Scanning Memories

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Not much going on here. Along with Christmas preparations, which are pretty much done, I’ve been going through many of our old photo albums. Then scanning them to be put at Shutterfly for safe keeping. I suppose they should also be put on a CD and/or Flash Drive in case of fire. That’s down the road though ….

One of the first photo books I’m scanning is from our first house together in Jacksonville, Florida.


January 1, 1982

If this house had had wheels, it would have been a rolling wreck, inside and out. The inside was so dirty. Before moving in we ‘bombed’ it for roaches and the next day the floor looked like a miniature battle field with little corpses everywhere. The previous owners had removed all the interior doors, there where holes in the plaster walls, the plumbing needed repairing, and so forth. It was a long list. Plus the Battle Ship Grey and White exterior just had to go. On our meager budget it took over four years to really get the place livable. The LORD blessed us with eleven years there. Then we moved to our little piece of Heaven here in Southeast Georgia. Never looked back.

As you can tell, all I cared about, really, was the yard.


June 1984

The puppy in the right hand corner was my first Miniature Schnauzer, Ruthie. She was half ‘mini’ and half Fox Terrier-mix. We also had her mother, Trixie. (Trixie was a Pound rescue and such a treasure). They where quite a pair, those two. Anyway, can you tell I like Zinnia’s? I grew some award winning ones that year. I used to have people stop and compliment me on the yard and house. Oh, and guess what the brown color name was at Sherwin-Williams? Hudson Brown! It just had to be.

We’re expecting a lot of rain tonight. I hope that forecast is accurate. We sure need it again.

May the LORD bless and keep you.


A Georgia Cheeseburger But Not In Paradise

Ever since the storm Hermaine, it seems we’ve been playing Pick Up Sticks all over the property. The weather is good, the dogs aren’t sick, nothing needs fixing (at the moment), therefore, we decided it was time for a little break. Hopped in the ‘new’ Mazda3 iSport and traveled 3 hours south to the ancient city of Saint Augustine. Lunched at an older than me restaurant called Conch House. The food was h.e.a.v.e.n.l.y! Mine was the Conch House Cuban and Hubby had the Frickle Burger, both with homemade Potato Chips and a Kosher Dill. Yum Yum!

I have a long time internet friend (yeah, I know, I have a friend? … *lol*), an elderly friend, who is living on a large sailboat with her daughter and son-in-law. They are currently somewhere down in Mexico, I forget were. I’m going to ask that when they get to our coast to meet us at the Conch House Marina. I think they’d be pleased with the slips, the food, and the surroundings. Just don’t get out and drive anywhere because the traffic is atrocious! Who are all these people and why aren’t they at a job somewhere!

Here’s a few more pics of the day:

Did you notice the posts carved into faces? I want some of those! Our neighbors probably already think I’m weird, might as well go all the way with it. Oh, and on the return trip we also stopped at the Dairy Queen in Folkston to have a ice cream cone. Well, I had to have something to steady my nerves for the rest of the ride home. (That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.)  😉

It was fun and all but I’m glad to be back home to our quiet little neck of the woods. I’m so tired from all the traffic. Florida has lost all it’s appeal for me. Henceforth, I’m officially a Georgian through-and-through. Those sticks I haven’t picked up yet are looking real good right now.

Siggy MC Ride Safe 1

I Remember The 70s


who remembers the 70s

I do remember all these things since I graduated from High School in 1974. My first radio was a ‘portable’ (i.e. no Mack truck necessary for transporting) transistor. And it seems like every guy I knew had that famous poster of Farrah Fawcett in her red swimsuit on his wall. Now how could a ganky, pimple faced young girl compete with that!? *sigh*

Pamela D. Ackman (June 1974)

Yeah, that’s me, grinning like a mule eating briers. The nice gentleman handing out the sheep skin’s was our Principal Abraham Lincoln “Abe” Collinsworth (now deceased). I think my step mom snapped this little memento for which I am very grateful. Dad never took an interest in anything I did. And if I’d known that my parents where gonna throw me out of the house shortly afterwards, I probably would have looked more worried. Everything turned out OK, though. It was just a lot of ‘anx ‘over nothing.

The temperature’s are beginning to moderate here in SE Georgia. The severe summer heat is waning. We are drawing ever nearer to what I consider ideal riding weather. Can’t wait!

Siggy Ride Safe Ladybug

SCUBAy Dooby Doo

My favorite of us by the pool

Even though we both lived in Jacksonville, Future Hubby and I met by chance in the Florida Keys in April 1978 on a SCUBA diving trip put together by a then local dive shop. Chance had it that since he was flying solo he would be in need of a dive partner. My luck was working overtime that year because we were paired up on the dive boat. (One must always have at least one dive buddy. Water can be very unforgiving.) Anyway, rocking boats are my nemesis which means I get puckin’ dog sick. As the boat slowed, I was already turning a lovely shade of pea green. Experience had taught me to gear up when the boat was under power, mask and all, and as soon as the Captain killed the motor, over I’d go. The cool water was therapeutic for my condition. There I would await my assigned buddy, relaxed and calm, in the arms of gently, rolling sea.

Future Hubby and I enjoyed diving together and riding in the boat that day. After the fun and frivolity I was no longer a lovely green shade, now I was lobster red. I can’t win! I probably looked like a giant zit with blonde hair. By the time we made landfall we where all perished and fatigued to the bone from the watery adventures. A shower, a quick change of clothes, and the small group assembled at a local watering hole on Islamorada called the Corral Grill. Again, Hubby and I sat next to one another. We drank, ate, talked, shared experiences and laughed for hours. By the end of the evening, I had lost my heart to this totally charming, intelligent fellow. He was so lighthearted, knowledgeable and kind. A little over one year later, we were man and wife and I’ve never looked back. [wedding photos] We where married by a Notary Public at the apartment complex that we would call home for over two years. If you look at the photos, note the late ’70s decor. Cool, huh. [/sarc] Neither of us had family that could attend. It was just a simple, pleasant ceremony with many of our friends in attendance. 

Because of our jobs, we had to wait three months to go on a honeymoon. [photos] That November we traveled to Arizona and Utah to see the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Since I had never visited the desert Southwest until that trip, this was quite an experience. I’ve never said “Wow” so many times in one week. *lol* Such an amazing place. I was so enamored with the Southwest that upon our trip home, I decorated the apartment with that motif in mind. Those decorations are long gone but thanks to a firm foundation in loving our LORD Jesus Christ first, the love for each other is still there. 

Thank you LORD Jesus for not only giving me, an imperfect sinner, eternal life through your Perfect Love, but for blessing me further with a husband that loves You first, and me next. It’s been a wonderful 37 years. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

And thank you for reading my humble missive. I am truly blessed to have so many friends.

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