My husband received a pre-birthday gift this week. It’s a Canon EF 100-400mm zoom lens for his camera.

Today this post is by him:

I’ve spent part of the day walking around the yard familiarizing myself with the new lens. Here are a few images from today. First pic is a Cloudless Sulfur butterfly on red Dianthus. A Green Anole on the back deck. Our JRT, Jack relaxing in the grass. Last is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, a tiny species on spring migrating.

Wasn’t that fun!? It’s raining cats and dogs right now. I love the rain. It’s almost always welcome.  But I am glad I rode my bicycle earlier.

Hope y’all have a blessed Saturday.

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The New Toy

French racing blue is one of my favorite colors. I wish I had a motorcycle in that shade of blue, but since I can’t afford something that extravagant and, since I actually needed a ‘work horse’ of sorts, this is the compromise I came up with.

golf cart OCT 2018

It’s a 2013 Yamaha Golf Cart. Steve worked out, what I feel, is a really good deal on it from one of our local merchants. God is good, as it also has a limited warranty, which is unusual for something used. It also was sold with the windshield, roof, lift kit, large tires, etc. All these items are extras at most dealerships. Plus, I know that these folks have checked it over carefully for any foreseeable problems and I can yell at them if they didn’t do their job. giggle (Just kidding. Wouldn’t do that.) Steve and I have spent ages pricing used and new this and used and new that. Nothing looked like a bargain. And even the used whatever would be pricey with no warranty or extras! I had to be sure that what we bought wouldn’t be more work for Steve, you know. It has to be reliable. After months of prayer and searching, God showed me this little number. I still pray I haven’t been foolish and thank Him for His guidance.

This morning I was able to put ‘Ol Blue through it’s paces. My goodness it’s hot and humid too because of Tropical Storm Michael heading this way. Sure hope the storm brings rain. We need it. So far, I can safely say ‘Ol Blue has passed with flying colors. I’ve picked up cut and fallen limbs from around the acreage. Then, I pulled up all those weeds and old flowers from the flower bed. Loaded up ‘Ol Blue to the hilt too, then put the yard dregs alongside the gun range. It mulches the area while providing cover for any little critters, especially rabbits, that may need a home this winter. Just doing my part. Doesn’t hurt that they’re tasty too. lol

Oh, and I’m asking for prayers please, dear Saints. Steve is suddenly suffering from heart palpitations, night sweats, and other symptoms. He’s gone to the regular doctor and there’s a stress test scheduled for this Friday (the 12th). Then, of course, there will be followups and lord only knows what else. Please pray for good results, the doctors to be guided and for me to have the courage to carry on no matter the outcome in Christ’s name. Thanks heaps. Y’all mean more to me than words can express.

So that’s the new “toy”. I hope everyone’s day is restful, blessed, and full of love.


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Planting Has Begun

Now that the Easter weekend is past, I figured we’re safe from any further frost this season to start planting the seeds purchased earlier. (Why, oh, WHY, did I buy so many packages!?)

spreading the ground cover 02 APR 2018

First, Steve spread the weed guard in the area that will display the bench and other items. He was careful to save as many of the Pansy “volunteers” as possible that are flourishing under the bird feeder. They are still going strong!

finished product 02 APR 2018

Meanwhile, I raked up more pine straw for the area and spread it around evenly. I then placed the bench and decorations throughout. hoping for an artistic look. Then we put most of the seeds around the bench area. All are now planted except the Giant Sunflowers. I’ve got special plans for those.


After a well deserved rest and running an errand to our nearest town, Steve made me a nice little sprinkler to make the watering easier. All done! Now to just let nature take it’s course with the seeds. Hopefully, there will be a profusion of color in 6 to 8 weeks.

All said and done, I’d rather be riding, but sometimes one must dedicate some time to putting everything right. Now we can ‘play’!

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What Have I Done!?


Ok, soooo, I went a little nuts at the Jot ‘Em Down Store in Blackshear yesterday morning …  [blush] That’s $16 worth of back breaking fun right there. Now I’ve got to plant them. Oh well. I never did have any restraint when it comes to flowers. I do have some time before the ‘fun’ begins. Even though we’re located in Zone 8, I plan to wait until after mid-March before planting. We have suffered a few freezes as late as then in years past. At least I’m ready!

Giant Sunflowers and Giant Zinnia’s are my favorites. The butterflies love them too. Do you have any favorites?

Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; but I tell you, not even Solomon in all his glory clothed himself like one of these.”
[Luke 12:27-28]