Thoughts From Behind My Visor

Sometimes I feel like this single Springtime wildflower down by the fence. Like I’m trying to hold on through the approaching frost and shine with what God gave me.

Traveling on two wheels has many advantages. A single track vehicle is easier to maneuver on rough roads. Potholes, debris and heaves can usually be easily avoided unlike a dual track vehicle. I compare a motorcycle ride to believing and trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ. He’s my single track vehicle. If I make an effort to anticipate the troubles ahead, remain focused on His Holy Word, sometimes these scary things in the road can be avoided and momentum can be maintained. When I suddenly hit a heave in the asphalt it causes me to throttle back a bit. It’s the same as when there are troubles in my life. There can be a death, a financial downturn, a medical emergency, a sudden cruelty from a friend. These can cause me to throttle back temporarily just to get my bearings. But if I look to the Cross and keep my eyes on He who created me, the road ahead isn’t quite so scary, dark or bumpy. Bad things still happen but they’re not so dramatic. And I give God the glory for this.

The weather has been so beautiful lately and with gas prices eating into our meager budget it was deemed sagacious to run most of our errands with the motorcycles from now on. Even attending Church which is over 25 minutes from our home. Saves big time on the gas bill. Hopefully this will help us survive the approaching storm of want from the pervasive Communism that has taken over young minds and our Government. I’m thankful our congregation and Pastor are cool with our mode of transportation. I know, I shouldn’t care, but it is nice when there are no cruelties about such things. No one cares what one wears or drives. We love each other just the same as it should be according to His Holy Word. Thanks to their good examples I try to also be very kind in my dealings with others.

Today was a glorious Spring-like day, so we cranked up the metal steeds to shop at The Pig (Piggly Wiggly). Since we had started eating Keto (no sugar/low carbs) about two years ago, the grocery bill has been greatly reduced and we’re eating better. It’s easy to shop every week too ‘cause there’s very little to buy but we’re never “hungry”. We save so much money by not buying processed foods or sugary treats. Our health has greatly improved too.

Thank you for putting the kickstand down. I hope the rest of your day is blessed with a smooth road ahead. 💚

💖 🏍️ Visor Down And Ride Safe 🏍️ 💖

Joy, Sadness, And What’s Between

No Wordless Wednesday today. There’s too much to be said. My, what a week this has been. Like all things in life, it’s mixed with joy, sadness and the little things that happen betwixt and between.

The joy: Steve took off for the far off land of Florida to visit with his sister, Cindy Gaye, and her family. By all accounts he had a nice visit. He’s not quite returned yet but I’m sure he will have loads of photos from the visit. The other inmates are Amberlee (niece) who will be 18 (what happened?! lol) next year, Bobby (nephew) who is almost 30 and still living at home. Yeah, there’s a story there. He is a bit of a disappointment but it is what it is. We all have to chose our way through life. Guess he’s chosen his. Oh, and also her husband Don.

The sadness: God called a very dear soul Home on Saturday. Liam is the son of one of my best friends, Simply Linda and her husband. Such wonderful, kindly, Christian folks. Liam had a dodgy heart, and when the State of New York locked their home down with no medical treatments because of their demonic religion Covid, the stress took his life. I keep feeling a mixture of anger (at how it lead to this event), sadness (that he’s not here anymore) and joy (at his being with Jesus forever). I still keep bursting out in tears. It’ll pass. Probably sooner than it should but I will continue on and remember this dear boy always. It’s what God wants for us. We have work to do!

