Happy Caturday

Not much happening in our neck of the woods this weekend. Steve is attending a gun show in neighboring Brunswick. He’s back into hand loading again. Bless his heart, he is having such a good time rebuilding supplies and such. Makes me happy to see him enjoying it. Since I’ve seen all the gun shows that one can possibly see, I decided to stay in the county to run a few errands and get a little yard work done. Somehow, I miscalculated on groceries this week anyway, and am running out of essentials, like Half & Half! Can’t survive without that in my coffee! My bad. *giggle*

Here’s hoping your day is happy and bright. And, for the good of the Country, may the graphic below be fulfilled soon! Stay strong Patriots.

Happy Caturday


FaceBook is a cesspool. And I knew it before I rejoined this time. There I was, having a great week chatting with Christian friends there until this week. It all started when I friended my half-sister on FaceBook. She’s such a pitiful soul. But she wasn’t raised to have any class or decorum, so, the Groups she’s a member of are unchristian, visually crude sites. Now I’m being slammed by inappropriate Suggested Groups, demonic language and images I find very upsetting. So, this morning I left her a Private Message to explain why I’ve had to unfriend her. Then dumped all the ‘cookies’ on this computer, praying that those images will please be removed. I’m only a humble sinner seeking Grace. It’s easy to backslide but hard as the dickens to stay away from things that displease God. I hope this did the trick. FaceBook needs to offer a feature where one can turn off the Suggested Groups. But I do realize that Social Media has made our society unsociable, hasn’t it?! Not much hope there.

Then “new” sister made the grandest faux pas of all yesterday. She called and asked for money. I’m living on a very fixed income and can’t, and won’t, go giving money out to every panhandler with a sob story. Well, that’s that. She hasn’t changed, apparently. At least, not yet. That’s left me a bit broken-hearted.

Well, enough about that.


My dear, sweet, generous Hubby arose at 4 AM today. He is now en route to Columbia, South Carolina, as I pen these words. God has answered prayer about a sad situation in his family. His 25 year old nephew, who still acts like he’s still an undisciplined, wet-behind-the-ears 14 year old, needs rescuing from an unhealthy situation. Nephew was living in sin with a married woman, and they have finally split up. I hope. But being without transportation, he had to ask for help to “get back home”. So now, Nephew’s elderly father and 88 year old grandfather are traveling up from South Florida to meet my equally elderly Hubby half way on the way back to finish the rescue. Lost yet? lol These three aging, sickly men are playing relay so no one has to drive the whole distance of 1,000 miles. I know, it’s complicated. I want desperately to call this day Three Men In A Tub, but that’s my sick sense of humour. grin And part of me wants to smack Nephew in the head, and the other part wants to hug him and say “Welcome home.” Kids. Was I this much trouble? (Don’t answer that …) sigh

I’m going to be doing a lot more praying today. Not just for the aforementioned loved ones but also for myself. I pray that I’m living God’s will. Knowing me, I’ve probably doing something wrong.

Here’s hoping your day is blessed.