Funny Friday

What a super busy week I’ve had so far. No riding, regrettably. But since the Spring weather has been pleasant I’ve been planting, doing yardwork, gardening, and the like. I’ve planted so many different Petunia’s this year all over our acreage. I’m hoping they’ll all be blooming by next month.

Many migratory birds have been flying through as well: Cape May Warbler, Baltimore Oriole (above), and an immature male Orchard Oriole are one of the many that have stopped by to enjoy our Mulberry’s or the sweet nectar from the Bottle Brush as they continue to head North. The Hummingbirds, Hawks, Bluebirds and the Great-crested Flycatchers are here nesting for the season. A lot of rain has been a blessing too. This Spring has been quite nice. I’m glad that 25+ year drought must finally be over here in Southeast Georgia. It’s been super dry for awhile. We’ve been receiving quite a bit of rain lately and it’s so nice.

Here’s wishing a happy Friday for all concerned. Stay safe and be vigilant for the days are dark. Jesus will be calling His Church home soon, I’m sure of it. Let’s invite more to the table (the Gospel & eternal salvation) while there’s still time. [Matthew 22:1-14] There’s always room at His table for more.