Cool Wind In My Hair

Fellowship Hall of St. John’s

We rode to Church last Sunday. The weather has been very pleasant as our area eases into Autumn. The final waves of heat seem to have left for the season. The Fall wildflowers are beginning to bloom. It’s excellent riding temperatures. It felt good again to smell the crisp air, feel the exhilaration of flying on the ground and to hear all the sounds of life.

The view through my windshield.

Returning home, as I approached our country road, I shifted down, made the sharp turn and eased from pavement to dirt in one swift turn. Maneuver successfully completed, I applied the throttle to accelerate. Nothing happened. Showered down on it again. Still nothing! It made lots of lovely reving noises but the bike stopped moving. Finally, I glanced down at the gauges and realized I had inadvertently slipped into neutral! My blush’s! 😂 No big deal, of course, that happens to almost all riders, but the remainder of the short journey home it set me to thinking. 😍 Lately I have let my spiritual life slip into neutral when I should be trusting the Lord more and kept moving forward in faith. Just as my ability and my bike can handle the roughest of terrain if I only trust it, so can the Word of God carry me through these scary patches if I’d only cast my cares on Him. ✝️

Have a great day folks!

This And That With A Tiny Rant

Our yard is looking so pretty this year. It’s the first time since we built the house that everything is growing so nicely without running the sprinklers. We’ve had so much rain that flooding is now an issue with Southeast Georgia but I’m not complaining. Lovin’ all this wet stuff because we’ve needed it for a long time. Our, albeit mostly minor, drought has lasted for about 27 years. This year, it appears that the drought has broken. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! My prayers and thoughts are with those on the Left Coast, though. They sure are having a terrible time. I’ve been praying along with them that it would please the Lord to send them rain. Some people are having to run for their lives ahead of all the fires. It’s terrible.

✨✨ You’ve been warned … ✨✨

I keep hearing from others how this is all going down. This business of keeping people in quarantine because they “might” or have come in contact with a coronavirus, or whatever the virus of the month is, has got to stop. It’s insane to keep doing this. Steve and I have UnitedHealth Care as a supplement along with the Medicare. UHC is driving me out of my dadgum mind with their perpetual asking us both to submit to a Home Wellness Check which includes being checked for Covid. They call. They send snail mail. They send emails. They offer a $50 bonus to submit to it. Over and over I have said, “NO NO NO!” The last phone call I slipped outta gear for a minute and opened both barrels. 😒 We are not amused. 😒 If y’all know me at all, I never talk to others this way but the little lady made the mistake of asking me if I had come in contact with anyone that has Covid and I flippin’ lost it y’all. I told her in no uncertain terms that it’s NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS. [I believe she knew I was talking in all caps … lol] Then proceeded to explain that I’m not angry with her [Southern manners do kick in after a bit] and that there is a 99% survivability rate, we both have anti-bodies, blah, blah, blah. After she stammered for a bit she dropped it. I. Have. Had. Enough. Of. Their. Communism. And I pity the next fool that calls here.

UHC probably has me on one of the Black Lists for any future calls. 😟 And that’s not referring to a person’s race, for those reading this missive that are too young to remember such terms. 😁

Now, I have to rest because I’m not accustomed to being angry anymore.

Love y’all more than my socks. I hope you know that. 💖💖

God Allows U-Turns

My first paying job was part-time and was supposed to be a summer gig. Since I’m what is commonly referred to as an “animal lover” (a misnomer if there ever was one) the job was with a dog kennel on US Hwy 1 in Mims. For the life of me, I can’t remember the name of the kennel since I was only there for a short time. Off topic, but I do much prefer animals to humans. To me, calling someone an “animal lover” sounds kinda odd. Anyway, in 1972, I was 15 going on 16. The Learners Driving Permit restricted me to daylight hours and I had to have a licensed adult in the vehicle during operation. Good fortune shined on my situation because I was only about 5 or so miles from the kennel, thus I rode the trusty 3-speed bicycle down back roads from what was then my home in Titusville. I had planned to work with the kennel until school restarted in September, but my step-mom sabotaged these well devised plans quickly. She had decided now would be a good time to go on vacation and they “couldn’t leave me behind.” “Oh, yes you can!” I retorted at the risk of getting a face slap. I even offered to stay with the neighbors but it was a no go. My first job went bust after only a few weeks.

