Thanksgiving, The Day After

The Far Side (click to enlarge)

Thanksgiving is blissfully behind us. It was a quiet, peaceful day in the Red Bird Acres household. We no longer have family nearby to grace our humble home in the pines. That’s OK. I’m thankful for what we have. Our meal was the perfect amount with some leftovers for today’s repast. It was scrumptious.

🎄 🍁 On the Friday after, the Fall decorations will mingle with the Christmas ones as I slowly unpack the next season from it’s year long hiatus and pack up the Thanksgiving themes. All three Christmas trees are up. A fourth one may even make an appearance, if I feel like it and can find the room. I also decorate the dog 🐶 washing and feeding area. Hey, they want to be festive too! 😊 This morning it was dark, cloudy and rainy when we also helped for about an hour decorating our Church. Now the wind is howling, the clouds are clearing with the sun peeking tentatively through, and the air has a sharp crispness about it. There’s a cold front moving in. ❤️✨

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 🎅

If you’re on the road, praying for traveling mercies all around. I hope your day is blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving

Titusville, Brevard County, Florida

Greetings gentle readers! I do apologize for not posting more this month. I appreciate your patience. I have no excuse except pure laziness and I needed a break. ‘Tis time to get back to sharing events, dull as it is, and getting on with life, me thinks. 🙂

First, Happy Thanksgiving! The above photograph is me near Thanksgiving at the age of 6 years. Our school used to dress up for each Holiday. I’m glad my Mother had the presence of mind to photograph these events, otherwise, I would have no memory of them.

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I’ll keep this brief today, as we must begin preparing the cornucopia from God’s blessing for a late repast. I pray your day is joyful, prosperous, and full of love. Let’s remember to be thankful for all God has granted us, especially our salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Ride Safe Y’all,