Monday Update

The birthday celebration on Friday evening was tranquil, laidback and close to home. The best kind. Not all who were invited could attend, but, that’s OK. I know we love one another and that they had other obligations. When Steve was making the plans, he didn’t know that Friday was also High School Graduation night. Opps! ¯_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯ We laughed about it. Steve “surprised” me with a meal with friends at our local Otter Creek Restaurant. It’s a homestyle eatery on a small waterway called Otter Creek.

The wind chimes that benefit Autistic children, Vicki’s gifts and some cards.

Steve gave me some beautiful, handmade wind chimes that have a deep melodious tune. The sales from them benefit Autistic children. I like wind chimes and have hung many of them all around the house and property. My local best friend, Vicki, gifted me with pen holders and other things that are good for Bible study. How sweet! I always welcome help in that department. The pastor and his wife, who are also best friends, gave me a Scentsy Candle Wax burner and one of the waxes. Yum! All are made in America, another big plus. This morning I’ve ordered more of the waxes as the gentle smell of vanilla is one of my favorite things. And, of course, there’s the many, many cards and kind wishes I received. Thank you so much everyone! It warms my heart how loving everyone has been. I’m truly touched.

Today is supposed to be in the high 90’s!! 😧 I know, it’s too early for that! I hope the weather people are wrong with the prediction. It’s gotten terribly dry too. We need rain badly. I plan to stay inside in the air conditioner. The house should be cleaned anyway. Please pray with us that it will rain 🌧️ here and in California and any other places that are in desperate need. Thank you. 🙏 ❤

Be kinder than needed. And pray often for each other dear fellow Saints in Christ. I hope your day is blessed.

Thankful Thursday And A Throwback

There is so much to be thankful for! Here’s my short list:

  1. ✔ I’m thankful for eternal salvation through the shed blood of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ because I sure can’t earn it or buy it. It’s a free gift from God.
  2. ✔ I’m thankful to live in a part of the world that I consider to be a paradise on earth. So many don’t have that priviledge.
  3. ✔ I feel gratitude for a loving Church family. They are more precious to me than gold or silver. We pray for each other and hold each other up when the going gets tough.
  4. ✔ God has doubly blessed me with a loving, caring, generous husband for over 42 years. He’s my partner, my best friend, my confidant, my comforter, and advisor. I pray I’m the same for him ’cause I love him so much.
  5. ✔ And last but not least, I’m thankful for you my dear friends. We may not always agree on everything or we may step on one another’s toes by accident, occasionally, but, you know, it’s okay. Life is too short for such trivialities. Everybody messes up. And we’re all human. Loving and forgiving is much more important. And as long as we all trust Christ, we’re good to go. 😉 One day we’ll all be with Him forever. Rejoicing at the feet of Jesus and all this will be only a memory. ❤✞

Today is my birthday! 🎊🎂 65 years ago I was giving my birth-mother a very hard time. Bless her heart. (I was adopted out of the family at 2 days of age and never met her, but that’s another story.) Speaking of age, that’s something else I am very thankful for, it is to have made it this far without killin’ myself or anyone else. I’ve done so many risky things. 😜 I think when the good Lord was handin’ out “brains” I thought he said “drains” and said, “No thanks. Don’t need any.” 😂 Anyway, I wouldn’t have missed the ride for all the money in Fort Knox.

💝 Steve (my husband) said we’re celebrating tomorrow not tonight, so, stay tuned sports fans! I don’t know where he’s takin’ me or what we’re doin’. Yeah, I’ll take pictures. Gotta have proof of our escapades, you know.

Thanks for stopping by! I pray y’all have a blessed, peaceful day.

Sunday Musings And A Birthday

me with honda nc700x 03 FEB 2020

No Church today because of Dr. Ninnie Scardy Cat 😦 is running things. sigh I didn’t know the Head Deacon has that much power in a Church (we are between Pastors). Yeah, I’m not happy about that … soooo … who needs ’em!? lol We’re going for a ride.

steve wearing fedora JAN 2017

And today is Steve’s 72nd! Happy Birthday Darlin’! ❤ That photo was snapped at a Church function in 2017. We’ve both lost a LOT of weight since then. He’s had to endure a triple bypass. So, I try to thank the LORD daily that my sweet husband is still here on earth with me. I’m so very grateful he hasn’t been called Home yet.

Catch ya later folks!

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Silence Isn’t Always Golden


I’ve been silent for over a week because it’s been a bit chaotic in my corner. Found and rescued a 7 month old puppy someone dumped on our country road. I couldn’t keep her for various reasons, so, I gave her a name “Socks”, and after a trip to the Vet, a good bath and lots of hugs, I found her a good home with a lovely couple that have other dogs and kids not too far distant. Socks is now Lucy, and, I hear, very content. But now, I’m blue because I miss her. I’m so fickle. lol It’ll pass. She was a sweetie though.

My husband’s 88 year old mother is in a bad way. She’s in the hospital fighting for her life. She had been suffering from one bladder infection after another for, I think, almost a year now. Her doc couldn’t figure out why. He, quite rightly, kept giving her antibiotics to fight the infection. A few days ago, she noticed blood in the urine and rushed herself to the Emergency Room. The diagnoses is Bladder Fistula. She met with a Specialist on Sunday and that doctor recommended she not have surgery because he’s concerned she will not survive the surgery. I’m confused though. I don’t know how she can live with this horrible condition!? If he was to ask me, I would opt for the surgery and take my chances. Mother-In-Law believes in the LORD Jesus Christ as her Saviour. She is ready for the transition. But living with this condition would be … well, hellish, if you’ll pardon the word. I dunno. Maybe I’m wrong in thinking that way. Wouldn’t be the first time (that I’m wrong, that is.) 🙂 Anyway, she’s on several prayer lists. I feel so helpless though.


Sunday was my birthday. Yeah, I know, I should have posted about that. Just wasn’t in the mood, I suppose. After Church, many of our Sunday School class went to Olive Garden in Waycross. Their food has improved or something because it was very tasty and there was so much of it. I definitely took some home for another meal. Now I feel fat and wanna go on a diet … again. That’s another post. lol

Our stick built home turned 25 years old last March. For the past year or so our allergies have been epic with the sneezing, wheezing, itchy eyes, and general discomfort. I called a local A/C Contractor and last week they sent out a nice fellow. He did an air induction test and we were shocked at the results! The tests showed that we have a 38% heat/cooling loss. The ducting is picking up dust and other not-so-lovely things from the attic and scattering it all through our house. Plus, during the summer, the ducting “sweats” through the wrapping and down onto the floor which eventually finds it’s way onto our ceiling. So, today there’s scheduled an Aeroseal for the air conditioning ducting. We’ve prepped the house (and our check book) in anticipation of this. sigh It’s only money. rolling my eyes

So, that’s what’s been going on in our neck of the woods. I gotta go get ready for our “guests”. I hope everyone has a happy, loving and cheaper day.

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