Patches, I’m Depending On Ya


Our new FAITH Riders patch’s are ready. We had to take them to a lady at The Sewing Bee in neighboring Blackshear to get them sewn on. Miss Vicki did an excellent job, didn’t she!? There doesn’t seem to be a stitch out of place. Hubby also ordered a slew of other little sayings and what-nots to go on the vests. I feel like a walking billboard now. *giggle*

The weather here is lovely now. We have bright sunshine, with bracing cold air. It finally feels festive. I won’t be able to attend the New Years Eve festivities this year with our friends because of the bone spurs, so, will stay home to keep the home fire’s burning. It’s become very awkward and painful to stand or walk. Can’t wait to hear from the Podiatrists office about when we should meet. Waiting is not one of my strong points. Hey, maybe that should be my Word For The Year, Patience.


I certainly could use that. And I could use it RIGHT NOW! *lol*

May the LORD bless and keep you.


The Morning After

Good morning! I hope everyone had a entertaining Christmas. Ours was especially nice. I did miss going to Sunday School and Church, though. But the Christmas Eve service on Saturday evening was enjoyable, albeit brief. We sang Christmas Carols, talked about how Christ was born to save us and the pastor lit the last Advent candle. Having not grown up in the Church I didn’t know what Advent is or was. It’s been a true learning experience to be sure.


While we were waiting for the turkey to thaw Christmas morn, we drove all the way to Richmond Hill near Savannah, about 90 minutes North of our home, and bought two leather vests to go with our new FAITH Riders jacket patches. The patches were gifts from our dear friends and fellow FAITH Riders, Andy and Angie. Aren’t they sweet!? These are truly loving people. I feel so blessed.


Upon our return, Hubby commenced to take care of the feast. Then with the aroma of cooked turkey with cornbread dressing still hanging in the air, we proceeded to engorge ourselves like starving waifs. Hubby also cooked green beans with bacon. There was also his legendary homemade Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate Pie and Sweet Potato Pie, all topped with real whipped cream. I opened the can of chilled cranberries in sauce. Who says I can’t cook!? *lol* By the time Hubby was done working his magic in the kitchen, the table was laden with food. Just a portion of the bounty given us by our blessed LORD and Saviour. By the way, the two little paper plates with turkey in the forefront are for the dogs, Jack and Sam the 3rd, the Jack Russell Terrierists. Yes, they enjoyed the bounty too!

And Santa definitely outdid himself this year. Not only did I get the electric Remington Pole Saw that I had been *cough* pining (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) for, he also paid a visit to our favorite jeweler Wally World. It’s so pretty! The little stinker, though, said he didn’t want anything and I took him at his word. I think he did order something from Amazon this morning, though. Maybe I should be concerned …. ??!!?? *roflol*

I can’t wait to hear all about your Christmas!

May the LORD bless and keep you.