You’ll Wonder Where The Yellow Went

Remember yesterday I said we where repainting the kitchen? Well, here ’tis!


This is the ‘before’ soffitt color in all it’s yellow glory. Pale yellow didn’t go well with all the silver, chrome and wood. Plus the dining room is dark green. The yellow definitely clashed.


This was originally suppose to be my project which was to be completed on the weekend of Hurricane Matthew but the 36-hour power loss put a kibosh on that little idea. And since I slightly injured my right heel (that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it …) Hubby did all the work. After removing all the decorative plates, he carefully taped the exposed wood on the cabinets.


Then he brushed the new pale green color on the soffitt. Let it dry. Then rolled the second final coat. Let it dry again. Rehung the decorative plates. And …


Voila! Didn’t he do a fantastic job!? I am so pleased with this new color. It freshened up the kitchen and it brings out the colors in the plates as well, a nice little bonus.

Well, since he’s done, I can quit hobblin’ around now.  Such a sweet guy. Guess I’ll keep him. *lol* smiley-with-rogue

Sparky plain black

Tip Toe Through The Georgia Flowers

Ok, I’ve turned the news off. Again. Can’t take it. (I know, what a wuss .. *lol*) So before the 99+ degree heat with high humidity is to hit today, I took a stroll through the flower garden next to my office. Hubby snapped these with his nice ‘new’ Canon EOS 5D. It was gifted to us by our dear friend in Maine, Kirk.

By the way, ever notice how close “media” is to “Medea”, the evil witch of Greek mythology? Hmmm …

Hope you can tune in, tune out, and enjoy. Stay cool y’all.


Siggy MC Ride Safe 1

  1. Gulf Fritillary on Zinnia’s
  2. Spicebush Swallowtail
  3. Zebra long wing
  4. Giant Sunflower
  5. Green Darner dragonfly in our vegetable garden
  6. Red Poppy

New Dining Room Light

Yesterday, in-between the weekly dust bunny removal, hubby installed a new light fixture in the dining room. I helped. (Hey, bossing him is helping … *lol*) Anyway, out with the old ….


… and in with the new.


Our house was built in 1993. And even though I picked out the original fan and light kit, it’s never looked ‘quite right’, nor was it centered, in the dinky dining room. So, I moved the table towards the door. Then hubby thought it would be a good idea to change the light. He was so right! Now I think it looks quite grand. We bought this light for a bargain at the Lowe’s in Kingsland before his trip to Virginia.  

Hope your day is blessed.

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