A Heartfelt Prayer

A part of my morning devotional is dedicated to reading a chapter in Psalms. Today, as I read Psalm 83 He really touched my heart. I read it again but this time as intended: a prayer in the form of a song. My heartfelt request is for all those who profess Jesus Christ as their personal LORD and Saviour would please pray this prayer for America and the world in general. The G7 Summit is this weekend, or very soon, but we are in deep trouble folks. Pray that all the wickedness the devil worshiping Left wants to inflict on us and others falls apart. Their plans become like the sand on the beach and are washed out to sea never to take root. Please, pray for us. We are in grave danger from their harmful plans. May God’s will be done, of course, and may it please Him to forgive us our sins and protect us. The devil is on the prowl looking for victims. God bless you for praying.

Psalm 83

A song. A psalm of Asaph.

O God, do not remain silent;
    do not turn a deaf ear,
    do not stand aloof, O God.
See how your enemies growl,
    how your foes rear their heads.
With cunning they conspire against your people;
    they plot against those you cherish.
“Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation,
    so that Israel’s name is remembered no more.”

With one mind they plot together;
    they form an alliance against you—
the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites,
    of Moab and the Hagrites,
Byblos, Ammon and Amalek,
    Philistia, with the people of Tyre.
Even Assyria has joined them
    to reinforce Lot’s descendants.

Do to them as you did to Midian,
    as you did to Sisera and Jabin at the river Kishon,
10 who perished at Endor
    and became like dung on the ground.
11 Make their nobles like Oreb and Zeeb,
    all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna,
12 who said, “Let us take possession
    of the pasturelands of God.”

13 Make them like tumbleweed, my God,
    like chaff before the wind.
14 As fire consumes the forest
    or a flame sets the mountains ablaze,
15 so pursue them with your tempest
    and terrify them with your storm.
16 Cover their faces with shame, Lord,
    so that they will seek your name.

17 May they ever be ashamed and dismayed;
    may they perish in disgrace.
18 Let them know that you, whose name is the Lord—
    that you alone are the Most High over all the earth.

Thursday Thoughts

There are dark clouds all around us. A storm is approaching. When it’s at its darkest, it seems to make colors brighter. Reds are redder. Greens are greener. Birds seem to know when the dark clouds are approaching before we do. They scurry quickly gathering seeds or insects. Bringing them back to the nest. Unless one is a farmer, we humans tend to ignore the warnings all around even when God’s simplest creatures make plans. Those who don’t heed the warnings of danger will perish.

There are dark clouds forming all around. Europe is already in a very bad way, now it’s come to America. “Democrats To Unveil Court-Packing Bill“. Our very lives and all we hold dear are in peril as the devil wanders our Country like a roaring lion looking for the lost to devour. He’s even in the White House right now. He’s no longer hiding behind placating words like “socialism” or “social justice” or “stimulus”.

Since the time of Genesis it’s been a spiritual war: good against evil, right against wrong. Now here in America our circumstances are almost sure to quickly digress into a physical one. If the Left are not defeated, and soon, I pray we’re ready for the devastation that will follow. We’ve been warned to not build a house on sand (following the devil), but to build it on the Rock (Jesus Christ) and be saved.

24 “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.
25 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.
26 But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand.
27 The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”
Matthew 7:24-27 NIV

Good Friday Thoughts

Luke 23:34

You know how sometimes God’s Word reveals little bits and pieces of His wisdom to us at a time? Well, He does that with me anyway. 🙂 I tend to be a bit slow or at least inattentive. Anyway, this week on one of those Christian radio programs I listen to, I learned the importance of why Christ wore the crown of thorns on the cross. It’s because, not only does He save us (humans) from our sins, but He also paid for the original sin of the curse that was placed on the Earth (thorns) at the Garden of Eden. He washed away ALL sins from beginning to end by His sacrifice. We are greatly privileged to live in the Age of Grace, the New Covenant, [Luke 22:20] and be allowed to understand all these things and more if we only open our hearts to His Word.

On the subject of our coffee ☕ klatch, it is now completed and in our dining room! Hurray! It was fun but I’m glad the project is over. I may move it to another wall with more room for a coffee mug holder. I’m very pleased with the outcome.

Not much going on today for us. I have to wait around for a phone call from Steve’s former employer so I may get signed up by Medicare. I’ll be 65 next month. 😜 Time flies when you’re having fun, right?! *lol* Whatever happens, I know that God is looking out for me.

I hope everyone has a blessed Good Friday. Christ is coming back. ☦️ Keep looking up dear ones! ❤