A Cotton Pickin’ Southern Picnic

Yesterday, we enjoyed a pleasant day at a dear friend’s house not too far distant. They have a lot of acreage with gorgeous mature trees and had cleared a well thought out pathway about 1000 feet from their home through the woods for a concrete picnic table. After the fabulous repast of homemade Baked Beans, 7 Layer Salad, Fried Chicken and cookies, we spent some time strolling around their yard. Then it was off to the Home 20 to nap the extended bellies away. (Hey, napping can be an exercise … right?!) All-in-all it was a wonderful day full of Christian friendship and eats par excellence. I couldn’t help feeling how blessed we are!

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I hope y’all enjoyed the slideshow. Thanks for stopping by.

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Finished The Butterfly Area

We’ve spent several days and beau·coos bucks and are finally “finished” with the designated Butterfly/Hummingbird area out front. This is the former vegetable garden. It’s nice to already have a water access. At least we didn’t have to go to the extreme of putting in water this year.


Before (above)

cape honeysuckle 07 APR 2018

I bought one Orange Monrovia Cape Honeysuckle (above),  two Dipladenia Bush (Arbusto Diplandenia) one red and one pink, two lavender Butterfly Bush, and two Bottle Brush plants. Oh, and two Blue Berry bushes. There will also be an area set aside for different herbs to use in cooking. Fresh herbs are the bee’s knees!



Once the checkbook recovers from all the expenditures, since I have a proclivity towards noisy or flashy lawn ornaments, I want to add at least one wind chime … or two … or three … oh, and another statue. Statues help to “soften” the landscape.

The Bird Lady from the film “Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil” fame, wants me to share her thanks for stopping by. lol Time to go brew some hot tea and relax.


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