Happy Halloween

Our party was last night. Each year, my dear friend, Vicki and our long suffering bedraggled husbands get together for a mini-party. Vicki hosted it this year at her house. There was Monster Meatloaf, Owl Pretzels, Bone Pretzels, Black Spider Deviled Eggs, orange and black decorations, ‘spooky’ sounds emanating from all the speakers and much, much more. She really outdid herself this year. Thankfully, the only horror involved was the number on my bathroom scales this morning! *lol*


Vicki dressed as “Abby” from the NCIS TV series and, of course, I am a skeleton.


Monster Meatloaf


Owl Pretzels

I hope y’all have a fun time tonight. Can’t wait to hear what mischief you’ve been up to!

Ride Safe,