2014 Mazda3 iSport

After much prayer, and searching on the internet for good car deals, Hubby and I found a slightly used 2014 Mazda3 iSport at a dealer in Savannah.

The “official” color is Titanium Flake but it looks brown, doesn’t it?

I think we’ll be very pleased with the Mazda. It has a lot of bells and whistles that we have yet to learn. It’s usual miles per gallon is around 40. but Hubby was getting 55 mpg at 55 mph coming home! My Suzuki V-Strom gets 61 mpg and it weighs a fraction of the Mazda3. Isn’t that amazing?

Savannah traffic wore me to a frazzle this afternoon. I’m sitting here nursing a cool one trying to calm my jangled nerves. If I lived in that town I would be on some serious drugs. *lol* Thank Heaven for our little country estate. It’s humble, but it’s soothing.

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