Happy Caturday: Time

I like clocks and watches. We’ve got about a kazillion of ’em all around the house, the vehicles, the motorbikes, and workshop. This year, though, Steve and I are going to attempt not changing the clocks anymore. 🕰️ That’s the decision we’ve come to. My idea is to leave the clocks, except one, on the “real” time (not DST). Plus, there’s always the cell phone that reflects the current time wherever we are. Now that we’re retired, the only “time” that needs remembering are Doctor appointments and Church any way. I think this will be an easy task.

I think. 😂😂

Irregardless, I’m tired of feeling tired for at least a week just to appease elected servants that are too ignorant, unconcerned or lazy to fix the problem that they created in the first place. So, hope my mini-plan of rebellion against stupidity works. Does the time change leave you feeling tired, confused or generally out of sorts also?

Time will tell if my plan is successful. 😀❤️‍🔥✝️ Have a blessed day dear reader.

Happy Caturday

The “cold” front finally went through. Suddenly, it’s gone from 84 degrees to 72. This is a welcome respite from the unseasonable heat. Rain was an extra blessing too as it has been so dry. Woods fires are an ever present danger during those times.

I do apologize for being such a Debby Downer in previous posts. It think it’s the grief from losing my Mother-in-law and also many friends since then. There’s been quite a few that have passed on to glory lately. One had bile duct cancer and the others brought on from various ailments that accompany age. During all this my husband injured a muscle in his back. Poor dear. He’s really been hurting. Then I was suffering from severe hip pains caused by a fall many years ago and my own aging body, of course. It was restricting my daily prayer walks. I let it weigh on me too heavily which caused a pensive, reflective and a bit grumpy attitude. Really, I’m usually such a cheerful, upbeat, encouraging kinda person. (I hope.) Being grumpy is not usually my style or personality. Even I didn’t want to be around me! 😆 I am happy to report that below the simmering surface there is a grateful heart. We do have an abundance of blessings. I have my husband’s love and kindness, my friends’ concerns and well wishes, God’s generosity, mercy, protection and grace. I feel His loving arms around me. He is being so very good to me and to us. I shouldn’t allow circumstances to affect my mood. The Apostle Paul by inspiration from the Holy Spirit does share with us that we are to rejoice and be thankful no matter what the circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5). (Guess I failed that test. 😅) It is His mercy that Steve has improved so much and that my inflamed hip bursitis seems to be subsiding. I’ve taken the doctor prescribed steroids, am doing the stretching exercises as per instructions, putting an ice pack on the area and taking a vitamin called Black Cherry for inflammation. Praise God the hip seems to be improving. It’s true what “they” say: growing old isn’t for sissies.

I hope y’all’s Saturday is truly blessed. 💖💖

Happy Caturday

Not much happening in our neck of the woods this weekend. Steve is attending a gun show in neighboring Brunswick. He’s back into hand loading again. Bless his heart, he is having such a good time rebuilding supplies and such. Makes me happy to see him enjoying it. Since I’ve seen all the gun shows that one can possibly see, I decided to stay in the county to run a few errands and get a little yard work done. Somehow, I miscalculated on groceries this week anyway, and am running out of essentials, like Half & Half! Can’t survive without that in my coffee! My bad. *giggle*

Here’s hoping your day is happy and bright. And, for the good of the Country, may the graphic below be fulfilled soon! Stay strong Patriots.