Monday Musings

It’s a soft, gentle rain we’ll be having today. Tropical Storm Fred is visiting the Pensacola area, many miles west of us but we are getting small bands off the system. The tropical depression has left our big picture windows all steamy, like a Friday night on Lovers Lane. I can hear the pitter, patter on the steel roof that then runs softly down the drain pipe onto the always thirsty ground. Even though we’ve had a lot of God’s Special Blessing this year, our little ‘hood is always in need of more moisture. We live on the highest point in our county and it’s quite sandy. The rest of the county enjoys a clay mixture that will hold the water better. Makes for better crops. Our only “crop” has been mushrooms. There’s a wide variety all over the property. I was hoping the what I call “Fairy Mushrooms” [a stock photo below, not the exact type we have] would be peeking through the grass but, alas, they are nowhere to be found this summer. They are delicate little things. Very dream-like in appearance. If any pop up I’ll snap a photo between the rain drops.

Instead, we have a lot of these type fungi to the right. Not very pretty, but functional according to God’s plan, I’m sure. They do help breakdown that which is dead to turn it into new soil. God is always taking care of His creation, including us. I thank Him for that.

If we were farmers, it would be to our advantage to raise livestock. Other than planted pine, that is the income of choice of many of my neighbors. There is one Blueberry farm but the water has to be piped up from deep wells. Most near us raise cattle, goats, sheep, chickens, and whatever else is needed and will do well at the markets. When our neighbor, “Mr. Kenneth”, was alive he took me to one of their annual Tractor Sales and Livestock Shows. I think it was in Hazlehurst. What a hoot that was! I could totally be a farmer, just to have all the heavy equipment and be able to ride around on tractors all day. I sure would have a lot to learn, though. Unfortunately, I’m too old and feeble to start that kind of career now.

The Mexican Petunia [Ruellia simplex] on the south end of our home are in full regalia. To me, they have the appearance of big, showy stars, like in the Heavens. Pretty, aren’t they? Hummingbirds are attracted to them too. They are blooming all up and down that end of the house. Once established, they require no care or pruning, drought resistant and require full sun. My type of plant! I’m sure they’ll be blooming happily on their own long after I’m with the Lord.

Time for more coffee ☕ and to listen to the first of one of my radio Preachers. I enjoy Rev. Charles Stanley (Atlanta, GA) and then Rev. Chuck Swindoll (Texas) on GNN Radio. Their sermons are almost always uplifting, edifying and educational. I need that. I don’t think I’d look good in prison orange. ❤️‍🔥(ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

I hope your day is blessed dear friends. 😘