Rain, Rain, Please Stay

Yesterday was interesting, meteorically speaking. We had the typical March weather: heavy winds, pouring rain, lightning, and small hail. Hail makes me nervous because it’s usually a prelude to a tornado. Thankfully, I believe none were spotted. Whew. I love the rain, though. It makes outside so clean it almost sparkles. And listen how pretty it sounded afterwards:

This at the branch (creek) that runs the length on one side of our property. The tree frogs were certainly happy, weren’t they?! The dirt road is now so hard packed it’s like a super highway. If the wind would lie down, I would be getting some delta breeze on these knees. lol

Y’all stay safe.



Pre-Spring Flowers

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Usually, I look upon the advent of warmer weather with great trepidation. Southeast Georgia Summers are long, hot, humid and down right yuck phooey. I’m born and raised in the South, but, needless to say, this is one resident who is not a fan of Southern Summer’s. However, after all the overcast days, cold and snow last season, I’m ready for a bit of sunshine and warmth. I’m definitely looking forward to wearing flip flops and my favorite capris (or peddle pushers, as we called them in school). Even my dear friends at Church will be subjected to these now bloated, white, blotchy legs as the temperatures soar! [lol] Good thing they love me.  😉

Here’s a few photos from around the property. The pink flowers are Azaleas [genus Rhododendron], the white are Cherokee Rose [Rosa laevigata]. All are native to our area. The Cherokee Rose is our State Flower.

It’s overcast again today, which is a good thing because God blessed our area with at least an inch of much needed rain. The new fertilizer should start working it’s magic in a few short days. It will be so nice to see green grass again.

Sadly, the Christian Men’s Job Corp (CMJC) at the Church came to an abrupt halt last week half way through the term. So, now our week is an empty slate. Please pray with us that we all seek guidance from God the Father through our LORD Jesus Christ to show the way in which to help men trapped in poverty. The CMWC, for women, has been very successful thus far. I’m told that many women have been assisted in getting a proper education and then a job. I guess with men they will have to try a different tack.

god is my refuge

What are y’all planning today or this week?


Pansy Volunteers

It is still rather chilly here in Southeast Georgia. After the last rain I was preparing an area for grass seeds but lo and behold look at what has sprung up all on it’s own. Last years Pansy plantings have returned. I think I’ll leave them for the season.

pansy volunteers 13 MAR 2018

Pansy [Viola tricolor]

In spite of the brisk winds, since it’s so lovely out, Steve rode his Honda to Christian Men’s Job Corp this afternoon. He is one of many who volunteer to help men lift themselves out of poverty and to better themselves through education. (There’s a separate training session for women also.) I had to drive to Alma but opted to take the truck instead of the two wheels. It thrills The Boys to no end to get to “go for a ride”. I couldn’t disappoint them.

sam and jack in back seat 03 MAR 2017

Just ask any small animal, these Boys are not pansies!

And tonight we get to feast on homemade Chocolate Guinness Cake lovingly made by my BFF. Life just doesn’t get any better. lol  🙂

St. Patty’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because of my heritage. Does anyone else research, or have researched, their family genealogies? I’m about 1/2 Irish-1/2 Scottish with one in the wood pile. 😉 Plus, St. Patty’s is a special day because it’s the anniversary of our First Date in 1979. Steve and I celebrate it every year like it’s our wedding anniversary.



Our Day

I finally got the bursitis in my right hip to calm down! This is such agony. Guess what works? Anti-inflammatory medicine, ice and stretching exercises. Thank you LORD for showing me the way. Maybe this will help to avoid any surgery.

Steve installed engine guards to the “new” Honda CB1100 for me. This prompted a short ride, you know, to test it and everything. 😉 We were originally going to visit the Middleton Methodist Church in a county further North, but the wind was so blustery that I was wore out by the time we stopped for gas in Jesup. So, we did a turn and burn instead. It was still nice.

bare oak tree looking up 03 MAR 2018

Since the hip is behaving, somewhat, I walked around the house, not the entire property as is my usual custom. I’m too timid to get as far as the fence just yet. Wasn’t it lovely today!? The sky is an azure blue and the air so crisp. The grass is turning green. The birds are pairing up. God has readied our area for an early Spring, it appears.

sam iii with his ball 03 MAR 2018

Sam III followed me around with that silly rubber ball. He loves that thing. His brother Jack reposed in the driveway while we strolled. He’s a fat boy and just doesn’t like to move much.

I hope your day was pleasant too.