta and I’m LOVING it. We’ve needed this rain so desperately. Anyway, saw this “10 on 10” quiz on other blogs. I don’t usually do this but I’m bored. I’ve totally stolen it from Simply Linda. *lol* Enjoy!

1. Will you watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade? I’ve only done that once, many years ago, and was bored beyond tears, so, that’s a “no”. Football? Not a fan. Never cared to watch over-paid jock’s in any sport. Movies? Possibly. Depends on the weather and if what we feel like doing. Might take a spin on the NC’s (two Honda NC700X motorcycles).

2. Who does the cooking? Steve. I’m good at opening cans, but he takes cooking to a whole new level of taste treats. My expertise is cleaning up. Fix anything ahead of time? I don’t think so. We’ve given up sugar and carb’s by eating Keto (that’s how we both lost over 40 lbs each). Makes fixing meals so much less complicated and cheaper.

3. What time do you eat the big meal? This year it should be around 4 pm, like usual. We’ve only been eating twice a day: breakfast and supper. Never could do that with my blood-sugar problems until I gave up the sugar and carb’s. Sure is nice not to have all the high’s and low’s like I used to experience. I praise God for that. 🙂 Now my blood-sugar is always perfectly level.

4. Do you set a formal table or keep things more casual? Kinda semi-formal. I do like to use the good tablecloth, the nice cloth napkins, and real plates. Place cards? Good grief, no. Children’s table? No crumb-crunchers in our family anymore.

5. Is the food placed on the table or served buffet style? Oh, on the table. Definitely. Makes it seem really special.

6. Ham or turkey? Neither. When I gave up sugar and carb’s I lost all taste for turkey. I used to eat it every single day for lunch. Now it suddenly tastes bland. Go figure. We’re planning on having roasted Cornish Game Hens, if we can find any.

7. Does your family have a Thanksgiving tradition? No, not really. It’s just me and Steve. Our family is really small. Everybody lives so far apart and we don’t travel much anymore and NOT because of the virus hysteria. They know that if they wanna come see us, that’s OK, but they never do.

8. Yay or nay to leftovers? Leftovers are nice, if there are any. Favorite leftover recipe? No.

9. What will everyone wear? Whatever they want to wear. Dress up or comfy? Semi-dress up. I plan to wear a nice shirt and pants. Like I said, makes it seem really special that way.

10. For what are you most thankful for this year? Gosh. There’s so much. An immediate Thankful is the rain. We’ve needed this so badly. Thank you LORD. And very thankful we don’t live in some Democratic dump like so many do. Our Governor (Kemp R-GA) said no more shutdowns and no mask mandates. He’s even cracked down on Mayors who try to circumvent that. I like him. So far.

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