Tuesday Tidbit

tip top tuesday tidbits

Just a quick diddy to say “Hello”. Hubby and I have been raking, mowing, burning leaves, repairing bird houses, trimming limbs, and so forth. It’s been terribly busy around here but it’s the good kind of busy. I will admit, I’m slap wore-out (as my step-mother used to so sweetly opine).


That’s our homemade workshop in the background above. Hubby constructed it back in 2006-ish or so. I’m sure he’d know the exact year but my muddled brain is lucky to remember what day it is anymore. The area on the left will soon have a 18 foot by 21 foot by 7 foot high metal carport added. I went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered one. We just can’t be climbing ladders and wielding hammers anymore. So since the metal carports are much more cost effective than trying to stick build anything I figured we deserve a break today. giggle


Can you believe it, those are thunder heads heading our way! In February?! Very uncommon. It’s been so warm for this time of year it’s no wonder everything’s a bit wacky. Even the birds are eyeing nest boxes with longing looks. Oh well. Can’t change or control the weather. One must just roll with it. Guess the birds figure that as well.

And isn’t it wonderful everything that President Trump has been accomplishing and trying to accomplish so far!? The Baal worshiping baby killing libtards are beside themselves with envy and anger. It’s really quite humorous to watch them spat and sputter.

That’s it for now. I hope everyone is having a pleasant, joy-filled day. I’ll be visiting your blogs after I scrape all the dirt off myself.


Prospects Of Spring And Other Things

The calendar says January, but the weather shouts Spring! I like cool weather but I must be bored with it this year, or I’m just in better health that I haven’t experienced in donkey’s years, but with a burst of energy the yard is looking pretty good. I’m ready to start looking at seed catalogs and browse gardening aisles.

Hubby constructed then installed new nest boxes for the Blue Birds. Note the metal ring around the entrances? That’s to keep the Woodpeckers and Flying Squirrels from tearing them apart. I do love our other wildlife but they are destructive. This discourages them from taking over the place. I make special accommodations just for those critters. Our 6+ acres property now boasts of at least more than six mated pairs of Blue Birds each year. And they usually raise more than one brood. It may be more mated pairs than that. We’re also making and sharing these boxes with neighbors and friends.

And whilst Hubby was being so wonderfully productive, I cleaned yard debris. Then hit the local Dollar General for their garden specials. I’m a real sucker for bright sparkleys, especially if they jingle, jangle, chime or spin. giggle Having so much wildlife around makes life so much extra fun!

Tomorrow evening is our monthly Bike Night at the Church. I’m so glad that’s back in session after the long Holiday break.


Went To A Garden Party

Too bad it wasn’t a real party. Alas, since I am sidelined again with neck and shoulder pain,  smiley-tongue-sticking-out Hubby very kindly prepared the winter vegetable garden.


By the way, using the “gin trash” (cotton gin left overs) as a ground cover worked out great! Everything grew like gangbusters this summer and now we have a nice rich layer of soil to lay more vegetables in. Extra bonus: it was free. The cotton gin is more than happy to part with all the leftovers so they don’t have to deal with it. Groovy. smiley-acting-silly

Little Sammy (aka Sambo) and I “helped”. Well, being the entertainment helps … doesn’t it? His brother Jack was taking a nap somewhere. He really dislikes the heat and biting bugs. Can’t say that I blame him.


Now we have a good patch of Broccoli (left) and Brussel Sprouts going. If it’ll ever cool off and start raining again, the garden should do well. Good thing the hose is on a watering timer.

Do you plant a winter garden?


Want Some Whine With That

“Buy a house”, they said. “It’ll be an investment,” they said. Well, who are “they” and why is this costing so much?! *lol* My back hurts. My neck is popping and snapping so I’m eyeing the painkillers with trepidation. And my energy is drained. I’m sorely (pun intended) tempted to sell the whole kit-and-caboodle and buy a trailer. After much pointless whining, complaining, and reflection the back exterior of the house is much improved.


Above is the “Before” with the old crappy composite type edging we used for a couple of years. Note to self: never buy cheap stuff trying to save money. You’ll end up just spending more and throwing your neck out (again) when it has to be replaced with a quality product. *kicking self here*


They don’t look heavy, do they? They are. Deceitful things. *giggle*


Ta da! The finished product. This edging is a higher quality and should last the rest of my what may be a short lifetime. *groan*  smiley-with-rogue Hubby lined it up all nice and straight, didn’t he. He does quality work that man.

This weekend is an antique car show at our annual Pecan Festival Of Georgia in the Blackshear City Park. If I can drag my sorry self down there I’ll share some photos.

Here in Southeastern Georgia, is is still uncharacteristically hot (82* or more), dangerously dry, and the biting bugs are epic. Guess we’ll be missing Fall this year.