In 1974, I took a BOE Course in High School. (Business course) where I learned how to type more proficiently, take shorthand, file, make copies, use office machines and so forth. I did so well in the course that I was one of the few picked to work part-time at the Brevard County Courthouse selling license tags. At that time in Florida, it was customary to sell all automotive license tags one time out of the year. Typical government, it was a stupid idea and doomed to failure. It meant that everyone in town, and it wasn’t that small a town, had to show up within those few weeks to purchase all their tags! It made for long lines and short tempers. I learned how really rude some people can be, especially to a greenhorn like me. Some would yell at me for “not picking out a good number”. One even accused me of being “too efficient”. I was completely knackered after dealing with those crowds day after day. Good grief. I was only trying to get everyone in and out quickly with a smile. At least my boss was a sweetheart of a guy. Poor man had suffered from Polio as a child. He was even tempered, good natured, intelligent and kindly. I really enjoyed working there. One day towards the end of my job, I was feeling very ill and had to stay home (a coronavirus of some kind). My step-mom dragged me to a local store to buy a few clothes that had to be done “right now” for my approaching August nuptials. Well, I was spotted and subsequently fired for it because they thought I was shammin’ the illness. Again, I let my step-mom sabotage my plans to earn a living. It took me a few years to realize all this was done deliberately because of jealousy. I was so naïve. Now I am old and, hopefully, wiser in the ways of the world. The school of hard knocks is a tough teacher. I’ve learned that even loved ones that we are supposed to trust will submit to underhanded cruelties for their own gain or egos if we don’t exercise our own discernment. Drifting through life will lead to one failure after another. As the Holy Scriptures point out, we all “reap what we sow”. So true, that, and I am no exception. And I’m so thankful that God allows U-Turns.

I hope your day is blessed.

Monday Musings

I’ve gotta terrible “knot” in my stomach today. Most of my friends know that family matters are not as good as one could hope for. This is probably true of many families and not something unusual. My family is broken and scattered to the winds. There is a deep chasm of mistrust between my husband’s siblings that is filled with angry words, hurtful feelings, selfish deeds. The brother has a deep unabiding disbelief in the good God that created us all. The sister says she believes. At least there’s that. But the poor girl suffers from sudden, bizarre mood swings and is exceedingly controlling. She’s really hard to be around for more than a few minutes. This is what happens when children are not raised in a Christian family. Both his siblings have suffered from anger issues and mental illness from years of mental abuse from their father and step-mother.

A couple of weeks or so ago, Steve learned that his little sister has a 90% probability of suffering from pancreatic cancer. She is only 55. If that’s true, it would explain the years of misdiagnosed back pain. This must have exacerbated her mental instability. Except for Steve, none of this family are the nicest of people, and all of us, by silent mutual consent, have quit trying to be close. Steve does have one niece that acts like a viable human being and we stay in touch. However, the communication corridor was closed with all the rest. We’re all so much happier that way. I do pray for them all though. It must be the Holy Spirit. Not being perfect, I think I messed up because today I opened the communication corridor and shared with a niece of the brother that her Aunt is having a CRT scan performed this morning and why. She proceeded to state that her father must be told. Well, we’re not “going there” at this time. Her father has been the cruelest and verbally abusive of men. I don’t think he’s ever said a kind word to or about me since Day 1. I shouldn’t have asked her to pray for her Aunt. I hope it’s not gonna start all over again: his angry phone calls and emails, the name calling, the belittling, blah blah blah. I warned my husband. I guess the chasm just got wider. When I mess up, I go big! 😵

I’m no saint by any stretch of the imagination but I do try so hard to live as Christ has taught us in His Holy word by being kind and thinking of others before myself. Sometimes it seems like the harder I try to be kind, the more my actions come out all catawampus. 😜 Forgiveness is a wonderful thing but not at the expense of our sanity. Anyone else have this problem too?

Thanks for listening and for your prayers. 🤲 💖 Maybe I can get this knot out of my stomach and relax again like before my mess up.

**** UPDATE 2:15 PM ****
Ok, good news, bad news: sister does not have Pancreatic cancer but she does probably have Stage 4 Ovarian cancer. Doc is trying to rush her into surgery as I pen these words. Could be a few days. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!! ❤