Inauguration Day Thoughts


It’s been a bumpy ride, hasn’t it?!

Today the 45th President of the United States of America will try his hand at guiding the Shining City on the Hill. As Mr. Trump slips into the well-worn saddle of President’s Past (being careful to watch for tack’s left by the departing petulant child) and recommences the reins of power, I pray that only goodness and honesty will flow from this new President’s pen.


As most readers know, President Donald J. Trump and Vice-President Michael R. Pence, are left with a once fine Country nearly in ruins.

My humble prayer is that our leaders will always seek the One who guides the best, Jesus Christ our LORD God. There’s nothing like time on one’s knees to feel refreshed afterwards. Along with those noble thoughts, let me add, our Nation as a whole must also desire to live morally and lawfully or all is indeed lost. For no amount of legislation can fill a heart with pride. Only living righteously, soberly, neighborly can. Government is it’s citizenry, you know. We as citizens must be vigilant to always be Just. I pray that exactly as our godly Forefathers before us practiced when there was injustice, let us also strive to have patience, always displaying a strength of conviction for justice, and to live lawfully.

If we follow these actions we can be lifted from the mire of the previous Socialist administrations. America may indeed be great again. From our President we require the same and it will also involve lots of ink. May that ink flow with righteous indignation to stop the ever advancing tide of criminal wickedness of the previous Administrations.

Even though I place all my faith in God, not mankind, I speculate that things will improve. This fills me with a joyful anticipation that hasn’t been felt in a long time.

Welcome back America. I’ve missed you.


God Bless America!

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A Brief Candidate Comparison

For those still concerned about voting for Donald Trump, let’s briefly compare something.

Our current alleged leader and a Demoncrat who goes by the name Obama, plays golf and vacations yet again, on the millions he gets from us taxpayers, all the while pushing his homosexual agenda on law abiding Americans.

Crooked Hillary Clinton, another Demoncrat, takes yet another weekend off for medical reasons and/or to make sure she’s getting all her lies straight.

Donald J. Trump, running on the Republican ticket, visits the ravaged areas of Louisiana and WITH HIS OWN MONEY donates an 18 Wheeler worth of supplies to the victims.

That was easy. My mind is made up. 

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Trump And Our Saviour

A dear friend in North Georgia sent me the link below yesterday. I hope that it’s true that Donald Trump has accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour for his own eternal salvation. Personally, I don’t trust the opinions of many of these so called “Leaders” in the “Christian Community”. So often they have their own skewed opinions not based on Holy Scripture about what constitutes salvation. But, this may be real and Donald Trump could be trusting in our LORD Jesus Christ which would be grand!

Evangelical Leader Applauds Trump For Relationship With Christ.


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The Phenomena That Is Trump

This is a fantastic article by Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Journal that explains Trump’s popularity in a nutshell. I’m not familiar with Ms. Noonan’s writings, so, I’m not sure what side her bread is buttered on this election.

It pains me to admit this, but at first, I didn’t like Trump. At all. I still don’t “like” him. As a person, I mean. I would never consider sharing a meal or even engaging in any conversation with him. But when it comes to elections, elect ability, and leadership that should be irrelevant. Putting someone in office because they’re ‘pretty’ or say nice things is a major part of what’s gotten us into the pickle we’re in now.

And since there is no other choice … certainly neither Hillary the murdering-lying-shrill-beast, nor Bernie the communist crank, are not an option for a right minded Christian, guess I’ll have to use my precious vote to ensure that neither of those two win.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. — Edmund Burke

I pray good people won’t let Hillary nor Bernie triumph.

All I can add is, I’ve been doing a lot of sighing at the TV this election. I’m sure I’m in good company.

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