Friday Thoughts

Good morning folks! Spring has sprung in Southeast Georgia. Between the profusion of lavender Wisertia on the trees and the mint blooming in the cattle pastures with sweet smells wafting across the expanses, it’s hard to pick a favorite scene. The countryside is lovely right now.

The Confederate Rose (Hibiscus mutabilis) on the cemetery fence has finally woke up from a long winter’s nap. It’s not completely done blooming, but I thought I’d share what it looks like right now before the rain hits. I understand that the rose hips can be ground up and eaten for Vitamin D. Never knew that.

My husband’s niece and her husband have been renovating the kitchen in their old home. She’s been sharing the photos with us so now I have the redecorate ‘bug’ too. One of the items they have done is to make a special coffee klatsch in their kitchen from an old dresser. They’ve done a lovely job and it’s ever so practical. Now I want one! *lol* So, Steve and I went furniture shopping yesterday and found this:

Didn’t buy what’s on top of it. Those are separate items. πŸ™‚

That thing weighs a ton too. It’s solid wood. Our plans are to redo the top with tile or something durable, then place it over by the window with all our coffee maker, flavors and paraphernalia on it. I wanted to paint the wood, but Steve said “No”. He’s all for leaving it natural like our kitchen cabinets. Thoughts?

We also paid our first visit to a new coffee shop here in Pierce County called Southern Grounds. It was OK. Not as tasty as Cafe Euro in Jesup, but it was fun to do something different. The decorations were well done, I thought.

The pollen is almost finished wrecking havoc on our sinuses. It was time to wash the metal steeds. They were so yellow one couldn’t tell what colors they were! Now that the pollen has abated, I have to also pressure wash the house. I sure dread that. Tears up my shoulder and neck every time.

And, I don’t know who brought the lovely flowers at Church this week, I forgot to ask, but they are gorgeous.

Well, time waits for no man, nor even a Sparky with good intentions. Gotta go start on all our projects. I hope your day is blessed!

“For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again,
even so God will bring with Him those who have fallen asleep in Jesus.”
1 Thessalonians 4:14

Friday Thoughts

Since I’ve retired, every day feels like a holiday. I have to keep checking the calendar to see what day it is. I can’t recommend retirement highly enough. πŸ™‚ As the warm weather approaches, though, I’ve learned to dread the weekends. The new scourge of country living are 4-wheelers and underage humans with no discernable parental supervision. Why would a parent buy a 520 lb metal unfeeling machine for a small child? Do they think it won’t happen to their child? That’s crazy. I’m glad it’s illegal for an unlicensed driver, or anyone underage, to even operate these machines on the road but apparently these laws are flaunted as long as there are no repercussions. Some one that young has zero driving experience and they tend to be fearless, in all the wrong ways. A few years back, there was one instance of one of these hapless youngsters ending up impersonating a hood ornament on someone’s pickup truck. It was very tragic. I don’t even like to think about how sad it was for the child and for the driver who had to live with the aftermath. I grew up riding mini-bikes and dirt bikes. All on dirt and away from traffic. I acquired quite a bit of driving experience in a somewhat safe environment. A motorcycle is infinitely safer than a 4-wheeler. It’s only 2 wheels, much lighter and easily maneuverable. If one gets into trouble on a dirt bike it’s easier to just ‘step off’. I’d knock the dust off, feel like a fool, then get back on and go. When a 4-wheeler gets into trouble, they almost always flip over. It’s the nature of the beast. That leaves the less than 100 lb kid with no protective gear permanently mangled or dead from the weight of that monster machine landin’ on them. It does not end well. πŸš‘ Happens all too frequently every summer. It’s even happened to a few adults and they never walked again. 4-wheelers are really dangerous in inexperienced hands.

Rant over. 😜

For real! Who’s been spying on me?! 😁😁

It rained a lot yesterday with no severe weather! β˜” Rain is God’s special blessing. β›ˆ My thoughts and prayers are with all those that were severely impacted. Seems like Alabama always gets slammed. Thank you to everyone that’s been praying for our area. We needed the rain pretty badly but not the storms. Praising the Lord God for His protection.

