Archaeology Proves The Scriptures Yet Again

I’m skipping Bike Night at the Church tonight. Still not feeling really well yet. Hubby is at the Church attending to the set up or anything needed and ministering to those seeking His salvation through grace.

Thus I was perusing the internet to pass the time and found an interesting article. Along with Medieval history and genealogy, one of my favorite pursuits is Archaeology. I don’t have the health to physically participate but instead find enjoyment in reading about these dedicated researcher’s findings. It’s amazing how time and time again, archaeological finds prove the Holy Bible without fail. Here’s another case of just that: Archaeology Shows Accuracy Of Scripture: Luke’s Account Of Mob At Ephesus In Acts 19. The Book of Acts is when our Apostle to the Gentiles, Paul (formerly the Pharisee, Saul of Tarsus), was raised up by Christ on the road to Damascus that all might be saved. Paul goes from persecutor to being persecuted for being a minister of The Way. The Kingdom Age that was first offered to the Jews was slowly being withdrawn because of their rejection. At that time, works where still required for salvation (speaking in tongues, prophesying, water baptism, etc.) but by the time we reach the book of Romans, that program has been changed again to what we have today salvation through the finished work (blood) of our LORD Jesus Christ, no works. This is called the Age Of Grace.

Hope you enjoy the article too and y’all have a blessed evening.

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