Another Project In The Wind

Steve was in a picture taking mood today. Bless his little pea-pickin’ heart. giggle The Honda CB1100 forum he is a member of was asking for photos of the members Honda’s next to windmills. Luckily, we have one of those in our yard. That’s mine on the right, by the way. You know, the pretty one.  😉


Then, he talked me into holding the dogs for a photo shoot. Can everyone say “cheese biscuit”?! lol

He also snapped a candid photo of me shopping for more flowering bushes at County Farm Plant Company in Baxley. They have a super place with acres and acres of plants.

Ok, so, I’ve got more plants to put in the former garden area. I’m a glutton for punishment. We also ordered a Golden Rain Tree (Koelreuteria paniculata) from County Farm. I was hoping they had one in stock. Guess I’ll have to wait for more “fun”.

Thank you for visiting my humble blog. Have a beautiful weekend folks!

god loves you

vintage pencil siggy 26 mar 2018

Slipstream Windscreen

My husband very kindly installed a new Slipstream Windscreen to my Honda CB1100. If the county hadn’t graded the dirt road this morning thus loosening (again) what was easy-to-ride-on hard packed soil, I would be out there getting some Delta breeze on these ancient knees!

And the Bottle Brush are blooming. The Hummingbirds are starting to show up in force after wintering further south. They love to visit these plants. They’re so adorable. Who needs TV when we have all these wonderful wild birds and colors just outside the door!?

bottle brush 05 APR 2018

Spring has been unusually showy this year. I hear it’s because of the snow. Even though we’re needing rain again, I pray this nice weather continues, at least for a little bit.

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A Short Jaunt Through The Country

Not much going on here today. It’s kinda lazy day. The weather was pleasant, so, we hopped on the steel steeds and took a short jaunt. We would have gone longer but there’s another front approaching and the wind is blowing 90-to-nothin’! This is some of our daily views. Enjoy!  🙂

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easter egg siggy 26 mar 2018


Our Day

I finally got the bursitis in my right hip to calm down! This is such agony. Guess what works? Anti-inflammatory medicine, ice and stretching exercises. Thank you LORD for showing me the way. Maybe this will help to avoid any surgery.

Steve installed engine guards to the “new” Honda CB1100 for me. This prompted a short ride, you know, to test it and everything. 😉 We were originally going to visit the Middleton Methodist Church in a county further North, but the wind was so blustery that I was wore out by the time we stopped for gas in Jesup. So, we did a turn and burn instead. It was still nice.

bare oak tree looking up 03 MAR 2018

Since the hip is behaving, somewhat, I walked around the house, not the entire property as is my usual custom. I’m too timid to get as far as the fence just yet. Wasn’t it lovely today!? The sky is an azure blue and the air so crisp. The grass is turning green. The birds are pairing up. God has readied our area for an early Spring, it appears.

sam iii with his ball 03 MAR 2018

Sam III followed me around with that silly rubber ball. He loves that thing. His brother Jack reposed in the driveway while we strolled. He’s a fat boy and just doesn’t like to move much.

I hope your day was pleasant too.