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I thought it prudent to leave a permanent record for whomever is left behind of what’s happening in America and all across the world right now. We could be heading for a complete shutdown of commerce with Worldwide crashed  economies, then possible Civil Wars with infrastructure failures, fewer liberties and / or The Rapture of the Saints and the ultimate revealing of the Anti-Christ for his seven year reign of terror. There are other options, of course, but I can’t think of any at this moment.

Close to the end of March 2020, our collective world’s have gone insane with lightning speed over a tummy bug tagged as COVID-19, the Wuhan Flu, Kung Flu or Corona Virus. Businesses have turned tail and shut down, including Churches within one week of the news. Many people are panic buying by hording needed goods which has caused shortages in the store for the rest of us. Now, I guess the Left Wing tyranny is only going to increase because businesses and the media are being patsy’s by playing right along with the hysteria. I BLAME THE FACELESS GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES FOR ALL THIS HYSTERIA. History has proven for millennia that “staying in” does not stop disease from spreading because we can’t all possibly stay in all the time. We have to conduct business, eat, get medicine, go to work, etc. or people really will die. The Corona Virus is going to spread no matter what, then it will play itself out. Cities like NYC, LA, and any large metropolis are h***holes anyway, in my opinion, and will sadly have the higher numbers of those sick. I know they’re gonna be infected bad because of their living conditions. MOST PEOPLE IN CIVILIZED SOCIETIES WILL SURVIVE. THOUSANDS ALREADY HAVE. (I noticed Governments / Media don’t like to share that little fact).

Here in Georgia, we have a Shelter-In-Place rule enacted yesterday at 6 PM by our Governor Kemp. It’s not a “lock-down” by any means. Only a “Hey, stay home, if you can” kinda thing. It’s not hard to do, and it’s not bad … here. The businesses, though, have gone completely Full Blown Tyranny but restricting how many customers can shop at a time. I’m amused and ashamed of them all at one time. They’re buying into the hysteria.  It’s unnecessarily scaring the horses.


I’ve shared most of these graphics on my FaceBook page, but am unsure how long they will be “allowed” by the pond scum that run that site since this is an inconvenient truth to the Dims. There are still more deaths from TB, the Flu, cancer, Hepatitis B, pneumonia, and wars, and more but that’s not being talked about. And in abortion clinics the death rates for innocent babies are still 100%.


Here in America, you know this is all about the Demoncrats wanting to take over The Swamp again and impeach President Trump. He has broken no laws and only wants what’s best for Americans. The Dim’s are gonna try to impeach him yet again, I hear. They’re pathetic and wicked, these politicians, and the people that keep giving them power. The news concerning the COVID-19 would have blown over by now if it wasn’t for their fear mongering.

Me and Hubby are still carrying on pretty much as we always have. There’s work to be done around Red Bird Acres. Not shopping much is easy since I’ve been mail ordering most non-perishables for years since our ‘burg went from Dial Up to DSL. There’s even gonna be high speed streaming on our road before too much longer. The only thing I really miss is seeing all my friends and attending Church. I’m hoping those days are not in the past forever. We’ll see. As always, we’re in God’s loving hands. His will be done.

Well, that’s where we stand as of this post at 4 pm EST. Who knows what weird thing or law may happen by tomorrow?! Stay tuned, I’ll try to post as events progress ….


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