A Response And A Lovely Gift

I heard back from FindAGrave, and I quote:

“Recently, you have continued to post derogatory comments on the Virtual Flower section, of memorials, which is violation of policy.

This is your second warning regarding violation of our Terms of Service or Community Rules. “

“Derogatory”? Bet the multi-colored hair college grad had to look up how to spell that. Then the e-mail continues with blah-blah-blah … you have to kiss our backside and grovel and we’ll reinstate your account after 30 days.

Ok, I made that last part up, but it comes across that way. 😉 For the life of me, I have no idea what they are talking about. They won’t be specific. Seems like every time I turn around someone is being offended by something and it has to be banned. *very heavy sigh* Guess what? Yeah, I’m laughing at their silliness. Guess it makes the keyboard warriors feel powerful or something to ban ‘violators’. Actually, it’s been a blessing not having to answer people’s questions, add info and find connections for them. I have oodles more time on my hands. Besides, I have another account I can use. So there! *lol*

So, onwards and upwards, if you still want to follow this Irish Rebel. 😮

Yesterday, Simply Linda‘s gifts FINALLY arrived. The gifts I shipped to her in Communist New York still have not been delivered. They were sent USPS on December 2nd! My goodness. The same type gifts that were shipped to my half-sister in central Florida arrived two days later and in perfect condition. What a farrago.

Thank you Linda and Dave for these wonderful items! The card is so pretty I’m gonna save it and use it every Christmas. We’re enjoying the Breakfast In The Finger Lakes coffee this morning, will try the Jamaican Me Crazy this afternoon and plan to use the Cranberry Jam soon. I’m told it’s very good on pork chops. We’ll have to try that. Thanks again! Love you guys bunches.

I have such thoughtful friends. Thank you everyone for reading my blog, for your prayers and for listening to me gripe a bit. What are friend’s for, right?! *lol* 😉 And aren’t we all especially glad to have a friend that will NEVER LEAVE US in Jesus!? AMEN!? He makes intercession for us to God the Father 24/7. I know I sure need Him 24/7. I’d be a hot mess without Him.

Sending love and prayers to you all this holiday season and always. Keep looking up!