Weekend Recap

We’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger lately. I know everyone else has been too.

Last Friday, we had a new radio/cd/USB/bluetooth system installed in the old 2010 Nissan Frontier. We’ve had the truck since it was new and I love our old truck. Wanna keep it ’til the wheels fall off, as I like to say. The original radio worked great but Steve thought I should have an updated system to reflect our electronic times with the smartphones, and all. I’m sad to say, this Kenmore is not as user friendly as the factory installed combo in our new Frontier, but it works OK. I’m supposed to upload an Amazon Alexa “app” to my phone to get the voice commands to work but I’m nervous about going through with it. If I had known about the “app”, I wouldn’t have bought the system. Guess I’ll have to get over my prejudice for Amazon and just do it. *lol*

It was time to take a break and go have some fun. So, while Steve was having the new bluetooth system installed in the old truck, I stayed home and managed to get all the housework done that I usually do on Saturday’s. We spent the day in neighboring Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in Folkston. Sadly, it was unseasonably warm, which makes me feel ill. I can’t take heat and humidity very well. Therefore, we cut it short but it was still an enjoyable day. Steve even got to see a small flock of Hooded Merganser at the pond. I was thankful to be away for a bit and be with him.

We’re expecting a mild winter storm tomorrow that supposed to bring a lot of rain and much colder temperatures. In anticipation for that, I hurried up and ran the errands in town before the storm hits. I also took my local BFF, Vicki, her holiday gifts. We’ve both been so busy that we hadn’t sat and chatted for simply ages. It felt so good to see her again. She is such a sweet, kind-hearted lady. I really miss not getting to visit more. She gave me a set of little scented candles. I’m burning one now. It smells so lovely.

It’s getting so cold that Steve thought a pot roast might be in order. That wonderful aroma is filling the house. Yum. I feel so blessed to be able to sit here, comfortable and safe and enjoy a warm home, full of heavenly smells, with a loving, caring husband.

And, on that happy note, I’ll say ‘bye for now. I hope your day is blessed too and everyone is safe, happy, and looking forward to a happy Christmas.

Ride Safe