Patriot’s Day 9-11

Today we remember and we mourn. Comments are turned off in honor of those who have lost their lives. It’s been 20 years since that inauspicious day. The event is deeply seared in all our memories. So often we are asked, “Where were you on 9-11?” I recall perfectly where I was.

It was Day 2 of my second carpal tunnel surgery. It was the left side this go around and the most painful. I was so doped that I had a bit of a lie down in our bed with the wrist in the air attempting to stop the throbbing. At that time, there was a TV in our bedroom. Steve rushed in, shook me multiple times in an attempt to awaken me from the stupor. He had turned the channel to Fox News Station saying “Wake up honey! Wake up!” I was so dopey it was difficult to understand at first but I watched in horror at what was happening right before my eyes. Still haven’t gotten over how traumatic that day was. I kept thinking about all those precious, innocent, unsuspecting lives. Murdered in cold blood. Lost in the rubble, some never to be found. It is now a grave site. Then when the help arrived, the men, the women, and the search dogs, they all worked so hard, and so fervently that many of them also didn’t survive. Such bravery. With this new crisis, President Bush commenced to ruin our Nation even further with his misguided Socialist attempts at “safety” by creating yet more bureaucracy that only restricted our liberties even further. Yes, he was an awful President. I know that now. The memory of all these things will not soon leave my mind.

After Bush’s reign of ineptness, our Country lost all semblance of sanity by voting for a known Moslem with a fictitious name, evil intent and a shady past. Twice. That still makes me shake my head in disgust. Political situations worldwide are worse now than they’ve ever been before. We had our shining star, President Trump, for 4 years but it didn’t last because of our wicked ways. Now there is a full-blown Leftist stooge, who heads a known crime family, illegally seated in the White House. If one looks up “vacuity” in the dictionary, Joe Biden’s picture would be right next to it. He is a demon in another form. He is not clever enough to have pulled off a coup d’etat alone. The take over goes deep. Very, very deep. Flipping our Country from Christian to devil worshipers has been in the works for over 100 years, well, at least actively since the time of Woodrow Wilson (1912-1921). Wilson was America’s 28th President. He was the first acknowledged Progressive (which is a misnomer, to say the least, since Progressives believe in destruction not moving forward, yet another devilish lie). Wilson began the descent into hell by redefining proper law into the twisted “equality” laws we have now. The current Democratic Party, with the aid of foreign interests, is continuing to channel their god of the air by attempting to pass more and more demonic legislation, policies and ruinous liberty killers with the intent of turning our Country into one huge prison. Their thugs still roam free with a wink and a nod from The Powers That Be, all-the-while law-abiding Christians are persecuted by the courts, ridiculed, silenced, murdered or locked away. Thankfully, there are many extraordinary citizens saying, “No” this time around. It is good to remember there are more of us than there are of them. And all I know to do is pray in Jesus’ name that God will cast this legion of demons into the swine and run them off the cliff to the rocks below. “Pray without ceasing …”, He says. [1 Thessalonians 5:17] It must please the Lord to wait. May His will be done. I do trust Him above all else. I also remind myself Whom I serve is bigger than any government agency, than any threat, than any tyranny humans can create. He is bigger than the world or anything we may imagine. And He is forever. I like what Beth Moore said about the Lord we serve:

By Beth Moore

God is huge. He is awesome, indeed terrifying. He is powerful. He holds all the keys to life and death, ecstasy and agony. Our futures are entirely in His hand. He is sovereign and He answers to no one. He holds the oceans in the palms of His hands. The lightning checks in with Him. But for His mercy, we would all be consumed. He is holy and does not wink at wickedness. He lifts up and He casts down. He makes the mind and can break the mind. When He rises from His throne, His enemies scatter. He has no equal. He is complete, pure, unadulterated otherness!

For now, we wait. We push back against the darkness in our own small, plodding, quiet ways. We hope. We pray. We mourn our losses. We must resist the devil with his slave mask lies and his empty vaccine laced promises. What else can a child of God do? That shining city on the hill is no more but I’m thankful to have learned to worship GOD not Gov. Therefore, we wait for His eternal city that lasts forever. May God have mercy on us and let us all be there soon. So, et voilà.