Happy Caturday


Guess which one would have been me if I had had siblings … yeah, the one on the left. *lol*

Not much going on today. We’re waiting on a couple from Church to drop by so we can start working on the 2000 Kawasaki VN800 Classic project motorcycle that we purchased together. Oh yeah, I haven’t shared that adventure yet, have I?! This bike is really ragged out. It was abandoned in the owners back yard. All the rubber mounts are deteriorated. The brakes are seized. The motor … well, if the motor is a basket case and the guys can’t get it to crank, it will be parted out on E-bay. If it does start [fingers crossed] we’ll proceed from there. It will be cataloged, so, if there’s more to the story, then I’ll be sure to share.

What are y’all doing today?

Have a lovely Caturday!