It’s Friday?

Maybe we should revive Funny Friday? Whaddy’all think?

Since I’ve retired, the days don’t really mean a whole heck of a lot, except in cases of when I want to do something. Then I’m like “What day is it? Is it open? Do I have to get dressed?” *lol* Our adventure today is to do a turn-and-burn to Jax. Steve sold a spare Honda CB1100 motorcycle seat to a fellow enthusiast on the Honda Forum. Rather than ship the seat all the way to the buyer half way across the Country. Then that buyer would have to turn around and ship it back across the Country to the custom seat manufacturer that is not too far distant from us. That would be silly. So, he asked if we’d mind taking the seat directly to said custom seat manufacturer if he sent us the money and info. Being one’s that are always up for a little adventure and a chance to be kind to a fellow motorcyclist, we both said, “Sure!” The buyer did as he promised and thus the trip.

2018 Honda NC750X

Also, tonight is scheduled our first FAITH Riders Meeting since the hysteria started in March of this year. The plan is to meet up at our now former Baptist Church, then ride to a place to eat and socialize. I haven’t seen most of my fellow FAITH Riders since March (don’t know why, we didn’t quarantine, lazy on my part, I guess). There’s very little to no restrictions in Georgia. It will be good to be on the two wheels after this long, hot summer of hiding in the A/C. I don’t ride when it’s over 80 degrees anymore. Too dangerous ’cause it makes me seriously ill. I’ve almost wrecked because of it. Steve is excited about showing off his new 2018 Honda NC750X. It gladdens my heart when I see him happy.

My 2015 Honda NC700X

Guess I’m gonna have to get my ride painted to keep up? (Say yes.) *lol* Not a fan of black vehicles. My favorite color scheme would be a two-tone French Racing Blue with White or some variation that’s close. Yeaaaahhhh … [dreamy look in my eye]

It’s gonna be a long day, but, just feed me enough coffee with frothy cream and I’m good-to-go.

Keep the shiny side down my friends and y’all have a great day!

Thankful Thursday

Tail Of The Dragon Ride (May 2015)

There’s so much to be thankful for. The list keeps getting longer, too, when I speak to my Holy Father to thank Him for these. I’m especially thankful that Steve (my husband of 41+ years) survived the triple by-pass back in December of 2018. He’s my riding buddy, best pal, and earthly confidante. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be if he wasn’t here to go through all this mess with the hysteria, the political unrest in our Country and the having to make insurance decisions every year. I get so easily muddled at times. (Really concerns me.) So often, I just hold him real tight and cry. I don’t understand why people want to live in fear, anger, and destruction all the time. :/ I don’t. Life is what we make it. And he reassures me that everything will be OK. We’re way out here in paradise, they are way out there in their Liberal ‘utopias’ and never the twain shall meet. So often he quotes God’s Word as a reassurance. Then I’m right as rain.

I’m thankful to live in the Country with a conservative Governor. Down a sleepy one lane dirt road that has few travelers. Far away from most of the world’s cares, problems, Leftist anarchy and silliness. We know all our neighbors and try to watch out for each other. I like that. ❤

One of my biggest failings is I tend to be too subitaneous (spontaneous). If I want, or ‘need’, to do something *boom* off I go with nary a thought to the end consequences. I am so thankful that God knows this. Because of His grace by the shed blood of Jesus Christ our LORD, He forgives me. He forgives all of us who have given our hearts to Jesus. He knows me better than myself. 🙂 When I pray, I try to always thank Him for His forgiveness and to use me to further His kingdom, even my shortcomings, which are many.

We are super dry right now in Southeast Georgia. The Weather Channel is predicting we’ll receive rain today. 80% chance! Gosh, I pray that’s a fact. The devil worshiping Leftists are always wanting to scare us with ‘global warming’ (one of their false sacraments) … they can’t even predict what the next hour will bring. So, I am thankful for whatever moisture the good LORD will bestow on our drought ridden area. He alone is wise. This is His creation. Thankfully, He’s in control of the sprinklers and knows what’s best.

And I’m thankful for you, dear reader! God has a purpose for us all. Trust in Him. He will always provide, protect, comfort and guide those who love Him and His Holy Word. Remember …

“The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?”

Psalms 27:1 NIV