Here We Go Again

This weekend we went to Waycross to do a little shopping. Steve went to Harbor Freight and I popped next door to Big Lots (think Dollar General on steroids). As soon as I stepped into the store I spotted bath towels that I just had to have and at a decent price! No photo but they are the perfect color for our bathroom, super big and so luxurious to aging skin. Yum. I’m happy. I managed to get through the middle of the store without becoming mesmerized by anything else sparkly. ✨ 😉 At the far end of the store was their storage baskets, which was the main reason for my visit. There were so many colors and sizes it took me awhile to decide what to use.

This was the last closet that needed cleaning, rearranging, and culling. It still doesn’t look very straightened. I don’t know what to do with the bottom area which is primarily unused medical supplies we’ve acquired through the years. I keep everything “just in case” we’re ever really sick again or someone else needs it. A lot of the old towels will be donated to a local Children’s charity who’s name escapes me at the moment. I’ve had to ask on FaceBook what the name is. [Brain Fade]

Now I can go and visit y’alls blogs. I hope the rest of your day is blessed.

💖 🏍️ Ride Safe 🏍️ 💖

Home Office Bag And Tag Or How To Make Clutter Shutter

My elbow is better which means I couldn’t sit still yesterday.

Dollar General to the rescue!

I found the above pretty mint colored containers at the local Dollar General. Elbow in fine working order, I decided to tackle the problem of my poor overly cluttered office closet. Through the years I have simply thrown items in there with full intent of “one day making it nice”. It’s embarrassing how bad I had let the situation become. Stuff was all over the floor in various unmatched “containers” (i.e. loose bags). I’ll bet I had 20 years of junk thrown in there. It consisted of, but not limited to, power cords, electrical plugs, telephone equipment, old cell phones, projects, yarn, needles, cloth scraps, paints, brushes … well, you get the general idea. It was a mess for which I am dutifully ashamed. 😅 I grumbled and fussed and pulled everything out which piqued Steve’s interest. Sweet man that he is he volunteered to wade through the old cords and such because he knew what most of them where. I kept these items thinking, “Well, I might need it some day!” Like, I’d been through the Great Depression or something. But of course that day never arrives. While Steve was busy with the cords, I sorted the paint, brushes, cloth and so forth. Bag And Tag I call it, like deer hunting. Now that they’re all sorted, some will be properly recycled or used by someone who will use them. Some are burned in the trash debris out back. Some that are beyond help and or won’t burn go in the trash. The remainder are kept, thus the pretty boxes.

I’m so proud of myself. 😉

Alas, because I was distracted and I dragged that sweet man into the impromptu organizational frenzy, the Master Bedroom redo is still on “hold”. Sorry. He does have all the wood cut out. Steve said all he needs to do is put it together then stain it. Then it will be ready to be installed. It supposed to rain and become bitter cold this weekend. Maybe we’ll get to it by then if I don’t injure something else or get distracted again … 😁 giggle

🏍️ 💖 Ride Safe 💖 🏍️

Tuesday Tidbit

Good morning folks! We’ve been at it again with the minor home remodel. Did one more update to this temporary earthly home, and, it is temporary, for one day all of us who Believe will be forever with our Lord Jesus Christ in Glory. Amen!? ❤️❤️ I am SO thankful that this is all temporary.

We built our current house in early 1993. Until recently, most all the lights and faucets were original and they were really showing their age. Some had even become non-functioning. The master bathroom faucet 🚰 was so badly corroded from before the water softener install (yeah, our county has ‘hard’ water) that it was impossible to clean it properly or get a flow from it. But, first item to address was the antiquated lighting. Steve removed the chrome trim then handmade a matching wooden trim out in his workshop. He then stained it to match the solid pine cabinets. We used the same lights! No rewiring, no fuss. Cost: $0 because it was left over wood from other projects. Win win!

Next problem to address was the faucet, or as I call them the “spigot”. Sorry I didn’t take a before photo. All I can claim is major brain fart this week. 😁 Anyway, below is a snap of the new one already installed. We both did try to change it out ourselves because plumbing is easy but neither of us have the shoulders for it anymore. We ended up calling a local plumber and he did it in 50 minutes! 😘 Wow. I was impressed because under the sink it was so badly corroded he had to cut it loose. That was only $90. I felt like a winner with that too. Well done kind sir. 😉

Bradbury by Moen $69.95

After having Delta faucets all these years it was time for an update. This one by Moen has more clearance under it. The water flow is so smooth now. I’m really glad we chose this one.

Everything else is going well in our neck of the woods. Steve’s Mom turned 92 last week. We took her out to Captain Joe’s Seafood Restaurant for her birthday. She sure is getting frail, bless her heart, and her bladder fistula is making her burn again. I can’t stand to see people hurt. I’ve been praying diligently that she will be healed.

Please keep praying in Jesus’ name about America y’all. Pray that God will continue to keep us safe from the demonic culture that wants us dead or in compliance and all for the love of money and power. This way of thinking has invaded our Country like a rip tide at the beach waiting to suck down all the confront it with truth and now sits in the Oval Office ready to drown us all including themselves. But, whatever happens, to God be the glory and may His will be done.

Ride Safe folks. Keep looking up. ✝️❤️

Tuesday Tidbit

tip top tuesday tidbits

Just a quick diddy to say “Hello”. Hubby and I have been raking, mowing, burning leaves, repairing bird houses, trimming limbs, and so forth. It’s been terribly busy around here but it’s the good kind of busy. I will admit, I’m slap wore-out (as my step-mother used to so sweetly opine).


That’s our homemade workshop in the background above. Hubby constructed it back in 2006-ish or so. I’m sure he’d know the exact year but my muddled brain is lucky to remember what day it is anymore. The area on the left will soon have a 18 foot by 21 foot by 7 foot high metal carport added. I went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered one. We just can’t be climbing ladders and wielding hammers anymore. So since the metal carports are much more cost effective than trying to stick build anything I figured we deserve a break today. giggle


Can you believe it, those are thunder heads heading our way! In February?! Very uncommon. It’s been so warm for this time of year it’s no wonder everything’s a bit wacky. Even the birds are eyeing nest boxes with longing looks. Oh well. Can’t change or control the weather. One must just roll with it. Guess the birds figure that as well.

And isn’t it wonderful everything that President Trump has been accomplishing and trying to accomplish so far!? The Baal worshiping baby killing libtards are beside themselves with envy and anger. It’s really quite humorous to watch them spat and sputter.

That’s it for now. I hope everyone is having a pleasant, joy-filled day. I’ll be visiting your blogs after I scrape all the dirt off myself.