Not much going on today. No hard-fast plans, anyway. πŸ™‚ If we don’t go for a ride, we’ll probably work around Red Bird Acres. You know, doing a little of this and a little of that. When one has over 6 acres, there’s always something that must be fed, washed, repaired, maintained, fertilized, burned, planted or whatever. πŸŒ»πŸ’ And that’s not complaining. I feel very blessed that our ✞ Lord ✞ would let us borrow this land while we’re His Ambassadors here on Earth. It’s kinda like a pre-Paradise sample courtesy of God’s mercy and love.

I hope you have a blessed day folks.

(っ^▿^)ۢ🍸🌟🍺٩(Λ˜β—‘Λ˜ )

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Thankful Thursday And Photos From Yesterday

First off, we had a lovely time on the Georgia coast yesterday to celebrate our 42nd First Date Anniversary. We had a stroll around the rustic historic downtown, walked down by the waterfront and lunched at Skipper’s Fish Camp. For me, the date of March 17th, means more than the actual Wedding Anniversary date on August 11th. The ceremony only made the affection we have for each other official. πŸ™‚ Back in 1979, we had already known one another for a year so the wedding just clinched the fact we must stay together always. In my heart I was already his, and he was mine. On a smaller scale, it’s like being a follower of Jesus. Once we let His love into our hearts and say we want to be His, He never ever let’s us go. What a blessing it is to know the love of Jesus Christ. He makes all our vain human endeavors make more sense.

Without further ado, below are a slideshow of the photos from our day trip over to Darien:

It was drizzling rain today. It prevented us sitting in the Big Chair at Skipper’s. Below is one from our visit in October 2018. Isn’t that chair HUGE!? I would love to have one and put it down by the road just for a lark.

18 October 2018

I’m feeling very thankful for a great many things.

(>β€Ώβ— )✌ I’m thankful for blog “followers” that are more like friends. I’m thankful that so many of y’all care to read my thoughts and share yours in return. Lovin’ the comradery we share in Christ. We all lift each other up, “therefore edify one another with these words”, when we so desperately need that affection. Depression, suicides and illegal drug use are hitting an all time high with the ‘never let a good crisis go to waste crowd’. I wish these poor fragile one’s would stop living in fear and listening to a government that bears only ill will ☭ and trust in the power of our loving God more. I promise, none of us who believe will pass into Glory until God ordains it. Nothing can prevent or change that. Just have faith.

(>β€Ώβ— )✌ I’m thankful for the love that God gives me through His Holy Spirit. Love is meant to be shared not hidden under a basket (or behind a mask, in this case). I pray I share that love with others through kindness, forgiveness and prayers.

(>β€Ώβ— )✌ I’m thankful for the love of a good husband. ❀ He’s also my best friend. ❀ He makes my life so easy and happy.

(>β€Ώβ— )✌ I’m thankful to actually have a sister for the first time ever! I grew up an only child, or as some say, a lonely child. Long story short: I was adopted out of the family at 2 days old. I found my birth-family many, many years ago, but the relationships with each of them have taken many twists and turns, people have moved, some died. My half-sister now believes and follows the Lord Jesus Christ will all her heart. She’s also very Conservative (like me), patriotic, outspoken, and kind-hearted to a fault. This poor girl has been through the wringer. We have a lot in common now. I’m lovin’ that.

(>β€Ώβ— )✌ And lastly, I’m thankful for Spring, for the new growth bursting forth after a long, hard winter. Of the birds returning and all of His creation seeming to sing with joy as warm weather returns. By the way, we had our first Hummingbird visit the feeder yesterday afternoon! Yippee! That is so awesome!

Thanks for listening. I hope your day is blessed with joy.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

As I stated yesterday, today is our 42nd First Date Anniversary. We’re planning on going to Darien (North of Brunswick) and eating at one of our favorite seafood restaurants. I’m not much of a seafood eater except for shrimp. Steve loves it all.

I hope everyone has a lovely, fun filled day!

Today’s Devotional
Mark 16:15 NIV