I’ve had several cats, but it’s like “they” say, nothing loves you like a dog. I do have a webpage with them, and all our previous beloved dogs, listedhere.

Jack and Sam the III

Born 15 July 2013, we bought them at Callahan Kennels in Kingsland, Georgia. Right now (2013), we’re all still getting to know each other. I “think” they’re housebroken. They sure are fun to watch, tearing around our fenced in 6 acres. The squirrels live in terror (and they deserve it). We even nicknamed them the Jack Russell Terrorists. At first Lucy (Boxer, now deceased) was annoyed with them but now she seems to enjoy their company. She’s never had puppies but she treats them like they are hers.

Jack “helping” me find interesting mushrooms.

Sam the III and his award winning smile.

Sam and Jack’s comedic antics and zany but sweet ways have endeared them to us. They are definitely a part of the family now.


Me and Maggie
November 2019

Maggie is our latest. We found her and two siblings alongside a nearby road in our county one cold November day. Someone must have dumped them far away from civilization with the wicked intent on killing them. I was able to rescue her and a brother whom I called “Sport”. The other run off and I never could find him or her. Broke my heart because the poor things were so hungry and tired! Having four dogs was just too much for me, so, after a lot of medical care, good food and lots of lovin’, I found a new home for Sport. Our original boys never would accept him anyway. Now Sport lives with a nice little Old Lady up in Appling County. I’ll bet he’s spoiled rotten. I know Maggie is. She’s a sweet girl and she brightens my days. Oh, and the Vet estimated she was born about 05 June 2019. Therefore, I’ve designated that as her official birthday.

Maggie sez “Bye Bye Y’all!”