Today’s Devotional
1 Peter 2:16 NIV


~ ~ ~

Ok, so, the arm where the pre-cancer basal cell was removed almost two weeks ago is badly infected. The nice young lady at the Dermatology office removed the stitches. And now I’m on three different antibiotics. Two are oral, one is topical. I hope they work because yesterday I was sick as a dog. First I was freezing and shaking, then I was sweating. I can’t eat. The only thing I could keep down was Coca-Cola and bread. It was miserable.

jack and sam in the back 30 MAR 2019

Today is a Take It Easy Day around Red Bird Acres. I think even exercising may have to wait for a day or two. I’ve got to get over this infection. I’m sitting here in my office over looking the front lawn watching The Boys run around like a couple of kids. Sammy (on the right) is doing his “zoomies” (just like Forrest Gump, he just felt like running). 🙂 He’s barking, chasing squirrels, butterflies and any hapless critter that’s within his line of vision.


Jack is more laid back and waits for brother to kill something before moving. He reminds me of the Bill Cosby joke how Fat Albert don’t like to run.

I pray y’all have a wonderful Saturday. Tomorrow is Sunday School and Church. The best day of the week.



Today’s Devotional
Matthew 7:13-14 NIV


 ~ ~ ~

Yesterday we took Steve’s mom Althea to lunch at Captain Joe’s Seafood in Waycross. Had a great time with her. She’s looking better lately, don’t ya think? Baptist Village takes such good care of their residents. She’ll be 90 years old this coming Hallowe’en. I’m beginning to think she’ll bury us all. lol


I snapped this photo last night. It looks worse this morning.

I have an emergency appointment with the Dermatology group that removed the basal cell from my wrist almost two weeks ago. That area is still hurting really badly. It’s swollen, red and aches. I started picking at the stitches last night (yeah, I know, stop that!). I think I need antibiotics but that’s just my opinion. I’m tired of it hurting. Please pray for me. Thanks. 🙂

Here’s hoping y’all have a blessed and safe Friday.

god loves you

Dippy Little Hippie: Part Deux


This post is about something wonderful that happened Tuesday evening. I’ve waited two days to share this in the event that I’m just going crackers (always a possibly) and everything is what it still is (or was, in this case) but I appear to be healed folks! To God be the glory. Amen?!

Many have been praying for me about my excruciating bursitis hip pain. Thank you. I appreciate your kindness more than words can express. I have as well, of course, been bringing this to the Throne of Grace. You know, when one is ill, the world becomes a very narrow place because it’s all about “what do I do next to stop the hurt”. The hurt can be physical or spiritual. Wow. I had forgotten how small a world can be when that happens. I, too, had prayed off and on again all day (not just about myself but everything laying on my heart). I spoke to my Holy Father and told Him that no matter how He chose to heal me, I give Him the glory. Whether he uses medicines or surgery or a miracle healing, it’s His healing hands that hold me. That evening during a TV commercial break I stood up to leave the room, and there emanated from my hip a loud POP! It sounded like someone clanked two bones together. Being right next to me, Steve even commented on it and said, “Wow, that had to hurt.” No, it didn’t hurt. I walked down our short hallway without hobbling and there was no pain. Took care of things, came back, there was no pain. Sat back down, still no pain. No burning, no anything! I began to praise Him for His healing. Even now, there’s still no pain. I’ve been waiting to hear from the doctor’s office about scheduling an MRI for the hip, so, I tried yesterday to get a hold of them to cancel to no avail. I’m kind of at a loss as to what to do now. Need to speak to the Doc and see if they’d like to do another X-Ray.

I hope I’ve learned a lot from this experience.

  1. God cares about our woes. HE hears our cries and knows our hearts.
  2. HE answers prayer. It may not be the answer we’re looking for or want or the time frame we want, but HE always answers.
  3. HE wants to have a relationship with us.

May my words help someone to feel not so alone today, because, with Christ in our hearts, we are never alone. He is listening right now. He knows what your need is before you even know you need it! Turn to Him. Trust in Him. Thank you Jesus.

Please share if there’s anything I can pray about for you today. Even an “unspoken” is fine. He knows what that unspoken is. God bless.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” [Romans 15:13]

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” [John 3:16]


Dippy Little Hippie

Well, the bursitis in my right hip has returned. With a vengeance. 😦 The cortisone shot didn’t ‘take’. Since I’ve had three of them in a short period of time, I’m not allowed anymore for a long time (too dangerous, so I’m told). So, I was a good girl this time and didn’t just endure the pain. Hoping it would go away. I called the Orthopedic Doctor right away. They’re setting me up for an MRI in preparation for surgery. It may take a week or so to get all the preparatory stuff done before going forward. That’s OK. I’m not unhappy. I know that I’m in good hands. All is right with the world. 🙂 I’m sure this is everyone’s wish for their lives too, but I’m just wishing we could stop spending money on medicine and procedures. But, it could be worse … couldn’t it ….

(LOVE that movie!)
Stay tuned sports fans.
“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” [Joshua 1:9]