Ode To A Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

I mowed part of our 6 1/2 acres this morning. The mower’s front left wheel quit working. That was making it dig into the grass. So, I had to stop. Steve is changing the oil in our two metal steeds. Little Wolf, as I call him, came out to help, hoping, no doubt, to secure a tasty treat from all the rummaging around in the carport and the mowing. It’s a warm, muggy day, so, the big fan is spinning loudly away on the floor. Little Wolf was not pleased with this racket but in true spider stoic fashion, didn’t complain and continued on with his duties of keeping the carport free of pests. We have an understanding, you see, him and I. He’s allowed to hunt, eat, do whatever spiders do in said carport. And I promise not to screech, stomp nor squish him if he keeps his distance. In all the years we’ve lived here, we’ve both kept to this bargain.

I think I saw one of his compatriots the other day, hot footing across our dirt country road, through the cemetery and towards our home. The dude was so large I thought he had just knocked off from a local Sci-Fi movie set where he was the star creature. No picture but that was the biggest Wolf Spider I’ve ever seen! He’s welcome too, but please stay well away Big Wolf. I think one bug remover in the carport is enough for now.

Hope y’all are having a spider free day. *lol*