Today’s Devotional
Zephaniah 3:17 NIV

~ ~ ~

The wound from the pre-cancer removal on my right arm two weeks ago seems to be healing nicely at last. I won’t go into gory details, but when I redressed it this morning and applied the antibiotic cream, the area looks much improved. The swelling is down, the redness is gone, and the draining from the stitches has stopped. I think I’m finally on the mend. What a tedious two weeks this has been! 😦 There’s already an appointment set up for tomorrow morning to see the dermatologist again. I’ll get her expert opinion as to how it’s progressing. Praise God for His healing! Thank you everyone for your prayers, kind thoughts and encouragements. I appreciate your concern so very much. God always answers prayer according to His will. Always. 🙂

An unfortunate side effect from the oral antibiotic, though, is I’m still nauseous after eating and slightly headachy. It grieves me terribly but today I must stay home from Sunday School and Church. I love the Godly lessons taught. I love God’s Church; the being with His people who love me and are now my only family. It’s so rewarding. Thankfully, our Church now records and broadcasts both services, morning and evening, on FaceBook: First Baptist Church of Blackshear  (11:00 AM and 6:00 PM EST). I believe it’s recorded, so, no need to listen live. Now I can listen to the God’s message and get in on the singing. Aren’t modern times grand?!

Today’s Word Of The Day is: festoon.  I haven’t festooned our house for a party for a long time.

I pray y’all have a great day praising the LORD who loves us all!


Sunday Devotional


As most of y’all know by now, I have had a 30 day comment ban put on me at FaceBook for sharing the Gospel and speaking out against the Muslims. No, I don’t use vulgarity nor do I threaten or accuse. What happened was there was an article pertaining to Muslims on my cousin’s timeline, so, I stated that it appears that the Muslims will be the devil’s army during the Tribulation. Almost immediately, I was hit with a “Your Comment Goes Against Our Community Standards” [yeah, ‘community standards’, I was laughing too] and my comment disappeared. Then I received a notice that I’m banned from commenting for 30 days. At first, I was a bit miffed, but now realize that nothing happens in the life of a child of God that He doesn’t allow. Perhaps God is allowing them to ‘heap coals of fire on their heads’ for their wickedness. Perhaps he wants me off FaceBook and back to writing. I don’t know. But, I’ve asked my loving LORD and Saviour to use this as an opportunity for good. He seems to be guiding me back into writing again. At any rate, I have put those misguided, faceless, nameless lost souls employed by FaceBook on my prayer list that they may be saved. Please add them to yours. And please pray for me that I will always keep myself within the will of God in Jesus Christ our LORD.

demoncrats are idiots

Well, with that said, I may not get many ‘likes’ or comments here, but I plan to continue to share the Gospel as best I can. May my words be His Words. May my actions be tempered with love. And to God be the glory!

Thank you for taking the time to ride with me on this never boring journey called Life.

God bless you,



My Word For 2019

After much prayerful thought, the LORD guided me during one of my Deborah walks (my term for walking & talking to the LORD in the wilderness, just as the Judge Deborah did), that my word for the year needs to be:


Courage to witness for Him in all circumstances.

Courage for when the inevitable medical bills start to roll in that I may seek His wisdom as to what to do.

Courage to serve others for Christ that His name will be glorified.

Courage to always be kind, even when I don’t want too and would like to slap a knot on some people’s heads. lol

So, just like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz, I need COURAGE.


Have you been guided to pick a Word Of The Year yet? How did you reach that conclusion, if I may ask? Not being judgmental, I’m simply trying to learn to hear His sweet voice in all I do. I seek Him in prayer but probably should read the Holy Scriptures more for inspiration. I am sadly lacking in the gift of Scripture Recall. I so admire those who can quote Him so easily. But, I’m late to the party in a Christian sense and playing catch up in my life.

Thank you for listening. I pray your day is full of hope, joy, and the right kind of courage.


It’s The Little Things That Mean A Lot

golf cart OCT 2018

Things are quiet in our neck of the woods but thought I’d share a few small ditty’s. As many of you may remember, we live way out in the country on a fair amount of acreage. Nothing too big but enough to be a “problem” when ones health doesn’t cooperate. Back in early October of this year, we bought a used golf cart to aid in my yard work, errands and just getting around when this dodgy hip or foot gives out. The mailbox is a good 350 feet away from the house, down by the road. Well, these things all come with a LOUD back up buzzer that I find very annoying in our quiet little ‘hood. Today, Steve went poking around under the hood and released me from this minor anxiety.

golf cart buzzer

Yep, there’s the annoying little bugger. All he did was unplug it. What a simple fix! In spite of his own heart anomaly, Steve has been on an absolute tear lately. He’s in the Work Shop more, walking, designing projects and doing other things. He’s encouraged me to get off my lazy duff. 🙂 I spent this afternoon taking up some of my britches. About a couple of months ago, we both decided it would be a good plan to cut back on, or completely give up, sugar and heavy carbo laden meals. Oh, we splurge now and then but only a little and not often. The sweet is more precious that way. I don’t know how much he’s lost but my waistline has definitely shrunk at least one dress size. And I’m sleeping better since the breathing has improved as well. We’ve just got to stick to this or we’re both gonna be as big as houses.

Another little thing that’s happened here is last night, during our weekly Women’s Bible Study, I learned something fantastic! We’re still studying in the Gospel of John and had gotten to Chapter 20:1-18. John writes that this is right after the crucifixion, when Christ was laid in the tomb, and ” … Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance”. Now, I’ve read these verses many times since I became saved, but I didn’t know the significance of the following. When Mary peered in and saw the two angels sitting one on each side of the empty strips of linen (Christ had arisen), that they were symbolic of the two Cherabib on the Ark of the Covenant. Did y’all know this!? Also, when Mary didn’t recognize Jesus at first and assumed he was “the gardener”, that is also symbolic of how we were first under the curse from Adam (the first gardener, see Genesis) and that Jesus is our new “gardener”, the new Adam and how we’re now saved by grace. I was, like, WOW!! Everything in God’s Holy Word truly does point to Jesus Christ and his finished work! EVERYTHING! I’m slow, I guess. It was just a eureka moment for me. I’m probably not saying that correctly. I hope that’s understandable. May my words be God’s words.

So, those are some of the little things, but sometimes, they mean a lot. Just like y’all. You mean a lot to me too.

Hope your day is blessed my friends! Please let me hear your thoughts on anything you’d like. I always enjoy hearing from you.

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