Hillary Is Morally Bankrupt

What a week, huh? I’ve stayed off the media channels for the most part but know that they are full of crooked Hillary and her antidotes. That woman is morally bankrupt. Her brain dead minions are out there rioting, wearing rainbows, chanting colors, holding up cardboard box signs, walking around in circles chasing their own shadows. Color coordinating their lives and second guessing their own plumbing before deciding which toilet to use at potty time. Sickening. 

I viewed the video below at Bunkerville‘s site this morning and had to share. I really think that Adrienne’s Corner is onto something.

If this woman is elected, just imagine the continued damage she’ll do to our once admirable Country. Wanna talk about a wall? Look at the wall Hillary is building between Americans that was started by the man that calls himself Obama.

Please continue to pray for our Nation. We sure need it.

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