Tuesday Tidbit: Mowing

Today was supposed to be mow the lawn day. We’ve had over 14 inches of rain in two weeks. Not complaining but it made the grass get as thick as hair on a barbershop floor. After living here for over 27 years we’re finally getting hair where there should be hair. *lol* I know, what an analogy. I must need a haircut. So, off I go on the our 17 year old zero turning radius and the stinker quit on me. Again. This is getting to be a habit.

When it stuttered while cutting twice, almost quitting, I quickly turned off the blades and high tailed to it’s usual station. Then it completely quit. Almost made it back to the stable though, ‘ey? Since I’m home alone at the moment, I’ll leave it where it is. Might get the shotgun out and put it out of my misery. 😜 Nah, I won’t do that. Steve is with his 92 year old Mom at the dentist. She’s getting a new bridge that she lost at the Nursing Home.

Ruyi Bridge in China

No, no, not that kind of bridge. Although, once we get the bill, it will probably be just a little less than this one cost. Dentists. Is there no other big rip-off than dental work other than eye glasses? Just sayin’. You’d think we were buying a real bridge! Oi! I hope they show mercy on us old folks on limited budgets. [feel free to laugh here]

On a happy note, at least my shoulder doesn’t ache anymore. And I was having stabbing pains in my left hand. I took a few ibuprofen 800mg at regular intervals, and God allowed the pain to heal. I give Him the glory. Plus, that’s good stuff. 😉

Tomorrow is our 42nd wedding anniversary. Not sure how we’re celebrating yet but you can be sure I’ll take pictures.

So, I hope y’all are having a cheap, happy, uneventful day. I’m going to go drown my sorrows in a cup ‘a New England Hazelnut Creme coffee. ☕☕ Maybe two. (>‿◠)✌ I wish y’all could join me.

Psalms 56:3 NIV

Tuesday Tidbits

Today’s Devotional

Not much going on today. It’s lovely outside, a brisk 53 degrees, no wind and sunny. We need a bit more rain, like always. It never quite rains enough in our dry little corner of Southeast Georgia. 🙂

Today is grocery shopping and anything else I can dream up that “needs” to be done.

I hope everyone has a peaceful, uneventful, productive day. What are y’all up to?

Tuesday Tidbits

It’s a quiet day in the ‘hood. I was going to mow, but the zero-turning radius mower decided that today it would rest. That’s a bummer. So, I’ve been trimming, picking up limbs and other yard debris all over the acreage. The fun never stops. *lol* Steve is deer hunting in nearby woods. I heard a rifle report earlier. Sent him a text with the enigmatic query, “Was that you?” He wrote back his response and said he was looking for said quarry. The wood are really thick at that hunting spot. Hope he can find it this side of supper.

So, now the quaesitum for me is, what to do next? I’ll give that question some quiet reflection. Perhaps this is a God Moment and I should dedicate this moment of tranquility to reading His Word. Perhaps study next Sunday’s lesson. I’m sure the answer exists there. Even today’s devotional points this wanderer in that direction.

Proverbs 1:7 NIV

Hopefully, I won’t succumb to the siren call of surfing on the ‘net or shopping.

I pray y’all have a joyful day!

Tuesday Tidbits

It’s a little disconcerting, this feeling of being cut off from the people I love. But, it’s probably more my fault than theirs. I could go to what’s left of our Church, not socialize, not sing, look like a fool and pretend that I’m helping others by wearing the mask placebo. That’s not worship though and it’s not Godly. I haven’t reached that level of desperation yet. For now, I pray, a lot. And I refuse to walk in lock-step with the hysteria that’s quickly turned into fascism gripping the Nation, nay, the world. Fear is a disease. It’s deadly. It’s even contagious. Fear is paralyzing like a sickness. Fear causes illness. Fear causes death. Fear is not from God.

Sometimes I still feel like I’m that little 10 year old child cowering in the corner with the tight-lipped, determined face with balled up fists waiting to ward off the first blow or ugly words. I wouldn’t cry. Wouldn’t give him that satisfaction. I . just . got . angry. I don’t want to revisit those feelings. I’ve buried them in Christ and they need to stay there. What my father did was wicked. What we’re allowing Governments and Big Business to do is evil.

May God have mercy on their souls.

So here I sit. Waiting for the Resurrection, or the Insurrection, whichever comes first. I’m ready.