Funny Friday: Snow Funny

Or, maybe it’s not funny for those of you who have to schlep through that mess for months. Down here in ‘balmy’ Southeast Georgia, it’s pretty. UGA sez stay warm Earthlings.

I think I’d leave if that greeted me as I walked out the front door! I would ask if Doctor Who was in the neighborhood. Y’all be careful up there. Think warm thoughts and drink lots of hot coffee. Have a great weekend.

Funny Black Friday

Y’all don’t spend too much, but if you have to, I’d like a new Honda Trail 125. I mean, who wouldn’t want one of these little numbers!? I could use it for scooter poopin’ around on these country roads or in the Christmas Parade.

Aw, well, one can dream … *lol* Have a good day folks! Here’s a little parting humor for your day of shopping. Y’all play nice now with your fellow earthlings. Ride safe.