Monday Musings: Busyness

We’ve been so super busy around here lately, and that’s not a complaint. I like staying busy. Our Church hosted a free Movie & A Pizza night on Saturday. We advertised but regrettably no one outside of the Church attended. Oh, well, their loss. It seems that Church’s everywhere are losing parishioners. That’s one glaring reason we’re all in such a mess. Kick God outta the Schools and Government and whatya get? A demonic Government, of course. I wish I had realized sooner how important it is to be a part of a loving congregation. They’ve helped me grow in Christ so much. I pray about this and more concerning our Country daily. I’m sure everyone else here does as well. One day, Church’s will be gone, and it will be a sad loss for those Left Behind. 😔😟

Mother’s Day ❤️ was nice at Church, though. There were quite a few more than our usual 10-20 attendee’s. I always like seeing more there.

This morning, Steve and I finally got around to cutting up a dead Red Cedar that had fallen against the back fence. I was wondering what to do with all that lovely Cedar and Steve came up with the idea to turn them into natural bird houses! 🐦 I like that idea lots! Cedar is valuable wood. We have so many that sometimes I wish we had a small sawmill to plane them into lumber.

I’ve also been doing quite a bit of flower gardening. 💮 🎕 My favorite flower right now are Petunia’s. They’re hardy, inexpensive, come back every year without much effort, don’t need much sun but can take full sun, and almost zero care. Win-win. I’ve bought so many lately that a local plant nursery now know me by my first name. 😂

A local trusted merchant hand raises and sells whole sides of beef, prepacked, frozen and ready for cooking. We’ve ordered a 1/4 of a cow and should receive the order next week. I’ve never done this before. Hope it works out well. I do know it’s way cheaper than buying the meat each week.

Jack, Sam, & Maggie

Other than that, not much else going on. We and the dog’s are all well and enjoying our moments in the sun. But isn’t the best thing of all that we can take a moment (or two) out of our busyness to enjoy knowing The Son of God and His goodness no matter where we are or our circumstances?! Amen. 🙏🏻❣️🙏🏻

Y’all have a blessed day and week. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday Musings: Supplements

I don’t remember if I shared before that several months ago I was experiencing severe bursitis in the right hip. The pain was ongoing, unreal and consistent. It got so severe I couldn’t even walk properly. In desperation, I shared my situation with a local very sweet lady friend. Said friend suggested trying Black Cherry Extract because her parents swear by it. Did that. It worked! The pain subsided. Now, praise God, I walk relatively pain free. Yay, right?! 😃 Well, starting about a month ago or more, the IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) I suffer from got progressively more and more severe. It was getting to the point of not even being able to leave the house for fear of it acting up while away. Bathrooms 🚽 have become my Number One Friend. Yesterday, I prayed again about the intestinal pains and asked God why is this happening all of a sudden and so often?! Do I need to make a doctor’s appointment? Do I need to fast and pray more? Is it my diet? What!!?? 🤲 Short story long, my dear friend Simply Linda’s blog yesterday discussed how she was also having trouble with taking certain supplements. 💊💊 She stopped taking them and her health improved. So, I thought I’d look at my situation. The only item new in my repertoire of supplements was the Black Cherry. 🍒 Imagine my surprise after googling the side effects of said Extract:

Yeah, Ok, I shoulda done that first or maybe I did and simply skimmed over the “IBS” warnings. I checked off the side effects listed: No problems with sleepiness, no nosebleeds nor grogginess. But “Ah ha! I do have IBS!” That’s it! Apparently, since I’m not a kid anymore, I must take greater care of what I put in this temporary earthly vessel. Well, praise God, He revealed to me that I was actually injuring myself. “Stupid cow!”, I thought. 🙄🤣 So, I’ve quit popping the Black Cherry twice a day. Already I feel much improved. That said, though, I pray that I don’t have any further bursitis symptoms. So far leaving off the Cherry supplement quiets the IBS symptoms and there’s no bursitis.

It reminds me how my dearly departed step-mom Myra used to quip, “If it’s not one thing, it’s two others.”  She was such a hoot. I love her old Kentucky sayin’s. So true and so cute. 💖 I sure miss Myra’s phone calls, Southern-isms and letters. Myra was nicer to me than my so-called family.

