Tuesday 4: Thanksgiving Time

Welcome to Tuesday 4 begun by Toni Taddeo and kept up in her memory.

Here is an old one from Toni’s blog from 2019 about Thanksgiving time:

1.   What is your favorite Thanksgiving show/animated show?: There are so many! This is about the time I start watching Christmas shows and listening to Christmas music, though, if that counts.

2.   What is there about Thanksgiving you like the best: The food, the smells, the decorations, the weather … well, everything! I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The day after, I begin decorating for Christmas.

3.   Favorite Thanksgiving/holiday song?: For me it’s We Gather Together. It’s always best to thank the good Lord above for all His blessings.

4.   If you have an all holiday music radio station when do you start listening to it?: I like anything traditional, except Little Drummer Boy. That’s the only one I don’t care for. Back when we had satellite TV and radio, I would tune it to listen to Christmas songs about then. We cut the cord about 3 years ago. Now everything is streamed from YouTube or other sites.

Thank you Anne for keeping this alive every week. If anyone has suggestions for more Tuesday 4’s, please leave a comment on the link here.

Tuesday 4: You

It’s time again for Tuesday 4 in memory of Toni Taddeo, our founder.

Let’s talk about you this week.

1. How are you unique or different from your friends or family? How typical are you? I think I’m typical, kinda ordinary, certainly no one special or intellectual. I do know a lot of useless stuff that adds up to a lot. At least I’m absolutely nothing like my adopted family, thank God. My half-sister, who actually knew our real mother (who was deceased when I “found” them in 1983, so, I’ve never met her), says that I am a great deal like her. Not quite sure if that’s a good or bad thing … ¯_( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯

2.  How do you spend your spare time? Books, hobbies, visiting, tv etc. Lately, it’s mostly Genealogy research on the computer, writing for the blog or correspondence, streaming film noir or British shows from YouTube, cleaning the house, organizing, and so forth. It’s too hot and humid to do much outside after about 10 am. That will soon change as the sun continues to make it’s trek to the Southern horizon. I want to go motorbiking again. I’m itchin’ to get some Delta Breeze On My Knees. (>‿◠)✌

3. What was high school like for you? Painfully tedious but doable. Nothing really memorable happened. I was mostly a “B” student which means I could have done better if I’d tried. 😜 My only pronounced memory was to do well enough to never have to live at home again. In my teen years I recall being anxious to make my own way in the world. No going back to live at home because I was a failure, thank you very much! Not that they would allow that. (They wouldn’t.) Somehow I muddled my way through the quagmire of acne, braces, ballooning weight, female issues and other growing pains. After graduation, and 4 years of a huge marital mistake, my loving Lord God gave me the best husband a girl could ask for 👰 💘 and my heart, my life began to heal. I give God the glory forever and ever for that extra kindness. Jesus sure heals broken 💔 hearts which makes life so much better. So, actually, I try not to recall too many personal memories from those days. Life is very good now, that’s what matters. Amen!? 😀

4. This question has multiple parts:

a. Handbag: designer style or any will do? Any ‘ol bag will do as long as it can fit into the motorcycle “frunk” (Honda NC’s have frunks not trunks). Besides, I’m too fickle to keep one purse for very long. I’ll buy another cheap one when I get bored then toss the old one. My favorite handbag at the moment is made from stitched denim and has “Sparky” embroidered on the front, a gift from dear friends at our former Church. I’ll probably keep that one always.

b. Pajamas or night gown? Pajamas, leggings with a nice long top and light weight jacket, actually. [see image] I bought this set from JC Penney called Ambrielle Womens Pajama + Robe Set 3-pc. Sleeveless Top and Cardigan. For me, it’s perfect! It’s affordable, modest and very comfortable. I like the set so much I bought another pair, and matching pairs of skid proof socks, for my Mother-In-Law in the Nursing Home. She was very pleased with the gifts.

c. Shoes: sturdy or pretty? I try to combine comfort and style, even to Church. Definitely no heels. That’s simply too painful to not be comfortable now. Too many other things hurt already. Aleve is definitely my best friend. Skechers are my Go To brand at the moment.

d. Home decor: classic, modern, farm house style, traditional? I guess I would call it Thrift Store Chic. Mostly Traditional with a splattering of Farm House, Country and lots of homemade. My husband makes the best wood furniture for a fraction of the cost. I always feel ripped off when I buy furniture but that’s probably because I had a temporary work assignment with an office furniture company once in Jacksonville when the world was young. Y’all would be shocked at how much a mark up there is on furniture! Wow.

e. Movies: feel good, drama, romance, action? Mostly drama or comedy, as long as it’s British or Australian or even Oriental. Right now we’re watching a lot of movies made by the Brit’s on India: The Jewel In The Crown, Indian Summers, A Passage to India, The Story Of India, etc. For anyone that likes films from Oz, Danny Deckchair is adorable. And so is Red Dog. Both are wonderful films and both are on YouTube for free. Red Dog is guaranteed to win many hearts. It’s my favorite.