The between: Sunday, we exchanged gifts with one another and sang happy Christmas songs. The photo on the left is a gift from our Pastor’s wife, Jackie. She makes the loveliest things. Jackie is the one that has encouraged me to make those nice felt blankets for the dogs. 🐕 We are also doubly blessed to have Pastor Bob & Jackie as neighbors. Anyway, the gifts are quilted place mats. And the mugs are from them both. Starting Monday, while Steve was in Florida, I’ve stayed as busy as I could without reinjuring my neck and shoulder. I moved Longleaf Pine straw to another part of the yard for decoration. Then I cleaned the outhouse after all the summer use and tidied the house, did extra laundry, like what the dogs lay on and such. And so forth and so on. 😁

Guess I’d better hit “send” or I’ll never get this posted. 😉 Thank you for stopping by. I pray your day, and the rest of your week, are full of joy, happy moments and nothing but good news.

💖 Ride Safe Folks ✨

Cool Wind In My Hair

Fellowship Hall of St. John’s

We rode to Church last Sunday. The weather has been very pleasant as our area eases into Autumn. The final waves of heat seem to have left for the season. The Fall wildflowers are beginning to bloom. It’s excellent riding temperatures. It felt good again to smell the crisp air, feel the exhilaration of flying on the ground and to hear all the sounds of life.

The view through my windshield.

Returning home, as I approached our country road, I shifted down, made the sharp turn and eased from pavement to dirt in one swift turn. Maneuver successfully completed, I applied the throttle to accelerate. Nothing happened. Showered down on it again. Still nothing! It made lots of lovely reving noises but the bike stopped moving. Finally, I glanced down at the gauges and realized I had inadvertently slipped into neutral! My blush’s! 😂 No big deal, of course, that happens to almost all riders, but the remainder of the short journey home it set me to thinking. 😍 Lately I have let my spiritual life slip into neutral when I should be trusting the Lord more and kept moving forward in faith. Just as my ability and my bike can handle the roughest of terrain if I only trust it, so can the Word of God carry me through these scary patches if I’d only cast my cares on Him. ✝️

Have a great day folks!

Tuesday Tidbit

‘Tis the beginning of Autumn and the air is thick with dragonflies. They are God’s clean up crew with the biting flies from this Summer’s rains and one of my favorite insects. I’ve seen patterns for making dragonfly decorations made from old ceiling fan blades. I want to try to make one.

Steve made a solid wood laundry basket holder for our Master Bedroom Bath. The soft gray baskets were purchased at Lowe’s for about $19.99 each. Such a bargain! I gave the old laundry holder to his niece, Deborah, while they were visiting last Friday since it is a family heirloom. It was passed down from his great-grandmother Nell Amold who was born a Cowan in Vermilion County, Illinois. I also gave Deb one of the blue vases I’d been holding onto since his grandmother Elizabeth passed many years ago. That was also purchased by his great-grandmother and both are well over 100 years old. There are so few traditions and heirlooms in this family I didn’t want them to be lost. Since we have no children, I’m at a loss as to what to do about glassware and other precious, to me, items that I “inherited” when my own sweet mother died. Guess I won’t concern myself about it. It is just stuff, after all.

Sunday, we rode our steeds of steel to Church where our Pastor and his wife celebrated their 50th Anniversary by renewing their wedding vows. 💒 His sermon on marriage was spot on. Afterwards, we had a big feast at the Fellowship Hall. Since I’ve been eating keto, I don’t eat lunch but I had a marvelous time anyway. There was plenty of coffee. ☕☕ The food, the decorations and the laughter was well worth all the effort that was put into it. ( ◑‿◑)ɔ┏🍟–🍔┑٩(^◡^ ) These ladies did a fantastic job, above and beyond. What a great bunch of folks I get to worship with. ❤ Love ❤ them all very dearly. Needless to say, I still felt “full” when I went home.

And, now on to the busy week! Our 11 year old Nissan Frontier needs a front alignment, I must order a refill on my most expensive prescription medicine (sigh), Mom was in “need” of more candy at the Nursing Home, time to refill the larder, and the beat goes on. 😜

Thank you Lord that I live in an area so rich in resources and for all the blessings You have given us. To God be the glory! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and your week is blessed with abundance, joy and contentment.

Ride Safe Dear Readers. ❤