Getting A Leg Up


These medical devices look almost medieval, don’t they?! At least modern torture devices are padded and are covered by the deductible. *lol* So, the verdict is [drum roll please] “Plantar fascial fibromatosis, with Contracture on the right ankle“. Quite a mouthful, isn’t it. Nothing like seeing a professional to get the right answers.

That lovely blue device in the photo is called a Night Splint, and is what I have to wear, five times a day for 30 minutes an interval with feet elevated. It pulls the foot as far back as humanly possible. Quite comfortable, really. In between, when walking, I was sold an Airheel with stabilizer. I also apply ice to the bottom of my foot. And there are anti-inflammatory medications, oral and topical, and a few stretching exercises, which as a former dancer, I’m very familiar with. I’ve decided to have fun with it. Maybe it’ll even help me lose weight. The best thing of all, NO SURGERY and NO SHOTS! Yay! At least for now. If I’m dedicated, which I plan to be, I may be able to avoid any cutting. Please pray that I will remain dedicated and this therapy will be effective? Thank you so much. I really appreciate how concerned everyone has been. I am truly blessed.

Looks like my Word Of The Year was a good choice, ‘ey?


And I hope your day is blessed too.



Stop Pussyfootin’ Around


That’s me this morning! I have quit pussyfootin’ around waiting for the Podiatrist office to call me. I got on the horn and got things moving (unlike my body at the moment). This heel pain is progressively getting worse. Now the heel is lookin’ a mite purple. Hmmm … Time to get some action! After a polite conversation with the Nurse, I have an appointment at a local Foot & Ankle doctor in Waycross for 8 am tomorrow. That’s service! There’s a crisp new file folder in my drawer with the doctor’s name, contact info, and forms, awaiting surgery instructions and such, something I do with every new surgery. The adventure begins folks!

Hubby had to spend the time on the phone with his insurance company this morning. And then with Socialist Security getting all his ducks in a row. That’s finished. I hope. I see that we’re making less this year because of Medicare. He received an increase, of sorts, but it and then some is all going to pay for Medicare which is being used to shore up ObamaDoesntGiveARatsCare. So, our income just took a heavy hit. Geez, thanks Demoncrats. May you rot in … I am exceedingly grateful that Hillary didn’t win. There’s that bright spot anyway.

Sorry. I blame the foot pain. It’s making me as grumpy as a bear with a sore paw.

At least I can still ride and drive. It’s only walking or standing that’s painful.

All the Christmas decorations are down and put away in the attic for another year. This time, instead of just throwing everything into the boxes with a vague (always broken) promise of organizing them next year, I took the time to do so this season. I’m glad I did that now. Oh, and no more cardboard or paper is to be put in the attic. I didn’t know that paper attracts roaches. Hopefully, I’ve helped solve that little problem too.

This morning we have been ‘putting out fires’. Hope you’re day is going smoothly and with a lot less smoke.


I Feel Spurred On

For over a year now, I have been living with a lot of discomfort emanating from the right heel. It didn’t get really bad until Halloween, when I thought I’d act 20 again and do some dance steps. It has been very difficult to walk since that day, and the pain has been increasing for the past week or so. This morning, my Health Care Provider (don’t I sound highfalutin’?) had the foot X-rayed and lo-and-behold, what should appear on the radar? Not eight tiny reindeer. No. Not one but two bone spurs! I know, “owie”.


So, after two shots in the, uh, backside for pain. I now am waiting not so patiently for the Podiatrist office to call and schedule a consultation and possible surgery.

Good thing too because I was really getting concerned that we weren’t spending enough money this year. [/sarc] Ok, all kidding aside. I am truly grateful because God answers prayer. He guided me to the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Plus, I know y’all were praying too. I’m very, very thankful. May the LORD bless you ten fold for your kindness.