Happy Caturday


FaceBook is a cesspool. And I knew it before I rejoined this time. There I was, having a great week chatting with Christian friends there until this week. It all started when I friended my half-sister on FaceBook. She’s such a pitiful soul. But she wasn’t raised to have any class or decorum, so, the Groups she’s a member of are unchristian, visually crude sites. Now I’m being slammed by inappropriate Suggested Groups, demonic language and images I find very upsetting. So, this morning I left her a Private Message to explain why I’ve had to unfriend her. Then dumped all the ‘cookies’ on this computer, praying that those images will please be removed. I’m only a humble sinner seeking Grace. It’s easy to backslide but hard as the dickens to stay away from things that displease God. I hope this did the trick. FaceBook needs to offer a feature where one can turn off the Suggested Groups. But I do realize that Social Media has made our society unsociable, hasn’t it?! Not much hope there.

Then “new” sister made the grandest faux pas of all yesterday. She called and asked for money. I’m living on a very fixed income and can’t, and won’t, go giving money out to every panhandler with a sob story. Well, that’s that. She hasn’t changed, apparently. At least, not yet. That’s left me a bit broken-hearted.

Well, enough about that.


My dear, sweet, generous Hubby arose at 4 AM today. He is now en route to Columbia, South Carolina, as I pen these words. God has answered prayer about a sad situation in his family. His 25 year old nephew, who still acts like he’s still an undisciplined, wet-behind-the-ears 14 year old, needs rescuing from an unhealthy situation. Nephew was living in sin with a married woman, and they have finally split up. I hope. But being without transportation, he had to ask for help to “get back home”. So now, Nephew’s elderly father and 88 year old grandfather are traveling up from South Florida to meet my equally elderly Hubby half way on the way back to finish the rescue. Lost yet? lol These three aging, sickly men are playing relay so no one has to drive the whole distance of 1,000 miles. I know, it’s complicated. I want desperately to call this day Three Men In A Tub, but that’s my sick sense of humour. grin And part of me wants to smack Nephew in the head, and the other part wants to hug him and say “Welcome home.” Kids. Was I this much trouble? (Don’t answer that …) sigh

I’m going to be doing a lot more praying today. Not just for the aforementioned loved ones but also for myself. I pray that I’m living God’s will. Knowing me, I’ve probably doing something wrong.

Here’s hoping your day is blessed.


Happy Caturday


That’s me in a nutshell. This week I feel like the faster I go the behinder I get. It’s like I’m spinning my wheels in loose sand.

I’m still scanning and uploading photos from our old home in Jacksonville.

We’ve bought a few presents and been preparing them for my husband’s journey to Florida (I keep the home fires burning). We’re attending Church gatherings, running errands, fixing things that break when one lives so far out and so forth. I know everyone else is the same way this week. And next week will be more hectic for not only us but many of my dear readers. By the way, special prayers of safety for those who travel. I sympathize!

In between all this madness I am making all efforts to study God’s Word and commune with Him. No, I don’t think I’m perfect. Far from it! That’s why I attend Church. Church isn’t about being Holier Than Thou. I go because I know I’m a sinner and I’m in need of His wisdom. One of the best ways to achieve that is to surround myself with others who know they are sinners too and are seeking His face by studying His Holy Word and encouraging me to do so also. The Bible is His “How To Live Your Life Manual” He wrote for all mankind. Every question you could possibly have about “Well, what’ll I do about …?” is there in those pages. He is always there with the correct answer for me so that the more I spin my wheels being in a hurry and acting silly, the more I know that He has placed His loving hands on my handlebars and whispers, “Stop child. Listen to Me, then talk to Me. I have all the answers.” And He does.

“‘Master’, Simon replied, ‘We’ve worked hard all night long and caught nothing! But at your word, I’ll let down the nets'” [Luke 5:5]

Today’s Journey (LifeWay) December 2016 study lesson is “Because You Say So”. It’s about a mom and her eldest son who wanted to do a specific thing with his friend one weekend. It wasn’t going to work out so she played the Mom Card and said “No”. He was temperamental at first, but it turned out that her decision was right and many benefited from it. Sometimes we don’t always get to do what we want but if we trust God, He will make sure we do what is right. And isn’t that a much better place to be in?

May the LORD bless and keep you my friends.


Happy Caturday


Guess which one would have been me if I had had siblings … yeah, the one on the left. *lol*

Not much going on today. We’re waiting on a couple from Church to drop by so we can start working on the 2000 Kawasaki VN800 Classic project motorcycle that we purchased together. Oh yeah, I haven’t shared that adventure yet, have I?! This bike is really ragged out. It was abandoned in the owners back yard. All the rubber mounts are deteriorated. The brakes are seized. The motor … well, if the motor is a basket case and the guys can’t get it to crank, it will be parted out on E-bay. If it does start [fingers crossed] we’ll proceed from there. It will be cataloged, so, if there’s more to the story, then I’ll be sure to share.

What are y’all doing today?

Have a lovely Caturday!