Down For The Count

I’ve injured my right shoulder and neck. Again. How? Earlier this week we had bought 6-40 lb bags of water softener salt and a 50 lb bag of sunflower seeds for the wild birds at Ace. It was so hot by the time we got home I put off unloading the truck. Naturally, I forgot they were back there. Yesterday morning we needed to run errands in town, so, in the drizzling rain, we both proceeded to put the bags in the storage shed. Well dummy me, I got too rambunctious, lifting at rapid speed, and put my shoulder out. Now I’ve got that biting pain from an old injury. Why? ‘Cause I’m stupid, that’s why. Sometimes I forget I’m not 18 anymore. πŸ˜€

I had dumped all the cookies off this laptop in preparation for taking it in for repairs. It’s a security thing I had been taught to do before any repair work is to be performed. The cooling fan is rattlin’. When it overheats, it suddenly shuts down. Very annoying and probably not too good for it. So, we drove all the way to Waycross in the rain, in the morning heavy traffic, to drop it at the only shop around and the stinker wasn’t even open!!! This happens so often here it seems. And, no, it’s not because of the head cold hysteria plandemic this time. Small businesses have been like this since we moved to Southeast Georgia in 1993. Good work ethics are definitely becoming a rarity in these modern times. It’s no wonder so many of them go belly up in the first year.

Disappointment in check, we headed towards the Home-20 in the now lighter traffic but still raining and stopped at the local meat market. The order wasn’t ready and had to wait. And wait. And wait. That’s Ok, we’ve got time, but it was setting the pace for the day. Back home I started inputting the passwords at my websites, and some of the passwords didn’t work. “Now what!?” I yelled at no one in particular. So, I had to keep fiddlin’ with this dadgum thing. Now because I got impatient, I’m locked out of one of the websites, and, like I said, the pain had took over, which put me down for the count. Couldn’t move without being in discomfort. Stopped what I was doing because I had to put the heated bean bag ❀️‍πŸ”₯ on my shoulder (old injury-heat / new injury-cold), use the massager to stop the ✨ crackling noise in my neck and seeing stars ✨ from the muscle clinching, take a pain killer, and sit v.e.r.y s.t.i.l.l. like a Good Little Do-Bee. 🐝 I’m happy, it just weighs on my mind when this happens. The pain brings back such unhappy memories of sitting around or trying to sleep for days on end in agony. It’s my own fault, though. I know. I swear, sometimes I’ve got the memory and the patience of a 2 year old.

It just seems like it was one thing after two others yesterday.

As compensation last night, not only did my super sweet, loving, angel, husband cook one of his usual award winning suppers, he also cleaned up for moi. (That’s usually my job.) Isn’t he a gem? πŸ’Ž And I promised πŸ˜‡ on a stack of Bibles to not lift anything heavy like that again ……. until next time. πŸ˜‚ 😜

Anyway, on to something happier.

Spurred Butterfly Pea
(Clitoria ternatea)

On one of my evening prayer walks the other day, I noticed that many of our native “Spurred Butterfly Pea” are in bloom. Sorry the picture’s not too good. The light was too harsh. There’s more about them here. The flowers have a soft lilac color. They’re pretty for such a tiny flower. And for me, their appearance, like the Sulfur Butterflies, always denote that Summer is heading towards the end, for which I am very grateful.

Which brings me to the end of my post, for which I’m sure YOU are grateful. LOL Thanks for stopping by. I hope your day is truly blessed!

It’s Friday?

Maybe we should revive Funny Friday? Whaddy’all think?

Since I’ve retired, the days don’t really mean a whole heck of a lot, except in cases of when I want to do something. Then I’m like “What day is it? Is it open? Do I have to get dressed?” *lol* Our adventure today is to do a turn-and-burn to Jax. Steve sold a spare Honda CB1100 motorcycle seat to a fellow enthusiast on the Honda Forum. Rather than ship the seat all the way to the buyer half way across the Country. Then that buyer would have to turn around and ship it back across the Country to the custom seat manufacturer that is not too far distant from us. That would be silly. So, he asked if we’d mind taking the seat directly to said custom seat manufacturer if he sent us the money and info. Being one’s that are always up for a little adventure and a chance to be kind to a fellow motorcyclist, we both said, “Sure!” The buyer did as he promised and thus the trip.

2018 Honda NC750X

Also, tonight is scheduled our first FAITH Riders Meeting since the hysteria started in March of this year. The plan is to meet up at our now former Baptist Church, then ride to a place to eat and socialize. I haven’t seen most of my fellow FAITH Riders since March (don’t know why, we didn’t quarantine, lazy on my part, I guess). There’s very little to no restrictions in Georgia. It will be good to be on the two wheels after this long, hot summer of hiding in the A/C. I don’t ride when it’s over 80 degrees anymore. Too dangerous ’cause it makes me seriously ill. I’ve almost wrecked because of it. Steve is excited about showing off his new 2018 Honda NC750X. It gladdens my heart when I see him happy.

My 2015 Honda NC700X

Guess I’m gonna have to get my ride painted to keep up? (Say yes.) *lol* Not a fan of black vehicles. My favorite color scheme would be a two-tone French Racing Blue with White or some variation that’s close. Yeaaaahhhh … [dreamy look in my eye]

It’s gonna be a long day, but, just feed me enough coffee with frothy cream and I’m good-to-go.

Keep the shiny side down my friends and y’all have a great day!