What Would Washington Do?

Life is cruel and we must resolve ourselves to adapt to it or be forever in torment. [Jane Eyre]

There’s a lot of truth in that one quote but I have a hard time not kicking against the traces when pushed. Yesterday, I thought about perusing a much favored website of FindAGrave after Church. This family history account is something I’ve used for over 17 years. I help others make family connections while working on my own family genealogy. Unbeknownst to me the account had been deleted with no explanation or warning. As of this writing, I still don’t know what offense has been given, real or imagined. I did send an e-mail but it bounced back stating “Your Email Has Been Blocked”. HUH? I guess the bullies cowering behind the screen don’t want to explain themselves. Perhaps it is Holy Scripture quotes displayed there, like John 3:16? Or it could be because I have been placing “virtual flower” Confederate Flags on CSA memorials? I don’t know. Guess I won’t know this side of Paradise what the “offense” was if someone doesn’t crawl out from under their dank rock and share this vital info.

FaceBook had “jailed” me again for some real or imagined “offense” since last week. According to the bottom dweller that “jailed” my account, the “offense” was a graphic of a gentleman sighting in a scoped rifle pointing at the camera. I’m told that is, and I quote, “Hate Speech”. HUH?

It’s getting real folks.

Apparently, God wants me on the front lines of abuse. Ok. I can take it and I can smile while doing it too. No one can ever be as cruel, demanding, unreasonable nor evil as my adopted family was. I have big shoulders. Perhaps I am one of many who are to be the Canary In The Cage, warning the miners that are losing air and could die if they don’t take immediate steps. So be it. Use me LORD. I will NEVER stop proclaiming Your goodness nor will I ever stop from helping others. Love is the answer. Love always finds a way.

Thus it is wise to be aware, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, for I have been informed that they are coming for Christian and/or Conservative Blogs next. Then it will be their removing us from access to healthcare, medicine, food, finances, then our freedoms and our lives. It’s looking like Nazi Germany all over again. There’s even talk about marking us in some way so “they” (the believers) will know who “we” are. Hmmm … Our modern day SS is the Democrat Party bought and paid for by the Chinese government. Their motives are clear. Silence those that want to save the unborn, those of us who are unmasked, who do not comply, who won’t cower in fear at the mere mention of a virus, who won’t take the DNA altering unnecessary vaccine which doesn’t work to help fight it. In their sick, twisted, demented minds we are the heretics, the unbelievers of their pagan religion. How dare we!? We must be silenced! We must die! We’re the ones that must be sacrificed to appease their Covid god so the virus will stop or so their crops won’t fail. There will be no more conversation. They will just take what they want, shut us down, murder us, then sit back and laugh with no remorse.

Until the Judgment Seat of Christ.

And it all started in this virtual world that we call home and a virus with a 99% survivability.

The cancel culture is alive and well as the swamp deepens.

And a PS: I will NOT delete this blog. If it disappears, you know why.

Southern Lamentations

By now, all the world knows that America is circling the drain. The American SCOTUS, Congress and voting privileges have been greatly compromised to the point of being irrelevant. Babies will still die en masse at the hands of monsters called Doctors all in the name of planning. “Physician heal thyself!” Perverts, pedophiles and other deviants will be promoted, glorified, and lifted up to be admired like religious icons in their unholy church. The Swamp has returned with a vengeance. Little did I know that the prophesy of my long dead father would reach fruition for he predicted as early as the 1980s that China was our biggest threat. Foolish child that I was, I laughed. (He was a ‘Progressive Democrat’, so, I should have listened to an insider.) I wish now I had studied Mandarin and not Spanish nor French in my tender years. At least I am proficient in the language of firearms. Should it come to that they will have to speak for me in these declining days as my health declines with the seasons. Those of us who are old may be the lucky few. Perhaps we’ll be like the Prophet Jeremiah at the time of Judah’s Babylonian destruction in 597 BC. [read the Book of Kings] He was left behind as those younger than him were dragged away in chains.

From Britannia on Zedekiah, last King of Judah [link]:

Zedekiah, original name Mattaniah, (flourished 6th century BC), king of Judah (597–587/586 BC) whose reign ended in the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem and the deportation of most of the Jews to Babylon.

Mattaniah was the son of Josiah and the uncle of Jehoiachin, the reigning king of Judah. In 597 BC the Babylonians under King Nebuchadrezzar besieged and captured Jerusalem. They deported Jehoiachin to Babylon and made Mattaniah regent under the name Zedekiah. Zedekiah thus held his throne as a vassal under an oath of allegiance to Nebuchadrezzar, but under local pressure he began to intrigue against the latter in concert with the neighbouring states of MoabEdom, Ammon, Tyre, and Sidon.

In the ninth year of Zedekiah’s rule a Babylonian army laid siege to Jerusalem after he had conspired to revolt against the Babylonians with Egypt’s help. During the siege the prophet Jeremiah (q.v.) urged patient submission to the dominion of the Babylonians, which he regarded as the will of God, but royal officials and Jewish notables denounced him and he was accused of desertion and imprisoned.

In the sixth month of the siege a breach was made in the city walls. Zedekiah and his men fled by night toward the Jordan River, but they were soon captured. He and his leaders were taken before King Nebuchadrezzar at Riblah, in Syria, where Zedekiah’s sons were slain in his presence and he, a disloyal vassal, was blinded and carried in chains to Babylon, where he was imprisoned until his death. The walls and houses of Jerusalem were destroyed, its temple was sacked and burned, and the people of Judah, except for the poorest of the land, were deported to Babylon. Thus began the Babylonian Exile. Judah lost its status as a kingdom and became a Babylonian province.

Sad story, isn’t it? Makes one a bit anxious for our fates. There are so many parallels in God’s Holy Word that we can learn from. “There’s nothing new under the sun.” Right now, I’m thankful to live in the South were we have not forfeited our weapons. It’s going to be doubly tough on those that are already living in the Communist strongholds pocketed throughout the land. I pray they can endure. It’s difficult to say how long this Southern Euphoria will last since lawlessness is rapidly gaining ground. I am no prophet and won’t even try to predict whether it’s the end of This Age (that we’re close to the Rapture of the Saints). Jesus said that’s hidden in God the Father. Perhaps it is simply the end of our society. I couldn’t say. As an historian I know that societies and cultures have come and gone for eons like waves on the beach. Things are always changing. Look at Europe from which we adopted our Western white culture of fairness, justice, education and manners. They’re ahead of us in the cesspool department. They’ve gone to that dark evil place in a hand-basket years ago. America is no different. Our fates always have, and always will, lie in the hands of our loving Father God through Jesus Christ our LORD. Jesus will return, we don’t know when. I trust Him. For now, we wait for His glorious reappearing. Please, LORD, come soon. And, I hope I don’t run outta ammo before that happens.