A Bathroom Redo

It’s taken about a week, give or take, from start to finish, to complete our second bathroom’s redo. It was mostly a cosmetic and space problem in this full bath. Nothing major. The lighting was so 90’s, some of the fixtures had quit lighting up, and space was at a premium. Chrome fixtures and Farmhouse / Outhouse decorations are the themes I’ve been sticking with. Thankfully chrome is a relatively inexpensive purchase.

First task to tackle, I needed more shelving in this room. There’s no linen closet here thus I had placed a woven basket full of extra towels in the corner. It didn’t hold much plus it collected dust making it hard to clean every week. For this project, Steve used a few lengths of the left over construction grade wood from other projects, then painted it bright white. Easy peesy. Note too, it’s up off the floor now making that corner super easy to clean.

Next, I changed the dated gold tone cabinet handles for chrome tone. The new handles were only $3.50 a piece from Farmer & Builders (Ace Hardware). I couldn’t believe my good fortune there! The old handles will also be recycled out in the workshop or some other project I might dream up.

A better photo of the finished look.

On to the lighting. ✨ Steve removed the old fixtures (before photo), fixed whatever the electrical problem was, and was able to use the lights in his workshop. When the old lights were removed, I realized what a mess the wall was underneath! It was ages ago since I had repainted the room the beige wall color and, of course, had used up all the paint. I thought for sure I was going to have to spend yet another $40 or more for a gallon of interior latex to fix all the blemished areas. But Steve had another brilliant idea. He suggested making a wooden “frame” to go around the mirror to not only add to the rustic look but also to cover up all the blemishes. πŸ’‘ Excellent idea! πŸ’‘ I washed the wall and cleaned up as much as possible. Meanwhile, he bought a few feet of furniture grade 1X6 clear pine to make the frame. I also suggested not mitering the edges and to use the similar color stain as the cabinets to make it look like it belonged and was more old fashioned. The new light fixtures (after photo) are also from our local Farmers & Builders. I had looked for some time on the internet for fixtures I liked, fit the motif and wouldn’t break the bank. Most of the Farmhouse style lights are well over $100 each. πŸ’Έ Ouch! ✨ The fixtures I bought at F&B were only $24.99 a piece. Good deal!

The only thing that remains to be done is to wait for the new Outhouse soap dispenser and toothbrush holder to arrive in the mail. I bought these from Lakeside Collections on E-bay. They cost a bit more than I had expected (or they’re probably actually worth) but since it’s a one off purchase and because we had saved so much on all the other items, I decided to splurge a bit for a complete look.

It was fun to “remodel” a room, I feel so blessed, ❀️ but I’m glad that’s over. It’s nice to have our second bath back.

That said, though, that Master Bath is looking a mite dated too … 😜 *giggle* πŸ’›

Friday Foto And A Funny

It’s been a busy last few days here at 🐦 Red Bird Acres doing this, that and the other thing. πŸ˜† 🏠 Our house was built in 1993. Almost all the fixtures are about the same age. The vanity lights in the guest bathroom up and decided to malfunction last week. This worked out well ’cause they’re so ’90s anyway. It’s a very tired look. The past few years, I’ve been going more Farmhouse look. I picked out the new lights πŸ’‘ I thought would compliment that theme and then Steve volunteered to make a whole new lighting area using furniture grade wood. Oh. my. goodness. it’s lookin’ sharp! I’ll not say more for now but will post the whole project later. I’m such a tease … 😊

The Fall wildflowers are in full bloom. The whole countryside is awash in color. Don’t ya just love Autumn’s colors? πŸŽƒπŸ‚ I know I do. When I’m riding the air is so fresh and crisp.

🐒 Box Turtle (Terrapene) 🐒

There’s been so much rain (yay!) β˜‚οΈβ˜οΈ that the wildlife has been up moving around, especially the turtles and Gopher Tortoises. This little guy had become frightened and “frozen” in the middle of the road, so, Steve stopped and hopped outta the truck to move him past the ditch. He’s always careful to keep a turtle going in the same direction. Reptiles are kinda dumb, you know, and it’s best not to mess with their heads.

Do you know I am 65 and have never, ever had real Christmas dinnerware? Yeah, I’m pathetic, I know. πŸ˜‚ I decided it was time to own a set. I bought these two gently used plates on E-bay. They’re in perfect condition. I am so pleased ’cause they match my Red Bird coffee cups that my Sister-in-law gifted to us several years ago. Now, I might see if there is such a thing as Thanksgiving plates.

And, I’ll close with a funny from B.C. Comics …

That is so me after that first cup! β˜•β˜•

Thank you for putting the kickstand down for a moment. I hope all y’all have a glorious weekend gentle reader. πŸ’“ Remember, God loves ya and so do I!

Cool Wind In My Hair

Fellowship Hall of St. John’s

We rode to Church last Sunday. The weather has been very pleasant as our area eases into Autumn. The final waves of heat seem to have left for the season. The Fall wildflowers are beginning to bloom. It’s excellent riding temperatures. It felt good again to smell the crisp air, feel the exhilaration of flying on the ground and to hear all the sounds of life.

The view through my windshield.

Returning home, as I approached our country road, I shifted down, made the sharp turn and eased from pavement to dirt in one swift turn. Maneuver successfully completed, I applied the throttle to accelerate. Nothing happened. Showered down on it again. Still nothing! It made lots of lovely reving noises but the bike stopped moving. Finally, I glanced down at the gauges and realized I had inadvertently slipped into neutral! My blush’s! πŸ˜‚ No big deal, of course, that happens to almost all riders, but the remainder of the short journey home it set me to thinking. 😍 Lately I have let my spiritual life slip into neutral when I should be trusting the Lord more and kept moving forward in faith. Just as my ability and my bike can handle the roughest of terrain if I only trust it, so can the Word of God carry me through these scary patches if I’d only cast my cares on Him. ✝️

Have a great day folks!