Thursday Thoughts: Drifting

Sometimes it feels like we’re a sailboat searching for the breeze, praying for fair winds, drifting aimlessly with relationships and finances. It is no way to go through life or to run a Country. It makes life unnecessarily extra hard living that way. Plus it shows a distinct lack of concern for others. Those who chose this way of life are secretly hoping that someone will rescue them. All lives have sandbars, sea monsters, storms and breakdowns. When there’s financial insecurity, every little thing that happens is a Huge Big Deal. At least if we know Jesus as our personal Lord and Saviour He may not calm the storm but He does calm the heart. It is always best to seek God’s wisdom by reading His Holy Word, pray, then have attainable goals and forge forward with a new wind supplied by His Holy Spirit. He will guide and direct. Sound financial footing is not only good for us, it also leaves more time and ability to be generous, kind, thoughtful and caring to those less fortunate. Being secure in a situation doubles the blessings when the heart is generous.

However, like rats on a ship, the world’s governments and populations are infested by Godless men and women. It’s obvious they are allowing us to drift aimlessly far from shore as they eat up all the food while others starve and line their own pockets with our money. Well, money ain’t gonna save them. The world is heading for a Huge Big Deal if things don’t change soon and it won’t matter who they are ‘cause even the rats are stuck on that hapless ship but they don’t have the hope that those of us who believe in Jesus have. They’re going to be sucked down into the dark watery depths. All their greedy, underhanded, shadowy deals will be for naught. I pray for them because they have no hope. We all know that God wins. I know because I read The Book to the end.

Monday Musings

The daily drudgery of living. We’re all condemned to it from that first breath. There can be bursts of exuberance during the energy of youth. Even if we hurt something, or get our feelings hurt, we’d usually shake it off and keep moving. That’s been my mantra for many years: keep moving. Now it includes trusting in the Lord. That relentless time progresses whether we want it to or not. Then can come the endless valleys of despair as the body disobeys the demands to perform as it did when, say 20 or so. Those were Golden Years to be sure. Life brings deliberate cruelty by alleged loved ones, life-changing accidents, the death of those close to our hearts, a Government that reflects the evil in it’s populace that makes life doubly hard, add to that living and eating incorrectly, not obeying God’s commands, and slowly one’s body persistently aches from all the neglect and abuse. Praise God for Jesus as we don’t have to spend eternity in these broken shells. He promises a New Life in Him and He never lies.

Recently, there’s been a serpent in our Garden of Eden. It has raised its ugly head again through a family member’s demons. The devil is dripping soothing venom into his ear as he eagerly, underhandedly inflicts the hellish poison with another family member with the means to cause lasting harm. We hadn’t heard from this demonic family member since my husband’s mother passed last September. His evil heart has alienated the entire family unit. He is an intolerant Cretan 👿 that thinks he’s riding high but he is instead a talentless wonder, a narcissist of the first water, a sad little man and he’s gambling with his immortal soul. He is our Captain Ahab on the whale’s back “stabbing from hell’s heart” in the impotent attempt to cut to the quick any and all affection afforded him before death overtakes. Mark my words, retribution is not distant. These are deep waters from which he will not escape. God’s wrath is far reaching. The Holy Scriptures say that the wicked will be cut off. I almost pity him.

I’m so grateful most of us in the family are Children of God. There’s so much love, sympathy and support in the family it’s incredibly heartwarming. Our Lord and God supplies us with the spiritual armor in which to survive all these unwarranted attacks. [Ephesians 6:10-18] Amen?! Be safe out there dear ones. Remember ❤️‍🔥 Who ❤️‍🔥 loves ya best.

Saturday Giggles

It’s the weekend! Garfield captures my thoughts this morning. Time to relax, drink lots of coffee, have a hearty belly laugh or two and take delight in all of God’s goodness towards those of us who believe. He blesses and cares for us all.

Thank you for all the happy birthday wishes. 🎂 ❤ It was wonderful. The only thing that would add icing on the cake, so to speak, would be for it to rain. ☔

B.C. Cartoons
Calvin And Hobbes

Enjoy! Have a lovely weekend folks and catch ya on the flip flop next week.

Sparky Vs Technology

Hello Gentle Readers! I wanted to share why I have been silent of late in our virtual world. I’m having difficulties with my Google account, well “accounts”, it seems. I can’t leave comments on most blogs, including Blogger, anymore. Apparently, I have two accounts (didn’t realize that) but since I have about a gazillion e-mail addresses, I don’t remember which one I used where. I’m so meticulous at making notes but apparently this one escaped me. My bad. 😅 Part of my difficulty is I “lost” my Genealogy Red Bird Acres & Irisheyes webpages when Verizon bought up the Yahoo! pages that was hosting the site. First, I was locked out. Then I let myself get ticked off dealing with “Jason” (yeah, right) in India. Thus, I canceled ’em. BUT, I had e-mail addresses from there too and they no longer work. 😮‍💨 Anyway, back to Google, one can not merge accounts with them at this time, so, like a 4-wheel drive truck drove too deep into the swamp, I’m really and truly stuck up to the axel far from help. 😛 I’ve tried all kinds of virtual gymnastics. Thus far, nothing has changed the predicament. One has to laugh, though, ’cause just when one thinks one is totally conversant in a subject 💥boom💥 along comes a difficulty in that subject and I’m stuck in the mud. For now I give up. So, that’s why I haven’t left comments anywhere. I don’t know where or what to do from here. 🥵 Aw, yes, the troubles of modern life. 😆😆 But please, know that I am reading all your blogs. And I do pray for you all. 🙏🏻 So, it’s:

Google – 1
Sparky –

I don’t think that score will change anytime soon. 💣 And, I am reminded that …

And, just an FYI, there is a 24 hour tummy bug makin’ the rounds. It’s nasty! 💫🤢 I’ve been stricken with it this week, no big drama, but it’s left me feeling weak, sore and out of sorts. Somehow I’ve managed to soldier through yesterday to insure that Steve’s birthday was a happy one. I was totally sick on the way home and he not only nursed me the entire hour home but drove too. I don’t know how he did it but he did it with style, grace, love, good humour and his usual panache. ❤ He’s such a special guy and I feel super blessed. ❤

🎂 The Birthday Boy at Skippers’ Fish Camp, Darien, GA 🎁

Thank you for stopping by. If anyone has any difficulties leaving a comment on my blog, please let me know. My e-mail address is on the Contact page. I hope I’m the only one with this problem and it just kinda fixes itself.

God bless.