Here We Go Again And Again And …

I’m in FaceBook jail for 7 days again because of the Chinese overlord crack heads that do unspeakable things during Zoom meetings. This link below is banned on FB.

The ban this time was supposedly over that I was posting facts about the Covid-19 survivability rate (still at 99+%). The basement dwellers state that I was “endangering others”. Yeah, that made me laugh too. Gee, I didn’t know I had that much power. *lol* The Cancel Culture is the last place to hide for school yard bullies, I guess.


What a sad, evil world. I pray for all these people. They’re lost and going to eternal damnation if they don’t get saved.

Sunday Devotional


As most of y’all know by now, I have had a 30 day comment ban put on me at FaceBook for sharing the Gospel and speaking out against the Muslims. No, I don’t use vulgarity nor do I threaten or accuse. What happened was there was an article pertaining to Muslims on my cousin’s timeline, so, I stated that it appears that the Muslims will be the devil’s army during the Tribulation. Almost immediately, I was hit with a “Your Comment Goes Against Our Community Standards” [yeah, ‘community standards’, I was laughing too] and my comment disappeared. Then I received a notice that I’m banned from commenting for 30 days. At first, I was a bit miffed, but now realize that nothing happens in the life of a child of God that He doesn’t allow. Perhaps God is allowing them to ‘heap coals of fire on their heads’ for their wickedness. Perhaps he wants me off FaceBook and back to writing. I don’t know. But, I’ve asked my loving LORD and Saviour to use this as an opportunity for good. He seems to be guiding me back into writing again. At any rate, I have put those misguided, faceless, nameless lost souls employed by FaceBook on my prayer list that they may be saved. Please add them to yours. And please pray for me that I will always keep myself within the will of God in Jesus Christ our LORD.

demoncrats are idiots

Well, with that said, I may not get many ‘likes’ or comments here, but I plan to continue to share the Gospel as best I can. May my words be His Words. May my actions be tempered with love. And to God be the glory!

Thank you for taking the time to ride with me on this never boring journey called Life.

God bless you,