Trials can get me to thinking, what am I doing to my Spiritual body that is detrimental? Where is my rebellion, stubbornness and negligent that displeases Him or goes against His Holy will for me? How many times have I messed up by not obeying Him and caused me or loved ones pain? God only knows the true answer to that. I sincerely pray that I listen to Him more. 🕆 Rebellion can sneak into my life without even noticing which can cause not only physical problems, but mental and spiritual damage as well. I pray that my heart will be more receptive to His will. I pray I seek to please Him and not man. That I may give ❤️‍🔥 Jesus Christ ❤️‍🔥 the Glory forever and ever no matter the outcome. God loves us so much!! He speaks to me, to us, through His Word, if we’ll only listen and obey.

I hope y’all have a glorious day, dear friends. 🫶 Thanks for stopping by. 🥰

Monday Musing

Back in the day when we had to put pen to paper to communicate long distances it could take quite a while to share current events to far flung off places. I also think, in most cases, there was more care given to what words were committed to paper. That doesn’t mean that the writer did not exaggerate or downright lie, because that did (and does still) happen, whether by accident or design. Also in Olden Times it was easier to deceive the General Public by deliberate omissions or other means. It could take years or centuries to learn the truth. In these Modern Times information is much easier to bring to fruition by those who wish to find it and hopefully there will be at least an element of truth in that finalization. It’s also important to have a discerning Spirit about all that’s heard, seen, or read. People lie or don’t see things as they truly are. Sometimes by accident, sometimes by design. This does not hold true for God’s Holy Word though because everything in the Holy Bible is the absolute truth. It is the inerrant word of God. He is the only One who is truly trustworthy and even though He used sinful man to write His Word for us, we can be assured that they were fully inspired by the Holy Spirit. God never lies or deceives or omits. We can count on Him to always be true. Anyone who does not believe this truth might not truly believe in Jesus Christ and best review his or her standing with Him before it’s too late.

During the time of Jesus He had His Roman roads with which to share His Gospel of salvation to, what was then, the four corners of the earth. Today’s Roman roads are the spidery networks of pulses, flashing lights and wires. No less effective and no less important but also fraught with hidden dangers. The Enemy of all mankind, Satan, wishes to ban, shutdown, blur over and silence any truth we believers are ordered in His Word to share. Anyone who hinders the sharing of God’s word is working for the devil. We are to have no fear though for Satan’s small “victory” will be Pyrrhic. The devil may win the battle but he has already lost the war. We are warring against a defeated enemy. He has already been defeated by Jesus’ shed blood on the cross at calvary. Keep sharing. Keep moving forward. I remind myself whenever there’s danger that God doesn’t always calm the storm but He will calm me. If I only believe and trust Him ….

With that said I’ve chosen to enjoy a brief selah. ‘Til next time, dear reader, may the Lord calm, bless and protect you. Remember, because of Jesus Christ we WIN no matter how big the storm. Amen!?

Monday Musings

It’s a day of small things which ultimately begat blessings: flipping the mattress around, laundry, cleaning, tree trimming, mowing, and the like. Small blessings add up to big blessings of fresh linen, peaceful surroundings, a tidy yard. With the right attitude the day that started out as a list of long, boring, backbreaking chores is suddenly done. The work around the home is completed, and one can rest with a content heart that the day has not been wasted. I try to look for the blessings rather than the list being a chore. It helps to sing hymns or pray. I’m sure most Christians do this also. It makes the daily drudgery lighter, life more pleasant and helps the day wiz by, doesn’t it?! Before I know it it’s time for another scrumptious but humble meal prepared by the loving hands of my husband and soulmate. Afterwards we relax in the tranquil setting granted by His Hands. What a blessing it is to have Christ as our Saviour. That He dwells, not only on High, but in our hearts bringing joy to all we do! I’m grateful that our dear Lord would take the time via His Holy Word to show someone such as me how to make life pleasanter. He truly blesses us beyond measure right here and now if we only look for the small blessings throughout the day.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30 NIV

Jesus also tells us that if we persevere in His Word we will reap a bountiful harvest. Perseverance also builds character that it may bring Him the glory that He alone deserves. I have a hard time with the preserving through hardship commandment in Romans. After a season, if I don’t see the “results” that I want, my first instinct is to give up! It’s one of my many failings. It’s with a grateful heart that I’m thankful that He forgives then encourages me to keep moving forward.

And with that said, I pray your day is full of those small blessings that shine with the glory of Jesus Christ, He who was and is, and will come again.

‘Til next time. May the Lord bless and protect you. Ride safe, my friends.