Today’s Devotional
Psalm 59:16 NIV


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tv stand

Today is kinda exciting for us. A few weeks back we ordered the above style TV stand from Farr’s Fine Furniture in Blackshear for the living room. We’re selling the monstrosity of an entertainment center from the 90’s that neither of us can move anymore. It’s so big and bulky that it takes up almost the entire wall and is a Huge Big Deal to move. With the light little gem above, I should be able to slide it around so I can clean behind it. The little one leaves us with over 200 DVD’s that were homeless though. So, a couple of weeks back, we drove all the way to Valdosta to buy a DVD storage unit. That’s already installed. The DVD’s are happy and we’re happy. 🙂

redneck trailer tundraTundra Comics

Yeah, I’ll snap a pic of the finished area when we’re done. Also have to add all my redneck decorations. Gotta trash up the joint again. Wouldn’t want people to say I’ve gotten above my raisin’. lol

Today’s Word Of The Day is: Kerfuffle. Doesn’t that sound adorable? Actually means something totally unadorable but that’s my Scottish ancestors for ya. They loved to get in a kerfuffle over little things, or so I’m told. I know, another piece of the puzzle, right?!

sept 12 storm

And joy of joys! We may be getting a Tropical Storm. I pray that is so! Please LORD send rain! We need the wet stuff desperately. After Hurricane Dorian rolled past it took all our lovely moisture with it. I’m scrambling trying to keep the Mulberry and Fig trees alive so we’ll have fruit next season. Please pray for us that the rain will come up this way. Thanks.

And I pray y’all have a happy, safe day. Don’t get into any kerfuffles, and if you do, take pictures. 🙂 ❤


Thankful Thursday

Today’s Devotional
Proverbs 27:17 NIV

proverbs 27 17 niv

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I’m thankful that Hurricane Dorian caused us no harm. Only a modicum of wind swept through our area. There was no rain, no destruction. I guess that’s good. I say ‘guess’ because of this summer’s drought. We could have used several inches of rain but am thankful there were no high winds or tornadoes. For now it seems like the coast will get all the moisture.

I’m thankful for loving friends. These folks here, Vicki and Lewis, are my best bud’s ever. Our impromptu Hurricane Party with them yesterday was missing one thing: the hurricane. But we still enjoyed the grilled hamburgers, baked beans, chips and salsa with chilled orange iced tea. They had to hurry home to finish packing items in their house because they’re undergoing a major renovation. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

I am so very thankful for God’s Holy Word that saves us, protects us, and guides us through life and all eternity. He is so kind to love us poor sinners so much that He was willing to die for us, for my / our sins and then He rose again on the third day that we may have eternal life too. If that’s not love, what is?! “For God so loved the world …” AMEN! [John 3:16]

Today’s Word Of The Day is one of my husband’s favorites: perspicacious. I believe this is the word he used on a good friend and co-worker many years ago. Daniel was raised as a good ‘ol country Georgia boy. He was always pretending to have a limited vocabulary or knowledge of something. Steve would use $64 words like ‘perspicacious’ for which Daniel would quip, “What does that mean!?” Steve would give him a dumbed down version of the word and Daniel would invariably retort, “Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place!?” lol Then they’d both laugh. Those two would kid one another about the silliest things. In truth, Daniel is very intelligent and just liked to poke fun.

Today we must run errands for this, that and the other thing. Tomorrow I’m having the stitches removed from the basal cell removal on my right wrist early. The stitches are hurting. They’re all swollen, red and sore. I’m thankful that they’ll remove them early. Perhaps I can ride my new Honda NC700X to Sunday School and Church.

I pray everyone has a blessed and safe Thursday.


(Windy)nesday Thoughts

Today’s Devotional
Deuteronomy 31:6



That’s a good verse to treasure in our hearts as Hurricane Dorian churns off the Florida coast. Thank you LORD for that encouragement.

I have always felt that my vocabulary and grammar is sadly lacking. Whenever I read one of my Agatha Christie mysteries, I have to keep a dictionary close by to figure out what she is talking about. I wish I was as good a wordsmith as Ms. Christie was. So I signed up for the daily e-mailing of a “Word Of The Day” from Word Genius. Today’s word is Rubiginous. (I know, whaaaat!?) Click the link to learn it’s meaning and how to pronounce it properly. Usually, I’ll try to find a way to incorporate the “new” word I’ve learned into my vocabulary but this one is gonna be tough. 😉 Maybe y’all can think of a way to use it today.

Other than that, there’s nothing much going on. Concerning Hurricane Dorian, it feels like we’re being stalked by a turtle, as one person recently stated on FaceBook. 🙂 I think it’s off the coast of Daytona Beach, Florida as of this writing and it’s not expected to swerve toward us. It’s sunny and very calm here. I wish that Wednesday evening service had not been cancelled but perhaps by 6:00 this evening we will be thankful they did.

Ride With Christ,

road trip snails

Tuesday Before The Storm

Today’s Devotional
Proverbs 18:2 NIV


I thought that since I can no longer share the Gospel of Jesus Christ on FaceBook, it would be good measure to daily profile The Word here. The only thing I miss about FB is the daily interaction with all my loving Church buddy’s, but I see them in person more often than not, and that’s even better than the coldness of (un)social media. 😉


For those of you who may not know, I live in Southeastern Georgia, 50 miles from the coast. Therefore, we, and all of Florida, are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best concerning Hurricane Dorian. Our local predictions are very little rain with mostly wind gusts. Wednesday night Prayer Service and all the Bible study’s have been cancelled. To God be the glory for there’s plenty of our medicines on hand, food in the larder, propane in the generator, and gasoline in the pickup truck. I think we’re “ready”. As ready as one can be when dealing with a force of nature. But, I am reminded that God created and controls nature. He is in the winds. We are all in His loving Hands at all times. Our plans are to mostly stay inside, watch DVD’s and/or surfing the ‘net. Oh, I have invited our Best Bud’s over for lunch, if they feel like it’s safe enough. They live not too far distant. I love their company and hope they can make it. Anyway, if there’s any devastation, however slight, I will be sure to share photos.

And how can I forget?! During my hiatus from this blog, I traded the 2013 Honda CB1100 and bought a 2015 Honda NC700X. It was new. Never been tagged. Sitting all lonely and forlorn on the dealership floor. 🙂 I just had to take it home. Gotta super good deal from the dealership down in Jacksonville, Florida. Steve rode it home for me the day we bought it because it was so bloody hot (100 degrees!), of course. Once home, after just a few spins on it, I love this bike. I call it my little Scooter Pooper. lol First thing I did was trash it up with stickers. And, just my luck, I’ve had to have two minor surgeries which have rendered me useless on two wheels!

big toe after surgery 01 AUG 2019

August 1st my gear shifter toe (left big toe) had to have an ingrown toenail removed (ewww, I know!). Couldn’t wear closed in shoes, let along put any pressure on it. Yipes!

arm after cancer removal 26 AUG 2019

Then, August 26th, I had a basal cell pre-cancer removed from my right wrist. I mean, what’s next!? Opps, don’t ask, right?! lol All are healing nicely but I’m still grounded. The stitches will be removed from the wrist next week. If this is some kind of test, I hope I passed and it’s over. :\

That’s it for now. Hope I haven’t bored anyone to tears. Thanks for visiting and I pray all are safe and away from any storms in your lives.

Ride Safe In Christ My Friends,