trump pence 2020


It seems that the Muslims will be the devil’s army of enforcers during the Tribulation. This comment was banned by the Brown Shirts at FaceBook, therefore, it’s true.

The Clinton’s are the Arkansas Mob. They rape, murder, pillage, lie, are in league with the devil that goes by the name allah, do anything they have to continue their money laundering enterprise and destroy more lives for their own gain. The whole Demoncrat Party has gone totally insane. Now, “Creepy Hair Smelling Uncle” Joe Biden (another of their ilk) is vying for a spot in the limelight. No, I will not vote for any of them that are in the demonic baby-killing Leftist religion. The election was STOLEN and I will NEVER recognize Joe Biden as my President. Period.

no im not into your cult

I think that’s pretty clear.

Ride Safe,

Sparky plain black