Setting The Cruise Control


There’s not much going on at the moment. Well, there is but nothing worth putting pen to paper about. 🙂 I’ve decided to set the blog on cruise control for a bit. I’ll be back after while or you can join me on FaceBook. I’ve put my settings on Public so that one may “follow” without actually “friending”. (Hope that’s not rude. Not meant to be.) Just an FYI, for the most part, there are no politics on my FaceBook sight. Y’all know how I feel about most subjects anyway. It’s just light fluffy Christian fun for me on FB. 🙂 Thanks for understanding.

Catchya on the flip flop good friends!

bye bye

Ride Safe Sparky Redbird PNG

PS: About the photos, that’s yours truly on the Suzuki V-Strom riding The Tail Of The Dragon in North Carolina. Been there, done that, will probably never do it again. 😉