Happy New Year

happy new year motorcycle

I’m still praying about what my Word Of The Year should be. My brain is temporarily fried from all the hullabaloo that’s happened around here lately.

It’s been a crazy last few days of December. For those of you whom don’t follow me on FaceBook, my husband had emergency triple bypass on December 21st. LORD be praise, he was released on Christmas Day. He’s now doing well, it’s only his left leg where the vein(s) were removed for the bypasses that are causing any pain. The staff at St. Vincent’s Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida, have been splendid. They are angels in nurse’s uniforms in my mind. God bless them. My Holy Father has been so good to me, to us, through all that’s happened. I feel His loving presence in everything we do. He truly does provide for all our needs, even before we know we need it.

For New Year’s Eve, we usually attend a family style cookout up in Baxley with dear friends, but this year we’re staying home (of course) and plan to have a very quiet evening. I think that’s the safest way to ring in the New Year after open heart surgery. 😉 What are your plans? Whatever they are, I pray that you all have a very Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year’s.

May the LORD bless and keep you! Ride safe my friends. ❤