Thank you Anne for keeping the weekly quizzes going. And thank you dear reader for playing along. I’m going to have more coffee and go read everyone else’s answers.

Ride Safe, (❛‿❛✿̶̥̥)

Tuesday 4: Future Ahead

Welcome to Tuesday 4 in memory of Toni Taddeo.

This week we have some questions from Pamela Steiner once again.

I hope you enjoy them.

1.  Let’s pretend that it is 50 years into the future, and explorers have just discovered your house, “frozen in time” exactly as it is today. Everything is preserved, even the food, but of course no one has lived there for fifty years.  What do you think would be their first reaction as they walk in the door of your house? Their first reaction might be, “Gee, they sure liked dogs and books!” 🐕🐕 And when they check the freezer and shelves, they’ll notice there is no sugar or carbo anything. 😋 The food is all keto. If it’s all still edible, they’ll eat really good for quite awhile.
2.  What would the things left in your house tell the explorers about you? That I had a penchant for anything British, enjoyed old Country & Classical music, didn’t like clutter, that I believed in Jesus Christ our Lord ❤️‍🔥, was an avid reader of history novels and just as dull as a dish rag. 😁 I can live with that.
3.  What kinds of books would they discover on your bookshelves or beside your chair/bed? ✝️ God’s Holy Word ✝️, Tudor history, and Search-A-Word puzzles. I turn off the computer a lot in the evenings these days. I like to go old school with a puzzle book while watching one of my favorite British spy or drama DVD’s or YouTube. Or sometimes I watch historical or nature video’s. In my opinion, modern American TV is simply awful. Modern programming and “news” is based on fear mongering and are mind numbingly ignorant of facts which makes it down-right insulting. 📺 The devil is openly on the prowl looking for those he can devour. There sure seem to be a lot of willing participants. I’d rather watch something that edifies. I have a hard enough time walking the straight and narrow as it ’tis.
4.  What things would they discover in your closets or cabinets that would make them wonder why on earth you were saving it? Old clothes that no longer fit properly since I lost weight. I look like I’m wearing a tent they’re so lose. 😉 But I like them! Modern fashions are mostly unappealing, in my view. There’s just no sense of decorum. Anyway, I keep thinking, well, maybe I’ll get these old clothes altered, but then don’t. I hate spending money 💸 unless it’s food, books, guns or motorcycles.

Thanks Pamela for more great questions! And thank you dear reader for your time. Have a blessed day!

** UPDATE ON MY HUSBAND’S SISTER ** Even though she has Phase 3 or 4 Ovarian Cancer, is in incredible pain, popping opioid pills like an addict and is only 55 years old, she is being deliberately stubborn and refusing treatment. Guess it’s only a short matter of time before she passes into Glory. She never will admit that she’s wrong about anything or seek help. Besides, I think she enjoys jerkin’ people around. My opinion is she loves the extra spoiling and attention she gets when feigning sickness (real or imagined). Probably stems from the horrible abuse she suffered at the hands of that evil step-mother and her father. The mental illness is too severe to hope for her to have a normal life. Her mind and personality is completely warped. So, we’re through caring, not that we don’t “care”, ’cause we both do, but at some point when dealing with the mentally disturbed one must learn to release that someone to a debased mind so one doesn’t lose their own sanity! Anyway, thank you everyone for your prayers and kind thoughts. We’re leaving these concerns with God our Father. Everyone’s got their sack of rocks to carry. This is ours. And only He can fix what’s wrong with all of us.

Tuesday 4: Blogging

Welcome to Toni Taddeo’s Tuesday 4 kept up in her memory.

This week the questions were supplied by Pamela Steiner. Here we go, let’s talk about Blogging!

1.  Tell us about your blog.  When did you start blogging? June 23, 2008 at Blogger at this link. I had zero readers, of course. It took many months to acquire several acquaintances. Many have become dear friends. Some have gotten lost along the way for various reasons but most have stuck with me. At any rate, I have since moved on to WordPress.
2.  What prompted you to begin blogging? Curiosity about the, what was then, new World Wide Web. I was also wanting to express myself, learn new things, make new friends, with a teeny bit of boredom tossed in for good measure.
3.  What was your first blog about and why did you choose that subject/title? It took a LONG while for me to make up my mind what to call my blog. I don’t quite recall how I settled on My Thoughts Exactly, but, that’s what my blog is. A hodgepodge about motorcycles, politics, beliefs, past experiences, events, genealogy research, gardening, crafting, and sometimes just plain muddled thoughts or rants. Kinda like everyone else’s here in Bloggyland. I try to not be boring but I seem to have lost momentum lately.
4.  How has your blog changed over time, and has it done for you what you hoped it would do in the first place? I would venture to say my blog has exceeded my expectations but I never have expected much. Less disappointment that way.

Thank you for joining in. And GREAT BIG WARM thank you to Annie for taking time out of her busy day, to wade through the pain of loss and troubles, to cater to people she doesn’t even know and will probably never meet this side of Paradise just to make us happy. She’s a real treasure. May we all strive to be more kindly. And remember to …